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  1. We need to score at least 2 goals. Pageau will of course score at least one goal against us as usual.
  2. Carolina "team Sweden" Hurricanes. Soooo many Swedes there.
  3. Maybe that is why Price is resting against the better oponent. Maybe Therrien knows the team feel bad for Montoya and will play their butts off for him tonight. And having that against the Hawks can be a good thing.
  4. When Hasek was playing his best hockey he didnt win a cup. The cup came after going to the red wings and by then he was not as good anymore. I really hope that a teamchange is not needed for Price to win.
  5. He is earning big money and he is healthy. Two 2nd rounders for him was a steal and a great trade...
  6. Isnt this true with the Weber-trade also? If they listen to the fans I mean. ?
  7. Now if he can just time that streak for the playoffs that would be great.
  8. Maybe Weber can stay elite for as long as Chara did...
  9. Claim him back and send Sergachev to juniors...
  10. Yakupov scoring against Edmonton must hurt the fans...
  11. Didnt Domingue play really good against us last season? Or do I remember wrongly?
  12. I remember Condon working fine for using 2 or 3 times but after that Condon is less safe and starts to have holes in it/him...
  13. Happy to see they still managed to lose the game. Haha
  14. a) 48-23-7-4 107pts b) 1st c) 7th d) 235
  15. Monahan 7 years 6.3M/year. 62+63 points the last two years. So Galchenyuk 7 years at maybe 5.8 should be a good deal for both?
  16. In his third or fourth year as manager fans were demanding for sir Alex to be fired... Good they didnt.
  17. I like it that the management show they are the boss. Just look at the great Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson was the manager. No player was ever bigger than the boss and it was a great dynasty team in football. After retireing Man United has not been the same. I think the pk trade look bad now but if pk thought he was bigger than his bosses (which might be the truth concidering his comedy act) then byebye. Wish we got something extra in the trade like an extra 2nd rounder but ok what is done is done.
  18. That is not what I wrote. Since english is not my main language maybe something I wrote said that but I dont see it. Can you please point out where I said that? I understand that you are mad at management and that you will not support the team as hard as before but you will not stop being a fan completely. I know you are a very smart poster here and know alot more about hockey than me and most others here. I am just saying that I dont think it is right to say they will reconcider their fandom as in stopping to cheer for the team and I dont think anyone here actually will either but it is annoying to read that. I hope the team soon gives you a reason to start cheering as deeply and wholeheartedly as you did before this last season and before the pk trade. Cheers and post on. Your opinions are very important here.
  19. I said if his game declines to fast. Not that thats what the trade is about... Habsworld today is appearently all about spreading as much negative energy about the team as possible no matter what.
  20. I am a big metal music fan. I really love a band named Blind Guardian and I love every time I watch them live but I have not really liked any record they have released since the 90s. So every time they release a new record I try to like it and really hope it is great like the old ones. And my hope is that they soon release a great album I will like again. They are still my favorite band even if I dont really like their newer musicreleases.
  21. its one thing that fans of a team have different opinions and talking about that but talking about stop cheering for the team on a messageboard dedicated to that team is in my opinion ridiculous and I think this thread should have been forgotten and buried within a week after being started. If a person is not a fan of the team anymore then why is that person still here posting? Be mad at management. Hate them and the owner all you want. But dont hate the logo and the colours... If you do then maybe you never really loved the team in the first place. Go habs go!
  22. If Webers game declines to fast I hope he retires so the preds get a nasty caphit and cant afford to keep PK.
  23. I think the year Souray had most points he was also a -25 or something like that...
  24. I feel happy reading this. I wish more people are like this. We have rules like that in sweden already from our union. I work in a foodstore and we get double pay from saturday at noon and the full sunday here in sweden and if we are members of the union we also have full insurance including homeinsurance and travelinsurance. I am proud of what our former politicians have done here in Sweden. I just hope that the current bozoes doesnt ruing all.
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