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  1. I don't believe their job is constantly on the line. If that were true, JM would have already been gone. Anyone else getting sick of the blown 2 goal leads because of JM's attitude to only go on offense on a counter attck when up by 2? My opinion is this is the regular season, a single game doesn't mean anything really. Why not keep pressure on from puck drop until it's over? Regular season games are not playoffs, so why go into that defensive shell when your up by 2 just because your winning. JM said offense is the best defense, but his actions behind the bench tell a different story.
  2. I some thoughts concerning the Pacioretty hit. I watched it last night, and as soon as I saw it I said he's getting a couple games for it. I know it wasn't malicious or intended to hurt Letang. If Pacioretty gets suspended because of it, there would have to be some fallout of the decision. If the player wasn't in a vulnerable position and the same hit was made, would it be suspendable? Not at all. Who put Letang in the vulnerable position? Letang did. If the player getting hit put himself in a vulnerable position, without any contact with anyone else on the ice surface, shouldn't Letang be responsible for some of the blame? I understand the ruse are to protect the players for injury, but according to the rules the only person on the ice surface thats not responsible for your safety is you. You can turn your back to checks and risk injury. You get hurt the person hitting you gets punished. You can lead with your head and risk injury, as Letang did entering the zone. You get hit the person hitting you gets punished. You can skate with you head at other player's elbow height and risk injury. You get hit and the person hitting you gets punished. Players need to get back to taking their safety in their own hands. 25 years ago Letang was the one at fault. Not saying 25 years ago it was right, there needs to be a medium between who is really at fault in a situation like this. Right now the rule are taking hitting out of the game, players putting themselves in vulnerable positions willingly just to avoid being hit.
  3. Nice non-call on Cole. Was a trip, should have been called, the contact with the goalie was because of the trip, should of actually been a counted goal. Let's see how it' turns out, game should be over.
  4. Like it or not there's really only 2 options with Gomez, buy him out or bury him in the minors. Nobody is going to take on him and his contract until at least trade deadline next year. The minors idea is probably going to be what happens to him if we bring in Stastny, we can't afford to have an additional 6.6m contract with half of Gomez's while resigning Subban and Price. Subban will probably get a 2m-2.5m short term deal and Price is either going to be 3m-4m for a year or 5m-6m long term. Sheding Spacek's 4m should cover Price's increase and part of Subban's, but we have Gorges, Eller and maybe Kostitsyn also. I'd resign Moen, and I would stick him on a line with Nokelinen and White or another physical winger/center. I like Nokelinen, he's clearly a hole we had and is filling it quite well. We have a big offseason this year, 2 key players needing new contracts and only 1 NHL caliber defensemen signed for next year, barring Weber having a great year which I don't see happening. A Turris is feasable a Stastny I don't see happening.
  5. Kaberle is on the market, hope PG doesn't pull a Gainey move and bring in another overpaid useless player. Turris is probably going to be on the market since his signing, it's a good place for Gomez. With his play and lack of anyone caring in Pheonix might be what he needs. Last 2 teams were Montreal and NYR, two heavily media covered teams, maybe he doesn't do well with pressure? Might even be a good place for Kostitsyn, they seems to be a little light on the offense. I'd rather keep Kostitsyn but we're in desperate need of a #2 center. Desharnais is good, but not #2 center material.
  6. I'd give up Spacek and Gomez/Kostitsyn. They'd never take it but thats about all I would give up. Once our defense gets healthy I don't think there's room for Spacek and Gomez should already be gone. I like Gill but the way Diaz is playing I wouldn't send him to the minors, and Emelin is playing better, so Gill and Spacek would be on the chopping block on defense for me. I'd keep Gill over Spacek, he seems to have positive effects on young defensemen paired with him(Gorges in the playoffs year before last, Subban last year, can't argue with results).
  7. I love how everyone is pointing out the absence of 1 or 2 defensemen as the entire problem with the PP. Pleks isn't comfortable on the point? Maybe not, but the point should give a player of his caliber and skillset the opportunity to make something happen. So everyone is saying our best setup guy isn't comfortable enough to make a pass to Subban for a good shot? How many shots does Subban get in a PP? The absence of Markov and Campoli is severely reducing the whole team's passing ability? The PP itself needs to be analyzed, 2 missing players and a center at the point isn't causing the PP to be bad. The problem is he doesn't have the time to do anything. Thats whats wrong with the PP nobody has time to make a read, then make a good decision. Watch any game this year, probably gonna be the same tonight. On the PP there's always someone right in their faces, nobody has a chance to assess the situation, see where everyone else is, and make a play. They are making blind passes because they are passing to where eachother SHOULD be, not where they actually are. The reason? They have no clue where their teammates actually are. Now this does 2 things, players can't move around to get open or a pass will go to where they were supposed to be and either go out or be turned over. So their all standing still to prevent that, now their way too easy to defend against because the defenders just need to stand in the passing lanes and not move. Either way the PP is going to fail. Put Markov in Pleks place and nothing will change. Markov still won't have time to make a read then make a play. You really need to analyze whats going on on the PP instead of blaming it on the lack of a couple of players. Experience has nothing to do with the hab's problem, Ottawa has a bunch of kids playing on the PP and their clicking at nearly 25%. Pretty sure it's not all Gonchar and Spezza. The habs don't cycle the puck and when they try there's nobody down low to get it. Right now they are a coaches dream to play defense against, nothing new, nothing dangerous, nothing hard. Just play the large box, get in the face of the puck carrier and your going to turn the puck over fast because they'll either let go a weak shot, make a blind pass or dump the puck to nobody.
  8. I don't believe it's the absence of a defenseman, it's the strategy itself. They run 2 at the point, one on the boards, one in front of the net and one in the slot. Nobody is near the corners or down low and the guy in the slot is useless. The guy in the slot can only be used for taking a pass, but the puck carrier is too pressured to make that pass. This turns a 5 on 4 into a 4 on 4, making to way too easy to cut passing lanes and pressure the puck carrier. Look at every other team's strategy against the habs. They cycle the puck down low and close the box, then cycle the puck to the point for the defenseman to have time to assess the situation and make a good decision. Montreal always has someone in their face giving no time to make a read on the play. End result is bad, blind passes. Martin needs to get his team to close the defensive box. Every successful powerplay can do it. Can anyone remember Streit or Souray having a defenseman in their face when trying to get off that bomb of a shot? No, because they cycled the puck to close the box and open the point. The problem on the PP isn't the players, it's a bad strategy making it impossible for the players to make a good read before making a play. Result is bad PP with too many turn overs and too many blind passes. Only acceptable blind pass on the PP is a pass on the boards down low when the defenseman starts to get pressured. It's not accpetable to have 2, 3, 4 blind passes to the slot and center ice every PP.
  9. Maybe we should get her to coach the habs, can't be any worse than Martin.
  10. Just a question, but wasn't Spacek signed as the Souray/Streit replacement as the shot from the point? Why is he never on the PP? He still has a better shot than Diaz.
  11. So when will everyone else realize that Martin can't coordinate a proper PP? First PP there were 4 blind passes that turned into the puck being cleared. The winning formula to a PP is close the box, use the point. Too many bad decisions with a bad PP setup. Gotta put the puck deep, close the box THEN use the point, way too much trying force plays at the point with defenders in their face. Way too many 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 on the boards when their a man up. Someone has to remind them they have the extra man. Someone show Martin the tapes from anyone else's PP.
  12. So someone in the Montreal organization read this post and reported it back to Martin. Cole, Pacioretty and DD are together tonight. On the powerplay for the first time this year they have equal numbers down low working for the puck and what happens? Powerplay goal because they didn't lose possession and get the puck cleared out. For a replacement coach first Montreal needs to give up on a french speaking coach, just hire a good english coach and a translator.
  13. I think it is time for him to go. I saw one comment on the TSN website that points out what kind of coach Martin really is. Martin doesn't coach to win, he coaches not to lose. That comment is 100% accurate. The only offense he cares about is a 1 goal lead and turtle to protect it. Then he has no transition from pure defense back to offense, once the team is in that shell, thats where they stay. He obviously doesn't know how to use his players effectively and doesn't have a clue on offense. He doesn't play the big body Cole on the powerplay? Darche on the powerplay? Kostitsyn playing 3rd line? Eller on the 3rd line? Moen on the 1st/2nd line? Not seeing clear chemistry between his players. Eller last year was put in a defensive position like Kostitsyn on the 3rd and 4th lines, this year Eller plays a few games on the top 2 lines and he look great. Give Eller more offensive time, he`s creating chances and doing good things on offense, he will produce. Kostitsyn isn`t a consistent play, everybody knows that, but you can`t tuck him away until he gets hot then move him up lines. Kostitsyn`s role doesn`t fit his playstyle, so of course he`s going to look worse than he is. Look at Sergei after he was traded away, went from a bane on the team to a 20+ goal scorer. I know Sergei wasn`t Martin`s era, but still, same point. Cole, DD and Pacioretty played 1 shift together against Toronto, Cole and Pacioretty both had some good shots on net, DD and Pacioretty make good things happen. To me that would be a combination I would use, but to Martin, it`s not. Right now with 1 line that works, being Gionta-Plekanec-Cammalleri, we desperately need another line that works, but bacause Martin can`t find anything that works, he`f forced to split up the only working line. So now instead of 1 line that works and looking for another he would rather use 0 that works and look for the positive. With the injuries it doesn`t make anything easy but it`s the coach`s job to adapt, and Martin can`t. To me, he need to shape up or ship out, and it needs to be soon if there`s any hope to salvage this season.
  14. The problem with Montreal is their system. Whether it's Martin's planning or the team's execution, their system is just now working on offense. I've watched nearly all of Montreal's games this year, some Edmonton games and some Ottawa games. The biggest difference between the 3 teams is the only one of the 3 that looks completely lost in the offensive zone is Montreal. It appears as if their playing a "wing it" offensive strategy. There is no consistency in what their doing in the offensive zone. They get outmanned on the boards on the powerplay, they seem to position themselves around the net according to the last good rebound chance not as a set position, they blindly throw the puck in front of the net and the person in front of the net is never looking at the passer, they try to beat player 1-on-1 way too often especially on the powerplay. I believe they can make the playoffs, but someone needs to get a working system on offense going. If your trying to cycle, match the number of opposing player on the boards, don't let them outnumber you. If not, throw 2 guys in front of the net and make the defense and 3rd forward get the puck ON the net not passing it IN FRONT of the net. Sure their getting 40 shots on the net but really, 25+ of them shouldn't be taken in the first place and the goalies should be stopping easily. It's a classic debate of quantity over quality. I've been saying this about Montreal for years and I'll say it again, when on the powerplay outnumber the opponent on the boards, YOU have the extra man, don't let him stand around waiting for the puck for a great chance because 99% of the time the puck never gets to the open man. It's really pathetic when your being outnumbered on the boards when you have the extra guy.
  15. I don't see a down side to Jagr if the money is realistic. It would take alot of pressure off of Cammy and Gionta to be majority goal scorers. You throw Jagr on a line with Plekanec and Cammy and I think magic will happen. Plekanec has another threat to pass to, Cammy has less pressure to produce goals (not that Cammy deals badly with goal scoring pressure) so he's more relaxed and probably will score more goals. He could push the habs to the top 3 in the east, also has a cup and playoff experience. Bring Jagr as long as it doesn't cost Montreal any young players, ditch Pouliot or send him to the minors.
  16. Halpern blind-sided, no penalty, Hamrlik never touched the puck, but gets ran over, no call, Boston scores. This is bullshit.
  17. Kostitsyn grabs a puck out of the air, touches it, loses it, Plekanec skates with it, 3-on-1, and..... whistle on a hand pass 15 seconds after it happened. WTF?! Seriously, WTF? The icing call earlier Cammy was trying to talk to the linesman and he just skated away paying no attention to him. Starting to look like the refs got a little white envelope from Cherry and his Bruins before the game.
  18. Wiz may or may not return as reported on CBC. OT winner: Cammy Lucic
  19. Refs are letting them play tonight, like last game and Boston won. Letting them play favors Boston, so the refs will let them play. Like the trip on Gomez, there's no way thats not a penalty, no way they didn't see it, just never called it. Couple of shifts later Subban gets his hands in someone's face and the refs have a talk with him. On a side note, when Thomas is screened Montreal needs to shoot high, he drops low to see the play, so shoot high.
  20. The only reason I prefer CBC over RDS is Bob Cole. I grew up listening to him call Montreal game, can't shy away from him now.
  21. Finally watched the replay of the overtime goal, and I'm starting to dislike hockey. Kelly was offside entering the zone on the 3-1 that the overtime goal was scored, but it wasn't called. Not using that as an excuse, the real reason Montreal lost was they abandoned defense. The first 2 games the Bruins couldn't get in the Montreal zone and set up, I figured after being up 3-1 thats what they were going back to, but nope, they still played like it was a 0-0 game. Still putting 2 fore checkers in deep when they should of went back to 1 in the slot as a fore checker, and plugged up the neutral zone. Hope they make the adjustment and win Saturday.
  22. Anyone else believe Boston is playing penalty-free hockey? I don't, 2 obvious calls agaist Chara that weren't called, Ference giving the crowd the finger and a weak ass call against Eller. I think Gomez should be benched, he wasn't covering his man, again, and they got scored on, again. If he cant get points, play defensively, if you can't do either, sit.
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