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  1. MB sold this teams hearts... all we have is Gallagher and a bunch of mediatrained zombies now...
  2. MB has done a fantastic job with this organisation... Was really Gauthier a worse gm than MB?
  3. Please please let us win the lottery... I need this after seeingmy swedish team lose and fail to qualify for play in the SHL next year and then the habs season down the drain.... seeing us drafting 6 or 7 would be so sad.
  4. Tell the equipment manager to leave the goalies skates unsharpened...
  5. Wouldnt surprise me at all if we beat the leafs in the final game and climb 1-2 spots... ?
  6. New Byron? Or can we hope for even more than that?
  7. Compared to when we picked sergachev... is this a deep draft or is sergachev worth like top 3 this draft?
  8. If he just didnt do that horrible Subban trade.... Thats is the really annoying thing. Makes me think this is how the Oilers fans felt after they traded Gretzky.
  9. Gilmour was traded to the leafs and only played one game there after the trade because he got injured. That was his final nhl game. Was thinking that was what Brian mean with that pleky didnt get injured...
  10. Seems a bit sad to trade him already and only for a 5th
  11. Just noticed there is no thread. Ill just make a fast one here. Condon for the sens Price for the habs
  12. Its our turn to get lucky and win the draft lottery. Dahlin is our man. ??
  13. Yep... will not be the first time if they do. Question is can the habs get on a 10-game winning streak or something like that and catch them leafs? ??
  14. Concidering how horrible our division is and the leafs playing not so good lately... if we get a big winningstreak Im not surprised if we could squeek into the playoffs...
  15. I expect us to win almost all game up to the allstar break or MB is gone. If not we need a new owner just as much as a new GM.
  16. Fire MB hire Gainey as replacement this season out. I like that. then trade all upcoming UFAs and throw the vault at Tavares. keep maxpac because I am sure if he is paired with Tavares he will be a scoringmachine. Dreaming is allowed isnt it?
  17. ”Hemsk” is swedish for horrible.... maybe montoya skated horribly out there...
  18. Sooo where is that guy who were comparing lernout to weber?
  19. Maybe this win helps bring the ghosts of the forum back on our side...
  20. How about tsns idea of Weber with some retained salary to the leafs for Nylander or Marner?
  21. Im sure Drouin will be our captain soon... Maybe Pacioretty is the player who will be traded, not Galchenyuk...
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