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  1. He is going to have brainfarts, but you don't want to reign him in too much. Unfortunately without Markov, Subban

    is in a role he is not ready for.

    This game was a huge letdown after Price stealing a win against Pittsburgh, but in all reality the Habs should have around 3 points

    for the efforts they have produced. They deserved at least a point in Toronto and they were lucky to get 3 of 4 against Pitt and TB.

    Unfortunately I have had my fill of Martin's passive style and I don't really see it changing. Boucher is in TB, but it is depressing watching

    them play such an aggressive style and we get more of the same bend and occasionally break system.

    I haven't watched any other TB games this year, but would the lightning have played so aggressively if they hadn't been trailing the whole game? I agree we need to turn it up, but I'm not sold yet that Boucher would have us playing like the flying frenchmen of old.

  2. I don't think so unless he injuried. It's a hockey play, a love tap, he was sending a message, not trying to injury him. I think 5 minutes and a game misconduct is enough. But lets not forget the sucker punch on Havlat.... he is a repeat offender. so who knows.

    Havlat's reaction to that was hilarious.

  3. Well they're not going to bench him after 1 bad game...the 6 weeks will eventually lead to the demotion but there will multiple inconsistent games in that time period. I also expect it won't be Kostitsyn dropping, I expect he'll have a near career year (similar to his last contract year).

    If he can stay healthy I think AK46 could crack the 30 goal mark. We seem to actually have some continuity in our top 6 and now that the distraction is in Nashville Andrei could really blossom. A couple games back when Andrei picked off that pass the release on his shot was amazing.

    If opposing D's focus in on Cammy then AK will eat them alive.

  4. I agree with you personally but I'll play Devil's Advocate for discussion's sake. If Eller's ideal role is to be helping the offence, shouldn't he be honing that skill with what will be a skilled Bulldogs team over playing on essentially a defensive trio with the Habs (and with limited PP time)? That would open a spot for White, whose grit could be useful, particularly at the start of the season as the first few games are usually quite chippy. 6 weeks from now (when one of Pouliot/Kostitsyn struggle), bring Eller up and send White down, that way Eller can contribute offensively.

    If you think AKost can stay consistent for 6 weeks you aren't really the Devil's Advocate, more like the eternal optimist. :P

  5. Nice pickup! Solid defensive player...

    Lines now..??..

    Cammy - Pleks - A.Kost

    Eller - Gomez - Gionta

    Moen - Laps - Pouliot

    Pyatt - Boyd - Halpern

    I know I am going to hear it about Eller being on the 2nd line.. but I'm guessing he has a huge camp, earns his way on to the 2nd line, and stays there as he compliments the 2 G's well!

    I thought you just out Eller on the GG line so we could call it the EGG line. The other two had great success with Elias, so maybe they are just waiting for another E.

  6. My take is that Boyd will move up to create an energy two-way 3rd line.

    Boyd - Eller - Lapierre

    Moen - Halpern - Pyatt (as the true shutdown trio)

    Having the bottom 2 lines like that means we shouldn't see a situation where some forwards are playing 23 minutes while others get 2-3. Over a full season, that should pay dividends.

    That could work, I'm not really up to date on Boyd so I'm not sure what all he brings to the table.

    It would also be nice if this signing put the Moore loss to rest. It seems more people miss Moore than Koivu.

  7. Moen, Eller, Laps, Boyd, Darche, Pyatt, Halpern... I guess that's our bottom 6 plus 1 extras? I guess they want guys like Pacioretty and Palushaj to get some quality AHL time this year.

    My bet would be:

    Pyatt - Eller - Laps

    Moen - Boyd/Halpern - Halpern/Boyd

    Darche in the media box

  8. How is Moore "aging" and Gomez "young"?

    Anyway, a couple of our centers (Lapierre, Eller) can play wing so we wouldn't have any serious problems. I think Moore could have been a really useful player for us this year... and at 1.1M, even more so. Since we passed on him, and Frolov at 3M, I really hope we have someone in mind and aren't planning to go with this exact roster. One more 2nd/3rd line winger would be huge. I wouldn't mind Guerin (but at the same price would have taken Moore).

    My bad, I though Moore was more like 35 or something. Anyway he is sort of redundant now that we have added Boyd and Eller with Laps to our bottom six. Guerin brings something to the table that we are lacking and I think he would be a better addition than Moore

  9. +1

    The habs have to sink or swim with the kids this year. Pouliot and Eller have to be given a chance to be front line players and this is really AK46's last chance to prove he can be a consistent top 6 guy IN montreal. that's not going to happen with a 41 year old Guerin unless they pick him up cheap for the third line. But given what he is going to cost, i would have preferred that the habs hung on to Moore then sign a 41 year old who only managed 20 goals and 45 points playing on a stacked Penguins team.

    We don't need an aging centre, we already have 5 young centres we can go with. What we do need is a big winger who can use his body and go into the tough areas of the ice.

  10. ???

    Boyd makes $650k and is a centre. The two signings are completely unrelated. If Boyd isn't signed, someone has to play his spot anyways.

    If we didn't sign Boyd we would still have Gomez, Plek, Eller and Laps. The Boyd signing just gives us more depth down the middle and the option to move Laps to the wing where he had more success last year.

  11. I refuse to purchase a receiver that has a one year guarantee. I'll stick with my SaskTel $10/month rental (I get a $10/month credit for having a cell plan with them anyways) for an HD digital recorder/set top box that they'll replace if even the slightest thing goes wrong, which is inevitable.

    Now, SaskTel just needs to pick up RDS HD as well. I watch a lot of the games in my basement anyways, where I have an old school TV, so it's really not a huge issue.

    I'd have to say that SD RDS (I don't speak French) still beats SportsNet West in HD for the few games a year the habs are on it.

  12. If the NHL starts headhunting there contracts u can be sure of a long nice lockout again soon.

    Really? There only seems to be about a dozen noticeable cases of this at most, so other than the NHLPA would the players really care? I think it would be interesting to hear what most players think about these expiring contracts. Many players might even want them gone because it takes away some of their bargaining power when a GM brings up an artificially lowered number for a comparable player. An example would be if Plek was trying to play hardball and PG brought in the Zetterburg or Savard numbers and said Plek isn't as good as the why should he make more

  13. Dryden also had a couple of stinker games in 71, and after being done 2-0 to the Nordiques, fans were wanting a goaltending change to red light racicot. Lets also not forget in 86, the habs defence included robinson, Green, Ludwig, Chelios - much better core then the guys they had this year. Defensively, they had MacPhee, Skrudland and Carbo. along with Gainey. The offense included Smith, Naslund, Walter and a rookie Lemieux who scored clutch goals and considering the OT winners, was much more clutch then Cammy this year. In 93, as you've stated, they had an offense that included Muller, Damphouse, Bellows and a very clutch Leclair who was giving a glimpse of being the dominant power forwared he would become after the brutal trade to Philly. I loved Roy, but he had a MUCH better supporting cast then Halak had this year.

    As great as Roy was, in 89', he seemed afraid of facing Macinnis's slapshot. That and Burn's poor coaching decision (which ultimately led to the brutal Lemieux for Sylvie Turgeon trade) and Doug Gilmour cost the habs the 89 cup.

    You throw down big names and seem to think that proves their worth, and at the same you imply it makes a virtual no-name (Halak) a playoff hero. If Halak can rise up in the playoffs why can't anyone else?

    Remember Spacek in game one against Ovy? He played ridiculous defense against him and held him without a shot all game (including OT). Remember how Hal Gill held Crosby without a goal or an even strength point in all six games they went head to head? Remember when Gorges was paired with a rookie on the top pairing against Pit with no Gill, no Markov and a hobbled Spacek and he performed beautifully? Remember how Cammy scored 12 goals in the first 14 playoff games, and how he lead the league despite going out in the third round?

    Roy may have had a lot of future all-stars, but playoff time is when the name on the back doesn't matter. The difference maker is the one who steps up.

  14. ah, Price fans who bemoan Halak getting credit for this year.. Halak fans going the other way.. how I missed this forum...

    Here is my view (which no one asked for but you will get anyway...)

    Price was handed things too easily, which I feel led to his struggles. I hope last year was the push he needed to get over himself and push to fully earn his starter job. We shall see.

    Price was not that great against Boston. That series went to 7 games because he stunk in a couple. People seem to forget that brutal bunch of goals he let in over his glove. He played great in game 7, but reverted back to weak goals in the Philly series. He has been on a confidence bubble ever since. He has yet to even match Theo in playoffs series performances, he has never come close to doing what Halak pulled off last year. (with all kudos to Gill, etc who also had great series against Piyientts and Washington). No matter how big a fan you are of Price, you can't state he is the future or he is great. He is still a young goalie who may turn out to be awesome, or may not. Its definitely a risk the org is taking. Frankly, there are very few goalies these days who are money in the bank, they all seem to oscillate between great and awful.

    Halak was not the only reason we won the games we did, and he did have a few bad games. That said, he has the best SV% in the playoffs and was a top goalie all year in the stats department. Niemi sucked and was a brutal rebound machine that was overcome by the chicago offense. I am not surprised at all that they walked away. Halak was a far better goalie then Niemi all year and especially in the playoffs.

    I am not surprised they went with Price over Halak, but I think they blew the entire deal. The traded Halak too early and could have gotten more. They also could have pressured Price into signing a deal first, instead we sit with Price getting handed the job before he even signs a contract. Its no surprise to me that he is holding out. He had them by the short and curlies. They better get this deal done, as its a rare occurrence for a holdout to have a good season. Price needs to be focused right now on getting into game shape, not worrying about his contract status.

    I liked the deal when it happened, but now that Chicago has had a fire sale and walked away from Neimi you think we could have had a pretty sweet deal with them. Maybe something like Sharp and Buff (I'm not even gonna try and spell it) for Halak and a cheaper player or two like O'Byrne or Pouliot. Oh well, pointless to speculate now.

  15. It's simple: Price needs to play well early and the Habs need some wins. If he struggles, or the Habs suck and he can't carry them on his back, things risk going south in that uniquely catastrophic Montreal way. I could see him being dealt by February under those Theodore-like implosion circumstances, his career possibly in ruins. Of course this is a dramatic scenario. If plays well but not superbly, he could gradually win fans' respect and relieve the pressure, but then a great deal hinges on what Halak does. If Halak dominates and Price doesn't, it's going to be a nagging blister all season, intensifying to a cancerous all-consuming tumour should Price enter one of his patented annual funks.

    As to how he needs to act, beyond the obvious - stopping pucks, including that elusive key save at the key time - he needs to drop the Pampers routine. Stop punching holes in walls, giving the bird to the crowd and getting penalties for hurling pucks at the opposition. The Price who first came up had a surreal calm about him. Whatever the fans say, that's the Price that had the scouts mesmerized. Many are saying Price seems to have matured through the humiliations of last year. Trouble is, last season's Price was supposed to have started the year with a New and Better Attitude as well. This supposedly 'mature' kid is the guy who shot the puck at his opponents, so I'll wait and see, thanks.

    I'm likely in a minority, but while I was willing to roll with the Halak trade at the time, the further we get from it the more uneasy about it become. Halak was gigantic against Washington and very strong against Pittsburgh. He got in the opposition's heads. The sceptics will say that one playoff proves nothing (Steve Penney, anyone?), will stress that the team played an incredible defensive system around him, and will point out that he failed to defy the odds against Philly. Nevertheless a goalie who can dominate in key playoff games, and steal series, is among the most precious commodities any team can possess - our ace in the hole against the Chicagos, Washingtons and other stacked teams that have somehow accepted mediocrity in nets. But we ditched the guy who has delivered that in favour of the guy who has never come close to doing anything like it, on the theory that the latter might be able to rise to that level one of these days. In effect, I'm worried that the Habs have allowed theory - scouting reports, draft position, pedigree, theories about the Ideal Goalie Profile - to trump practice - i.e., what actually works. If they have just theorized their way out someone who turns out to be among the NHL's best money goalies, I'm gonna have a hell of a time coming to terms with that. And so will most fans.

    Not to sure about the bolded part. When Price was playing calmly everyone said he lacked emotion, but when he played with heart (like when he fought the St, Louis tough guy) everyone was excited and the team seemed more willing to play in front of him. Besides, it can be good to rage. Does anyone remember that Rask tantrum from a couple years back? The next year he stole the starting spot from the reigning Vezna winner.

    You also seem to forget the fact that Price did steal us a series in his rookie year with two shutouts in the first round against Boston, one coming in game seven. We were then embarrassed in five by a Flyers team with mediocre goalie playing over his head (sound familiar?)

  16. Hawks could be tempted to not sign Niemi with his arbitration salary and go with vet goalie. Names in the medias are Jose Theodore and.... Marty Turco :puke:

    Haha. Maybe if they sign Theo then Huet will finally step up so he can take Jose's job again.

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