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  1. Tom will be making $700 000 next year, less than half of BGL's $1.5mil. Kind of makes you think.
  2. I'll relent, maybe I was to quick to use the word untouchable. My thinking was these are you can build an effective team around. And for a team like montreal whenever there is a french speaking player in a leadership role they are protected by the love of the local fans. But hey, if gretz can be traded anyone can (not that it really worked out for edmonton)
  3. all these hockey purists who don't like taking off their shoes and socks to count up to their favourite player's number.
  4. You really think McD is better than Subban? Maybe you missed the World Juniors last year, but Subban is a future star. Lapierre may be only a third line centre but he plays hard, is amazing defensively, can score when neccesary, and is always the one we look to to provide a spark. Subban and Lapierre are both heart and soul players who you can build an effecvetive team around. the reason BG traded McD is probably because we have Subban.
  5. In my opinion the only guys who should be untouchable for trades are Price, Subban, Lapierre and maybe A Kost. This is assuming Bob won't do the sign and trade with any of our new guys. That being said I would give up pretty much anything to get a guy like Jordan Staal.
  6. That may be true I haven't really heard much on Pit's signings. Also like I said, there is no deal in the works, he is just the guy I wanted. But as for not being able to give up those three guys: S Kost could easily start the season in Hamilton, Plex would be replaced by Staal, and we could make do without Gorges until Weber or Subban are ready. There is also hope that O'bryne will step it up.
  7. It wouldn't be to bad for Pit, they also have some holes to fill. S kost for Sykora, Gorges for Gill, and Plex for Staal.
  8. PM would be a great addition but he is another huge contract. Also I'm not sure if Gainey wants there to be any question that Gomez is our #1 centre. I can`t help but wonder if Jordan Staal is available in Pit. He is being paid 4mil a season to play on third line without any real chance of taking over on the top two. The pens also have some cap issues, so maybe they would be willing to down grade if we give them a more economic choice. Just for arguements sake if the deal was plex, gorges, and a draft pick for Staal I would love that, and they would get some decent value players in return. I just think Staal is perfect because he is 6 foot 4, has huge ptoential, and he can play any role in our new system we could ask of him (pp, pk, checking, etc.). I`ve never heard any rumours of this, it is just my own crazy theory.
  9. I live in Saskatoon so this is my local. It usually has pro calgary or edmonton articles, while bashing the eastern teams (with the possible exception of toronto).
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