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  1. Look you prove a couple of valid points about these kids just getting their feet wet and the habs continuing to build from within, I agree with you that engvist can turn out to be a solid player in the nhl one day, but I don't see him as the replacement for halpern for "next year". considering their are better options out there in free agency I would play it safe and sign a veteran, and then give engvist his chance after another year in the Ahl. As for palushaj in my opinion he is a bust considering I expected him to make the club last year, and yes he did show some glimpses of speed and going to the net in his 3 game call up with montreal but i find it quite a stretch to compare him to pouliot who we all know is probably the most frustratingly incosistent player in the league, but who was a double digit scorer with montreal, and considering palushaj has yet to record a point in the NHL there is no argument here. And I would bet you that Avtsin has more of a chance to crack the lineup than he does.

    Palushaj made progress last year and Avtsin drowned. Avtsin could make the team in the future, but NO WAY will he play in the NHL this season. Palushaj is going to be the go too guy for offense in Hamilton and I think he is most likely to see a call up.

  2. Here's my list of AHL goalies I think could be interesting:

    Drew MacIntyre

    Cedrick Desjardins

    Tyler Weiman

    Nolan Schaefer (and I'm a little leery putting him here)

    Martin Gerber is also an option but I'm not sure he sticks around for another year in North America to play AHL hockey. At this point, they may hold hope that someone like McElhinney strikes out in getting a 1-way contract and opts to take a TW deal, the same way we got Sanford originally. If they go for a cheap option, Mike McKenna, Nathan Lawson, and Matt Climie stand out as '105 guys.'

    That would be funny, lets take him back from Boucher!

  3. PG now needs to address the goaltending problem in Hamilton. Really thin in this area. Habs didn't draft any goalies this year. What was once a development strength with habs is now a glaring weakness.

    Price is a stud, we really do not need to draft goalies for a few years, not like New Jersey drafted many Goalies with Brodeur.

    No need, we can sign back ups and others for this position.

  4. Looks as if the Habs went way higher than anyone else here (similar tactic as to what they did with Gionta and to a lesser extent, Cammalleri). Carolina went up to $4 mil per year (shorter term) just before the deal with Montreal was done, highest I've seen listed as offered from the various teams who also tried to get him. Interestingly enough, the Habs' first call right at 12 was to Cole's representation.

    Good thinking, of all the people in available I believe he really is the best fitted.

    I just never thought we would actually sign him, I`m happy I was wrong :)

  5. Kami Ramo still is overseas and Robert Mayer is not at all able to be the starter... There are a few goalies out there anyone you think would be a good fit, another strong older player like Sanford or a younger player who we could develop into a backup role for Price perhaps?

  6. So how many of you guys are watching the TSN UFA tracker like a hawk?

    I have the free agent signings up from nhl.com

    So how many of you guys are watching the TSN UFA tracker like a hawk?

    I have the free agent signings up from nhl.com

  7. I have no idea what this means but it has been reported on habsinside/out. Finally somebody figured out we need to get something back as opposed to letting them walk. I hope this is a new strategy going forward. I am starting to warm up to Gauthier. We could have used another pick this year.

    I agree! The more picks the better :)

  8. The first wave of the Habs' 2-part development camp begins next week (June 5-9) with 33 players invited. There are 9 undrafted tryouts, 4 defencemen and 5 goalies including Aaron Dell, once rumoured to have a deal in place with Montreal, plus the unexplainable annual invite to Joseph Quattrocchi. On defence, the Habs have invited half of Miami University's defence corps. As some of you probably already know, no Yemelin or Diaz at this camp. Neither is Paul Zanette who finished the year with Hamilton and played fairly well I thought, I'm a little disappointed there.

    Full roster: http://www.habsworld.net/out.php?12422

    Who is this guy?

  9. Anyways, I said what I had to say. I'm not trying to absolve all GM's of their mistakes, the original point I was trying to make is that crying over spilt milk won't serve us in the present in any way, shape or form.

    I agree, it would look bad if Lats became twice the player Pouliot did.

    However, it really doesn't do much good complaining and throwing more pressure on Pouliot to be better or on the GM too do better. Thinking that that sort of attitude absolves them of pressure... well everyone has too remember they are also trying to keep their job. If the gm starts doing a bunch of random stuff... he gets fired. Enough bad trades add up. He gets fired. The owner won't forget a tonn of bad trades because well... they costed him money.

    The GM will always try and do the best decision.

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