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  1. Quintal have played for the rangers havent he... then how does he think "dont spend more money than you have" will affect the less rich teams? Rangers is like Real Madrid of soccer... they buy players just so other teams wont have them... the only differens is the rangers still stink.

    My idea is to put in another kind of cap. That every team have rights to pay 1-2 players over 8 million a year.

    then maybe 3-4 players over 6 million and so on.

    In that way every team could have a superstar.

  2. heh... this is scary...

    Hejduk - Forsberg - Tanguey

    Kariya - Sakic - Selänne

    now they only need a good goalie... Hasek signs with Detroit... trades Joseph to Colorado... Colorado wins the cup.

    oooh forgot... they need 1 or 2 Dmen as well... skrastings isnt exactly replacing De Vries and Marchment.

  3. a.) Competition wasn't NHL level  

    mmmkey... I like the person before me want to say that the competition was nhl lvl... BUT it was on big ice with european rules as well... its a different game...

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