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  1. Ya babeee! Up 3 games to 2...Up 2-1 going into the third!!! I'll take it. Thank you St Jean and the ghosts.
  2. The players know each other a lot better and are more connected. Big advantage and the kids confident and happy.... great combo
  3. Me too. I was afraid Vegas would come out like monsters and dominate. Very pleased. Go Habs!!
  4. Was just reading the Perry-eh comments when first signed. You guys sure had a lot of sound insights and prophecies that have come true. Sure helps us ignorami!
  5. We're all smacking ourselves in the head except for those guys who are pinching themselves, but I'm not going to talk about them.
  6. How about this guys...... after game 5 in Vegas......we're up 3-2 and heading to Montreal .. the home of hockey. We have a chance to win this series at HOME!!!!
  7. I wasn't informed enough to have an opinion.. so no laugh from me. :-)
  8. Every Montrealer I meet loves Montreal. I find others who value and like their cities or think they are good places.. but Montrealers LUV Montreal.
  9. They really do seem to be standing beside each other all the way and pouring it all out.
  10. Can anybody believe that little Caufield kid? And a Suzuki with a four barrel carburetor! And KK scores. But most of all I'm seeing us play as a team with a lot more comfort and confidence in our team mates. That pass by Perry was golden .. and the shot... Whew! Up 3-2 with a chance to win it at home in Montreal!!! Just what the Ghosts wanted!
  11. So... we're up 3-2 and we're heading back to Montreal. .....up 3-2... and heading back to Montreal. Sometimes it just feels so good to have been born and raised in Montreal as a young man. Allons y!!!
  12. Brother Andre and St Jean Baptiste vs Sin City on Thursday! I'm liking our chances!! And the Ghosts!!
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