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  1. Crosby will be unrestricted when he's 25. The new NHL rule is, 7 years in the NHL and you can reach UFA status. Thats why alot of teams don't let 18 year olds play, because if they are only going to get 5-10 mins per game... its not worth having them turn UFA a year earlier.
  2. Thanks Mont Royal! Kozed, off topic... but you back for another SK season? I would hope so.
  3. What people have to understand is that Souray at 2.432 million per year might be the biggest steal in the NHL. He's not Pronger, but he isn't making 6.25 million either. In a cap world, we're DAMN lukcy to have Souray, especially at that price. Also, I think it's fine to tell people to stop "shitting" on Souray, mainly because calling him a 5th or 6th Dman is a joke, he's top 4 on any team in the league.
  4. Okay, that's it. I can't take it anymore. EVERYONE STOP SHITTING ON SOURAY. After an ALL STAR 2003-2004 season, he had a rough start to 2005-2006, can you blame him? He had a very messy spilt with his wife, and clearly didn't have his head in the game. Pre Olympic break he had 5 goals, 15 assists in 49 games, which is very dissapointing. Then once he had two weeks to get himself together, at the TOUGHEST part of the year he went on to put up 7 goals and 12 assists in only 26 games, which are numbers for a TOP dman. He ended the season with 39 points in 75 games. Without his messy start he's a 50+ point Dman. Okay yes, he does get undressed from time to time, but not as much as everyone seems to think. I think the Habs should do EVERYTHING they can to lock him up long term, replacing Souray won't be easy at all. He's a big time leader on the team, whenever someone runs our goalie, he takes care of it. When someone runs Ribeiro, he takes care of it, if someone goes after Koivu, they meet Mr Souray. He doesn't choose who he protects, he's the ultimate team player, and the players on the team appreciate him immensely. Remember, Pavel Kubina, who IMO is not a better Dman than Souray, got 5 million a year from the Leafs, if we can sign Souray long term for 3-3.5 million per year we better do it. Because there are better defensemen in the league, but not as many as some of you think, and many of them can't bring what Souray does, not in the least. Remember, he strikes fear into other teams, and if the team you are playing against is scared, they are at a disadvantage. One more thing, I'm a season ticket holder, I go to 40+ games a year, I see what goes on during the commercials and whatnot, Souray is ALWAYS pumping up his teammates, encouraging them, being a leader. If he goes go, many of you will regret what you said, because without a doubt the Habs will be a weaker team, in more ways than one.
  5. It's actually an 8 million dollar player, or 8 million in players... since the deadline is now with about 20 games remaining... 25% of the season... So 2 million in cap space gives you 8 million dollars available in salary room.
  6. Personally I think we should have let him walk and got someone else, however, he is not being overpayed. He is a #4 Dman on many teams, and he has been a good team player on the Habs for years. For example Wallin got 6.9 million over 4 years for 1.725 million per season. Wallin is no where close to the Dman that Boullion is, IMO. Also Commodore signed a two year 2.5 milluon dollar contract for an 1.25 per year average, who also is no in Boullion's league. He's an excellent skater, good first pass, can fight, throws big hits and plays with pain. Is he undersized? Forsure. Is he overpayed? No way in hell. Many people seem to forget that he is a UFA with all the bargaining power. I'm 100% sure there are at least 5 teams that would have been prepared to give him 2 million + per season. Welcome back Boullion.
  7. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=168659&hubname= Good for him, excellent coach.
  8. If anyone saw 110% tonight, they said Streit signed a 2 year one way contract worth 2 million dollars... 1 million per year, most of the guys on the show were furious... and explained that Boullion won't sign for less than 1.8, while Huet is looking at 8 million over 3 years.
  9. Gainey said today, that keeping both goalies is very possible... I think we'll have both until at least November to make sure Huet is still playing at a high level. http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/205812.html
  10. I found someone else who heard it... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did anybody hear Kovy reply to reporters that if BG thinks he didn't do enough then he's going to start arguing about it. He sounded angry that BG would single him out and suggest he wasn't doing all he could. The thing that makes me angry is that BG NEVER said that. Asked if he thought Kovy could play better he said yes. We are saying the very same thing on this board. Of course he could play better if he was surrounded by guys that could keep up with him. The reporters made it seem that BG said he didn't try when BG said he could do better. Nothing like the media to cause a problem where there is none. Now BG has to make sure Kovy knows he didn't single him out. What a waste of effort and time. Link-----> http://forum.canadiens.com/forum/eng/viewt...=8752&start=625 Looks like the reporters didn't really tell Kovalev what was really said... But Kovalev was still very upset.
  11. I'm not one to make anything up, I saw it... I'm sure other people did too.
  12. It was on TV, ON TQS after the game... right before 110%.
  13. Im not sure if anyone else saw this, but after the game Kovalev was greeted by reporters saying that Gainey said that Kovalev and his line didn't do enough in the series... Kovalev responded " I don't care what he says, I'm never appreciated anyways, It's been like this for years... I really don't care what he has to say". Did Kovalev just play his final game in Montreal?
  14. If the Devils beat us, and the Sens beat the Rangers... NJ wins their division with 11 straight wins. They beat Philly 5-1 today. This really doesn't look good... I'm worried.
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