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  1. Patches x 2 Outstanding play from the Habs since the end of the first.
  2. Goal counts. Maybe a bit of the missing luck is coming back. Knock on wood.
  3. In response to some of the above posts: 1) I don't expect Gautier or Martin to chill. They have jobs on the line and are in a position to actually make changes to the organization. We are not. The chilling refers to us. No need to get all up in arms less than 10 games in. 2) This notion that something radical needs to happen is true...if we miss the playoffs. That means getting to the point where it's mathematically impossible make the post season. We might know that in March, not October. It's only been 8 games. When the Habs turn this around ( and they will ) all the fire Martin rhetoric will seem just as ridiculous as it did last year. When I watch the games it appears that we have lots of scoring chances but no luck. This team is solid.
  4. Yeah, you got me. It's Price here. Just put on a George Strait record and relax. The season isn't over yet.
  5. When we actually miss the playoffs. If that happens, burn it down and start over if you want. Until then just chill.
  6. The guy's a sports writer and needs to write about something... If the Habs were winning right now we'd be enjoying write ups on how great Price is, or how Eller's coming along or how Subban's the best thing since indoor plumbing. But because we're not banking those precious 2 points every night Martin is the scapegoat for every problem in Montreal. It's a gross and unprofessional article that comes off like a whining 5 year old. The Canadiens are a good team getting off to a slow start. Nothing more. It's unfortunate when things get so venomous that they degenerate into public hissy fits. Nice one Jack.
  7. Kosty!!! Knew we could put one past Gus. ...didn't expect it so quick though.
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