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  1. I feel like I am being educated in the ways of the hockey world every time I sign on here haha!
  2. hum, I didn't know that either. Good too know!
  3. http://www.zdnet.com/blog/facebook/anonymous-does-not-support-killing-facebook-on-november-5/2450?tag=mncol;txt Maybe there will be a hacking war with hackers counter hacking other hackers It could be like facebook is the hornburg and then freaking random hackers are Saruman's troups then the anti random hackers hackers will reinforce them like the elves! lol
  4. I think not having Max on the power play is kinda out of the question giving just how well he did last season.
  5. I wish... but i do not believe it will happen.
  6. I missed that indeed. Thanks!
  7. I have too say i really think MaxPac will be closer too 30 maybe even get there next season. He said he is in better shape then he was last season and I believe he will be working even harder. I'm going too go really high on my guess and call... 30-32-62 for him! (im kinda just reallly hoping it happens )
  8. I have too say I am really not a fan of no touch icing, i know it would save some horrible injuries, but I do not like the no touch it actually bothers me when i watch non nhl games and they just stop it when there could be a really exciting rush for the puck instead of just an icing...
  9. haha! I just saw that Woot! for the Russian mob
  10. And if I were Montreal's gm i'd never consider it
  11. Maybe Quebec or Hamilton will get a team in a few years time eh? It would be sad too lose a team with history like the islanders have though... better a Florida or Nashville come up
  12. Would it be possible that Montreal would make a move for him for the third line? He may want to play here now that we signed Cole who he has played with in Carolina...
  13. I mean he has attitude issues and all in his past... but I think he is definatley a solid goalie who would push most starters in the league for their job, i think its a smart signing for Chicago.
  14. Yeah there bottom six is pretty solid actually Course they would avrg like...what... 0.4goals a game Kovy and Samsonov! With WELLWOOD as their number 1 center... sirs i am terrified...
  15. With the additions of Carter, Prospal and Wiz added in this offseason so far... They are now a really competitive team in my books. Nash has never had a real number one center. Now he has one. Prospal is a solid number two center and Columbus has Brassard and Vermette at center as well, as we have seen center depth has been key lately too many of the winning team, Pittsburgh and wretched Boston being prime examples. They have a under rated d lead by Russel and Tyutin the addition of Wiz adds some more firepower too the back end as well as a physical presence. Some solid bottom sixer's in Boll and Pahlsson. They lack top six wingers too play on their second line, though a top line of Umberger Carter Nash is very nice. If Mason bounces back they will have solid Goaltending on top of that. According too Cap Geek they have over 6 million in cap space so... there is room for more signings with only minor free agents left too sign they could make another signing on the wing... course that depends on ownership Well... should be interesting anyways.
  16. I need too see how it will look on the jersey... I liked the old ones, too bad merch money made them make a new one...
  17. Deffinatly the tail end, power forwards that come too mind, LeClair, Tocchet and Shanahan. Were 38, 38 and 40. Messier was 43 but... thats Messier... So, he might retire after the contract, but he would still be a solid role player though. Sure he would be an overpaid role player, but I think he will be putting up numbers close too 20 goals... 15-18 kinda thing. Plus he will be an excellent mentor and a good guy in the room. I have no problems with this contract what so ever.
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