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  1. I think some of you can't tell the difference between a grinder and a agitator. This is EXACTLY what everyone wanted laps to do all year, and now that he is doing it people are complaining. Laps job is to make the other team so mad they would prefer to abuse him physically then follow their defensive assignments (see Orpik). If he went to their enforcer and accepted a fight then he would be doing exactly what they wanted him to do. It seems a lot of people look at the glory days with rose coloured glasses, but it isn't like they where saints then either.
  2. If JM doesn't want to put SK into the top 6 then maybe we can move laps back to C and have Moore move onto the Gio/Gomez line. This would leave us with a pretty good grind line of Moen-laps-Darche. Also don't fear. As soon as you think the herpes habs are gone they just flair up again.
  3. Yeah, they mentioned that Crosby's goal was scored on his first shift where he wasn't playing against Plek. So how about moving Laps up to the Gio/Gomez line? So far he has been playing like the X factor and could buy those guys some time and space.
  4. looking good for Spacek, I hope he can play like he did in game one against Wsh where he dominated Ovy. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=321076
  5. I pray for divine intervention resulting in SKost getting back in the line-up to provide an offensive spark and motivate his brother.
  6. Malkin may be playing really well but Crosby's best effort on the night was racing down the ice for that empty netter. Cindy has been a dud this series which is a great sign for us.
  7. Is anyone else considering kicking the tires on Colby Armstrong? He is gritty and would look pretty good in our top six.
  8. I have to hand it to CBC, I watched the game highlights on both TSN and NHL network and neither had the balls to mention the non-calls.
  9. Gill and O'Byrne blocked a combined 15 shots! Nice to see the big men getting it done.
  10. I thought we were just feeling the wrath of bettman for ruining his Ovy vs Sid series.
  11. TSN is pretty certain that Gorges is the leader of the team. I wouldn't mind seeing Josh as captain. I just hope that the captain is picked by a players vote and not the powers that be.
  12. Haha, we only have three players with a positive +/- in the playoffs: Subban, Gill, and Rhino. Other than Moen and JM's whipping boy Sergei, who are even, everyone else on the team is in the red. Not saying this is a bad thing, we have been dominant on both PP and PK, so the caps have to rely on 5 on 5 for all their goals.
  13. Does PK stay up for game 7 or do the Bulldogs need him? I assume an NHL game 7 would trump anything in AHL, but that might not have been the deal. I think he would look great paired with Spacek, not sure where that leaves Hammer though.
  14. Mara was on a one year contract, and once Hammer is gone then Spacek can move back to his natural side where he is more productive. The one player I would target would be Jordan Staal. He makes to much money and has too much talent to be wasted on the third line.
  15. The Pleks line has scored seven of our nine goals thus far, so maybe we cut them some slack.
  16. Price is quite a bit bigger than Jaro though, so he might handle the crease crashers better. Plus Carey plays his best when he is angry, remember when he got in that fight against St Louis? He was amazing afterwords.
  17. I'm wondering how JM will use Metro on the PP now that our entire top 6 is healthy. Maybe he moves Gomez back to the point and plays Metro up front with Gio and Pouliot?
  18. those tsn guys are idiots. Darche is out there to rattle V, just like the caps have been doing to Halak
  19. I guess The Oder is done stinking up the net, I smell blood that jinxed it in the worst way
  20. It was good luck last time, so I'll just put this up again. Not that I'm superstitious or anything. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tru2P7i46o8...20%27none%27%3B
  21. I second that notion. Also if this is the system JM was trying to play all season then I'll apologize to him to. He really seemed to have a feel for his match-ups and he and Muller were great when they shuffled the forward lines. HAHA love the title of the tsn article. No-vechkin. Golden. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=318215
  22. If Ovy thinks he was blanketed in game one just wait until we have last change at home.
  23. hm none of our goal scorers were over 6 feet tall... that can't be right considering all we heard all week was that small players can't play in the playoffs. btw I loved that Spacek picked up the assist on the GWG.
  24. knew i should have picked thomas jagr
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