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  1. Without the points they "earned" while losing in overtime, the Bruins would be behind the Habs. How do people feel about the overtime loss point? (Personally I guess I like it when it works for us) What about 4 on 4 sudden death, or else a shootout after 10 mins of 4 on 4?
  2. yeah puck, with Habs just six back of the Leafs, a win on Saturday could make things very interesting! :hlogo:
  3. I would be all for it, Montreal is one of the few teams that can stock up on hometown boys so we should when we get the chance. I'd rather have a Montrealer than someone from Manitoba or Russia, all other considerations being equal. Daze would be better than Dags as you said, but yes we take the chance with his back for sure. I would say it's worth it if the Hawks want to give him up for not too much. If they sent scouts we'll know today (tomorrow over there?) [Edited on 2004/3/8 by JeanLucPilon]
  4. Yeah, I did sorry I am new here and I just learned how to do quotes! Anyway, what about Daze? Any chance we get him today?
  5. ??? I was responding to your post, not repeating news "twice" Is Sweden druggy?
  6. Er, "laggy"? I don't know what U mean
  7. Ok, with O'Neill out of the picture do we talk about Daze again?
  8. Just found this in Fisher's Mar 8 column: "They say a goaltender is half of a hockey club," said Alexei Kovalev, whose shoulder injury will keep him out of tonight's game. "Now you know why." http://www.canada.com/montreal/sports/stor...84-E994FBA1DA33 Maybe he'll play in Mtl next game, hope he gets some time to jell with the team before the playoffs because it sounded like he wasn't fitting in during the one period he played.
  9. Yeah we sounded lame according to Dino and Murray and the shots on net, whew! Hopefully Kovalev isn't forming the wrong idea about the team from the (fairly crappily played) two wins he's watched! Take the two, smile, and get out of LA.
  10. Magic number? All I know is Garon pulled a rabbit out of the hat in LA!
  11. Howling Coyote on the PA when they score!!!
  12. Thx PMK Wassup with Kovalev? On radio they don't know where he is or why.
  13. PM Koivu, Is there somewhere online to see the brawl? What is "NHL Network"?
  14. "and i have no clue how the lines are gonna turn out... except for the first line... and ryder-ribs on 2nd... other than that i have no idea" Actually Dino and Murray (especially Murray) on CJAD kept saying that Kovalev should replace Dagenais on the second line. But I think he belongs on the first with Koivu, finally Saku gets a skilled winger! That will be sweet. Anyway we'll see tomorrow.
  15. Habs waking up, two PP chances. C'mon, guys, show Kovalev some heart!!! Likewise, everything good for you?
  16. By the way, Hello to all my old friends! I like the site, figure I'll ride out the season and the run for the Cup here -- beats the ESPN forum for sure! :ghg:
  17. Wow! San Jose and the Cdn anthem sung in French! :can::hlogo::que:
  18. Could tonight's game be a preview of the Cup Final?!
  19. First of all, hello everyone who may remember me from a while back on the ESPN board. This looks like a better forum, looking forward to the rest of the season here. I think there is a Kovolev interview, I heard comments just now on CJAD news, so maybe Dino and Murray will air something in their pre-game in a few minutes. I like this trade, with Souray and Brisebois having great years and Ribs and Ryder spectacular, and now Kovalev, we have gone in one year from also-rans to, dare I say it? "Contenders"!
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