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  1. I believe size is more important as a defenceman than any other position. It’s not saying he’s not a good defenceman, it’s saying he needs to be paired with someone with size to offset how much forwards will push him around. I don’t believe a 5’9 defenceman would be able run a defensive pairing, as opposed to the same skill set in a bigger frame.
  2. Pierre LeBrun reporting Montreal and New Jersey are in talks to swap picks. New Jersey wants Slafkovsky and are set at center. New Jersey believes Montreal will pick his 1st if the picks aren’t swapped. The hold up is Montreal is looking for a better deal from New Jersey. Thursday is going to be interesting.
  3. I would normally agree with the 1st pick producing a sure fire NHL player, but in recent memory Yakupov leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Even thought Ryan Murray wasn’t anything special either, so that was the top 2 picks in that draft.
  4. That same article said Slafkovsky is the best chance of becoming a 1st line player. With every draft there’s risk. The fact the Wright was granted exceptional status in the CHL and has produced well, while developing a solid defensive game as a center, should be a strong indication that he will be a 1st line forward unless he decides to channel his inner Yakupov. I will point out there are never guarantees with any draft.
  5. I would disagree with you on his value. I do think a contract extension should be in place, but I don’t think it should be more than $6m-$7m at tops a year. His offensive numbers don’t warrant anything more. Let be honest here, offensive number typically drive the contract value in most cases. He’s not a stud defensively, 0.66 PPG never putting up more than 61 pts, only twice breaking 60 pts a season. As for cost to acquire, from all rumours from Winnipeg, they are being forced into a rebuild as their core players are rumoured to want out. If this really is the case, then they would want prospects and picks. Both of which I think we could package without giving up anything that breaks our rebuild. It may be a good destination for Anderson as Winnipeg will get someone with term.
  6. Seeing more and more Montreal being linked to Dubois. Crazy idea, since I’ve already stated PLD would be a silly pickup when drafting Wright. What if Montreal is planning on drafting Slafkovsky and trading for Dubois?
  7. Carolina is in better shape cap-wise than Montreal is. The only bright spot is about $2.1m to $4.1m it will only cost Montreal’s 2nd round pick. Which is the range he will sign for.
  8. I think all of this TSN draft rankings is to drum up more interest in the draft. It happens every year where they try to muddy the pick order for drama. The exceptions are the generational talent years. Wright will go first, Cooley likely will go 2nd and Slafkovsky will “fall” to 3rd. Anything after that will be a crap shoot as typically the draft ranking outside the top 3 get jumbled.
  9. The ad situation sounds like HNIC pre-Rogers deal with the Leafs. It was for one province and we all had to sit through it.
  10. With all of these rumours swirling around Dubois and Montreal now that he has told Winnipeg he plans to test free agency in 2024, why does anyone think Montreal is still chasing him? I get it when the Laine trade happened, being thin at center, but now with Suzuki and Wright on the horizon, why strap themselves with a huge contract for a center that should be fighting for 2nd/3rd line by the time Montreal is ready to make a cup run? This doesn’t take in account what it’ll cost to acquire him. If Winnipeg knows they have a low chance at re-signing him, they are trading him before the deadline 2024.
  11. I can't complain about this unless they change Sportsnet Now. I get it with my TV subscription, so it'll save me $200 for the NHL Live subscription. EDIT: Nope, read the post, still gotta pay extra for it.
  12. You should get NHL live instead. You can pick the feed you want to watch. Usually has the Canadian network and American network as choices. The only disadvantage is you would need something to watch it on your TV. For this if you have a PlayStation 4/5 or Xbox (I’m not sure which ones you need for that), you can stream it to your main TV. If you have an android box or Kodi box, there’s an addon for NHL TV that you out in your credentials that you can use, but the interface isn’t pretty. Also if you have to contend with blackouts the NHL live can be used with a VPN to get around blackouts. TLDR; NHL Live is better than Center Ice if you don’t like the Canadian channels.
  13. Coleman was being pushed towards the net by a defenceman (too lazy to look up who it was, it's not important). Very plausible reason to why he "pushed" it. I would argue it would be the same situation as a player being pushed into a goalie by a defenceman and being called back for goalie interference. The act of the defenceman would, and should play a huge part in the call.
  14. I completely agree. I like the stance Commandant took on it. Make it clear, and no room for interpretation, like puck over glass. My personal belief is a goal shouldn't be scored in any semi-intentional way that is not off the stick. A goal where it hits a player, like off the leg or body and goes in is fine as long as they made no effort to make the contact deliberately. If they are in any way, shape or form, attempting to make contact with the puck, the goal should be called back. It would eliminate all these kicking goals, did they alter their movement to attempt to contact the puck? Yes? No goal, plain and simple. No grey area of motion or intent.
  15. Propel - to drive, push, or cause to move in a particular direction, typically forward. The definition doesn’t make the word propel any clearer. A deflection is causing the puck to move in a particular direction, so you can easily say, by definition, deflecting is propelling.
  16. I see your thought process, but the actual rule says nothing about where the player is looking or if he’s turning. It just states that if the puck is deflected into the net by a distinct kicking motion, to what this was, he motioned his skate away from his skating direction and made contact with the puck, deflecting it into the net. There’s nobody can honestly say he did that unintentionally, he’s watching the puck the entire time. Again, this is the same kicking motion as Coleman in round 2. Also, coach’s can’t challenge a kicked in goal, only goalie interferences and stoppages that should of resulted in no goal, like offside or high-stick. That why Tampa couldn’t do anything about it.
  17. I’ve never claimed to be a smart man, but could someone explain to me how MacKinnon deflected the puck in on the Avalance’s first goal using the exact same kicking motion that Calgary’s Coleman used vs the Oilers in round 2, yet one is a goal and one is not? I know someone is going to say the angle that the puck deflected, but the rule isn’t about angle of the puck, it’s kicking motion, to which both were the same. What’s the rules terminology that determines the distinction between the 2?
  18. A real good example if what you are describing would be someone like Kucherov. Stating any deal where you get over a 2nd round #58 overall pick is a "good deal" for him. When in reality anything short of multiple 1st round picks and/or top prospects would be severely undervalue.
  19. Also a full year of development from getting a player this year vs next year.
  20. Well, NJ wants to get better fast and is dangling the 2nd pick to do that. They also have $25m cap space. I don’t follow the Devils much, so I’m not sure who they have to re-sign that will eat a lot of cap space. I will say, Anderson, Petry and the 26th should be close to getting a deal done. A top-6 forward that is in demand and a top-4 defenseman. Only down side with Petry is Hamilton also is RD. It’ll eat half of their cap space, which is where my lack of knowledge on their roster comes in.
  21. Darren Dreger is reporting there’s belief in the NHL that Hughes is trying to get the 2nd pick from New Jersey. I just read from an unreliable source that New Jersey is interested in Anderson. Anderson and the 26th should be the start of something to get the 2nd without adding Suzuki, Caufield or Guhle.
  22. It’s not stupidity. The return would have to be superb. If a Guhle trade can shave a year off the rebuild, it may be worth it. The likelihood of a trade like that materializing is almost nonexistent.
  23. I see what you are going for here, but trading a much needed defensive prospect for an offensive one seems a little reckless. My honest opinion, the only trade that should be acceptable that includes Guhle is for a slam dunk forward or more importantly an established young defensemen. Basically trading the future for now. The reality is nobody will trade a mid-20’s top-4 guy for a strong maybe in a couple of years.
  24. The good news is, Guhle’s performance in the WHL playoffs has made him an expensive commodity. So a well managed trade should net a great return. Not that I am saying anyone should be exploring trading him, just pointing out his value should be sky high right now.
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