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  1. I agree, you can't buy heart. My silence was agreement! :que::ghg::que::ghg::que:
  2. btw your icon/avatar is not working properly, in case you didn't realize.
  3. welcome to Habs World! We have many Bulis fans here, there was a thread recently speculating that this will be his breakout year. Hope that happens, as for your list, nice to see you pay the Leafs their due, I can livwe with that POV!
  4. We can't afford to be too sentimental -- I mean, if Juneau announces a comeback do we start moving players to fit him in? Perreault also wants a spot somewhere this season. Actually Tor640 is speculating today that both Damphousse and Perreault might end up in Toronto! http://www.640toronto.com/news/toronto_spo...onto_sports.cfm
  5. I agree Begin will be there over Vandermeer, remember the game when he lost three teeth and got like 10 stitches on his face in but was back on the bench for the third period -- that's grit, that's dedication! Interesting speculation on the second line -- will it be Dagenais or Perezhogin or Bonk there? I also asked on another thread if anyone thinks Latendresse has a chance at cracking the lineup.
  6. A Question: Think there's a chance Latendresse plays with the big team this season? In Dagenais' spot, for a few early-season games maybe?
  7. Yup, R.I.P. Vinny Rumours. I'm sort of glad, was tired of the "next year we'll get Vinny" line, which sounded like an excuse to not do our best right now!
  8. sorry fixed that -- I think you, me, and everyone agrees about agents! I always thought the debate on whether it was players or owners who messed up hockey left out possibly the most culpable parties of all -- those fuggin agents!
  9. Naw, that doesn't fit on Gainey or on the Habs organization at all.
  10. Koivu will always be loved in Mtl, but as for his market value, that depends entirely on his production this year because other teams don't have any sentimental attachment to him like we do. That's why I thought it would be better if he signed on for 3 or so years, because with Kovalev he should put up great numbers this year, and his stock will rise. Anyway, we'll see. [Edited on 17-8-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  11. Latendresse is a hard-hitting mofo from what I've heard, if he impresses at training camp who knows what will happen -- anyone think he might start a few games?
  12. excellent description of agents, they are slimeballs, tempting like serpents -- "c'mon, sign for the money, you deserve it, think of your family, you care about their futuer, don't you? this is business, you have to trust me..." etc they care nothing about the game, about loyalty, they think nothing other than how to go about upping their cut. agents and lawyers = [Edited on 17-8-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  13. $6.85mil is very nearly 20% of the total team budget. Teams that pay a single player that much are taking a real serious gamble in the zero-sum game that is the new CBA. Plus, as I wrote before, how do you think Richards and St-Louis feel about this contract, it's taking money out of their pockets. I'm glad the Habs are not paying anyone over $5mil, and I hope they don't give Theo that much -- not because he doesn't deserve it, but for the team's sake.
  14. Please relax. Ryder was/is a huge Leafs fan. Is he a "loser" because he plays with us?
  15. Dackell on the first line. 'nuff said
  16. would have preferred 2-3 years but I don't think Koivu is the sort of guy who will put Bob over a barrel next summer if he has an 85+ point season this year. Agreed?
  17. Flames shaping up nicely http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/NHL/Calga...1170583-cp.html
  18. JLP


    Allison has a 1,5 mil contract that maxes out at $3 mil with bonuses. Don't know about Lindros. http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentSe...93064&t=TS_Home
  19. JLP


    Don't believe you can include incentives that don't count against the cap, can you? I mean, otherwise we could have written a contract giving Kovalev $1 Million and write in a $3.5 million bonus for scoring over one goal -- and that $3.5 wouldn't count against the cap! Extreme case but you get the idea. So I'd guess either: 1. bonuses count against the cap or 2. the new CBA has an awfully big loophole
  20. Are you sure about that? I thought under the new arbitration the the arbitrator could pick a number somewhere in the middle if he so elected? "Under the NHL's collective bargaining agreement, a player who takes arbitration receives a one-year deal worth any amount between the team's and player's offers. Those hearings will be held Aug. 22 through Sept. 1." http://www.dfw.com/mld/dfw/sports/hockey/12347673.htm
  21. The question is: will size be as much a factor in the "NHL" (New Hockey League) than it was before? If not, the Leafs fans might curse their roster of big bodied dummies. [Edited on 12-8-2005 by ap79] Now that PB puts it that way, I'm sure there are more than a few fans in Leafville who are happy with the Lindros signing. That is a bunch of big boys! But is it possible that Gainey has a plan as well -- namely to have the Habs play firewagon hockey, something like seen in the QMJHL? I hope ap is right we will be better positioned under the new rules and with the anticipated faster and more offence-oriented style of play in the NewHL. Or else we may get crunched when we play the Leafs. Are Vandermeer's brothers still available? [Edited on 12-8-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  22. What does this mean vis a vis Theodore's negotiations? http://thefourthperiod.com/news/fla050812.html [Edited on 12-8-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  23. I am also delighted to see the Laffs sign Lindros! I am in Las Vegas right now (covering a kickboxing event), and happened to meet a couple of nice Leafs fans at the Big Elvis matinee this afternoon. We had a spirited but friendly debate on who will beat whom in the many Habs-Leafs meetings this year, and they were upbeat on their team's chances. Then I brought up the Lindros signing, which they hadn't heard about yet. Boy did they start to squirm! Lindros = Desperation :ghg:
  24. ah, a voice of reason! we'll see how things happen when they happen. Ryder is playing on a good young team and he has a second line position locked up, lotsa ice time in a full building that's biggest in the league, the fans love him, the chicks are hot in Montreal and the food is great. What's not to like? I hated avocados and artichokes when I was young, now I love 'em. Can't judge a professional hockey player by who he cheered for when he was 10! [Edited on 9-8-05 by JeanLucPilon]
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