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  1. 1 hour ago, DON said:



    Bit on Sakic as GM, now president. Both he and Yzerman seem to have "it" off the ice as well. Loved watching both guys play.  I remember almost cheering for Sakic (and Sundin) when playing for the Nordiques.


    Tier One: Elite moves

    1. Nov. 5, 2017

    Avalanche acquire Andrew Hammond, Shane Bowers, 2019 first-round pick (Bowen Byram), 2019 third-round pick (Stienburg) from Ottawa; Vladislav Kamenev, Samuel Girard, 2018 second-round pick (traded down) from Nashville.

    Predators acquire Kyle Turris from Ottawa

    Senators acquire Matt Duchene from Colorado

    There’s a lot to unpack here, but in short, Sakic turned Duchene — a player who had demanded a trade — into a treasure chest that is still giving back to the Avalanche.

    Duchene was at one point a core player for Colorado and appeared in two All-Star Games, but Sakic’s return was greater than likely he even could have envisioned. The 2019 first-round pick turned out to be fourth overall, and Colorado nabbed Byram, who might end up being the crown jewel of this deal. The 21-year-old was dynamite in the playoffs, leading all players with a plus-15 postseason rating this year. He had nine assists and led all skaters in 5-on-5 ice time during the Stanley Cup Final. And, again, he’s only 21.

    Girard is a top-four defenseman whom Colorado extended long term. He’s an elite skater and an offensive threat, and he was having a solid postseason before breaking his sternum in Game 3 of the second round.

    The Avalanche traded the 2018 second-round pick to Pittsburgh and acquired a third-round pick and fifth-round pick in that draft. We’ll lump that transaction in with the Duchene trade. It led to the Avalanche picking Justus Annunen, their top goalie prospect who dressed for postseason games this year, and defenseman Danila Zhuravlyov, who signed this spring. He’s played three KHL seasons, and the team believes he could emerge as a player.

    Kamenev played 64 NHL games for Colorado, and Hammond had a .933 save percentage in three 2018 playoff games. Then there is Shane Bowers, once a first-round pick, who was with the Colorado Eagles last year, and Stienburg, who averaged more than a point per game at Cornell this past season.

    That’s quite the haul for a player who both wanted out and had only two years left on his deal.

    Im just thinking about us trading Craig Rivet to SJ. We are still enjoying great benefits from that one.

  2. They are not signing anyone until we can unload some contracts. If Slafkovsky plays his caphit at seasons end will top 3M bacause of bonuses. We still need to sign Dach as well. We dont have caproom to sign even a minimum contract at the moment.

  3. 4 hours ago, Sir_Boagalott said:



    How about if the Habs give up Caufield + Anderson + Suzuki to draft 1st and 2nd to gurantee that they get Slafkovsky?


    What?  If you're gunna go bat shit crazy go all out. 

    I dont want us to trade caufield but that is what NJ for sure wants for 2nd pick.

  4. Would Caufield + Andersson be worth it for us to draft Slafkovsky?

    Im sure that is at least the pricetag.

    NJ gets a small 30 goal scorer and a powerforward ok for 2nd line.

    We get a potential future superstar winger.

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