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  1. He is a great skater and seems very defensively smart, so a future as a 3rd/4th line NHL is a good bet (but i am always overly optimistic). I have seen play several games and every one he was a stand out, with the announcers always throwing glowing remarks at his play and last night he played vs Gallagher and Vancouver Giants and had 2 assists in a 2-1 win, so again he must of be a game star. I will be very curious to see how he does in AHL next fall, he/Kristo/Gallagher/Bournival/Trunev/Quailer should add some life to that team and with Tinordi/Beaulieu/Pateryn added on the back end, should be interesting and good competition.
  2. Columbus still has very good chance of #1 pick and the worst they get is a #2 i think, so pretty fair deal and most bottom team have got #1 pick i think?
  3. So selling off top players and tanking the season on purpose for last place wont guarantee the #1 pick
  4. Bussieres looked good to me at top prospects game and seems he would be a fine late 2nd round/early 3rd round pick? But only saw play the one time and i thought he reminded me of Bournival.
  5. Showing the Saskatoon game tonight out here,, which is OK but might be nicer to see the Vancouver vsTri-Cities one. But; get to check out Dalton Thrower/Dietz and Lukas Sutter again and they all play a nice physical game to keep things interesting.
  6. Dandy practice last night! Lots of positives and of course no points , which is key. Finally Eller gets some PP time and sweet smart set up for Plekanec and also hard working goal from his knees, good for him. Why hasnt he been used on the PP before?? The PK just keeps on improving and like i said, Gill was not a key PK guy, Price/Gorges/Plekanec/Bourque and Eller are keeping on fine. Kaberle is a super PP QB and it is showing some signs of life as well. His offense will help for next couple year and will be nice to see he and Markov on the PP next week. Yemelin drops the Flames tough guy with clean open ice hit, the West hasnt heard of him yet maybe? Too bad Cammalleri wasnt out there for him to hit (but of course he would never go near Yemelin, corners and would cough up puck if gonna take a hit). Bourque had some nice hits and like Kaberle he is a nice addition for coming years. He throws more hits in 1 period than Cammalleri did in his stay with Habs and also has more goals at 1/2 the price, what was Calgary thinking? The big battle for 29th place tomorrow! Not a big deal for Oilers who will get a d-man anywhere in top 5 ot 6, but Habs need to secure one of few top notch forwards. And Minni/Isles/Leafs and a couple others are pretty crappy and can eaily go on losing streaks and Markov/Moan may cause Habs to win a few more towards April? But i had underestimated the Hab ability to even get this low, so may be a cake walk to a top 3 pick?
  7. I dont know why all talk about trading up or down? 3rd to 5th is good enough and likely where Habs will land. And #1 is Yakupov and at #2 or 3 some other team will take a d-man, so still leaves a few super looking forwards. If look at past few drafts, the top five picks still all seem like super choices, jury is out on Johansen (but Columbus has terrible luck) and Neiderreiter is still way to early to tell, but both of these could be busts at #4 and 5. But odds of finding a top skill guy in top 5 is pretty friggin high and i wouldnt worry about trading anything nor up in draft. Anyways, would you know if many of 2012 prospects play in a Under-18 tournament in April?
  8. the #3 to #5 slot looks like a good spot to be picking for the Habs needs.
  9. dont give em any ideas, i am countin on Oilers going after a d-man at #2, not some other team choosing between Forsberg, Grigorenko or Galchenyuk before the Habs get a crack at them!
  10. The big advantage with a Murray, is that he is done with juniors this year and is more "NHL ready" than anyone else and the Oiler fans patience is likely running out? Sure he may not be an impact guy in first year or 2, but Cam Fowler did have 40 points as a rookie and Murray may appear pretty attractive, as his game is quite similar i think? Sure they could trade down and get Reinhart, Reilly or Maatta but all are a cut below Murray/Dumba arnt they? And really do they need another pick and wait a couple years for these other d-men to develop?
  11. All i meant was that, Holland's #s may be inflated on a line with all older players. And Kostitsyn getting 130+ points was not a good indicator of his real NHL potential, which appears to be 40-50 points at best, which is still OK.
  12. These guys have a good list/ranking of prospects and have list of 30 forwards just outside top 30 near the end (2nd and 3rd round picks), of which numerous have had positive feedback and could be dandy choices. http://thehockeyguys.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/THGTop30DraftRankings-MAR.pdf A few i have seen play several times; Tim Bozon is a swiss guy and may sneek into 1st round, i have seen play a few times and might be a steal if available at 32-34th. Has 32 goals in rookie year in WHL and Habs do tend to have a soft spot for the Swiss (coincidence?). Raphael Bussieres i thought stood out at the top prosepcts game, even though not ranked high at all. A slightly bigger Bournival type player. And some others like Colton Sissons and Lukas Sutter might be good picks is available late in 2nd round, both are good sized tough checking guys.
  13. Who would of guessed both Yemelin and Diaz would step in and play as well as they have? And with the quality of d-men moving to Hamilton next fall, why is it a stretch to see Tinordi/Ellis or Beaulieu playing 20 minutes/games in 2013-14? And i would guess at least one of them will get a crack for injury call-up. I agree that many tend to overrate prospects and i am one of the worst, but as far as the d-core goes i have zero worries for short-mid or long term. Up front has been and is by far the weakest part of team (as Kamal P. pointed out, 17 of Prices 25 losses, Habs had 1 or zero goals) and why strictly a forward should be taken in top 5 and only if Habs have a lower pick would i take Dumba; only cause i see a slightly better Subban there, in almost every aspect of his game, such as; skating, shooting, hitting, decision making, but Dumba does have same defensive lapses, but he also is only 17 and i got a feeling he (being an Albertan) or Murray will be taken by Oilers at #2. But what do i know, i am not a scout, just my best guess As far as franchise players, Yakupov may be it for this draft?, if strictly looking at forwards, but Galchenyuk/Forsberg and couple others should be super players, not likely Stamkos or Malkin (franchise) good, but as good as a Mark Savard/Patrice Bergeron/Bobby Ryan type we hope and one who could possibly make the jump right from CHL/SEL to NHL after next season?
  14. Sucks to lose to Leafs, but i would still bet Leafs have almost zero chance of playoffs and Habs are pretty solid in lottery pick, so some solace. I have heard once that the draft quality has been downgraded overall, but i see some sweet choices at the top where Habs will be picking and also some solid prospects will be available in 2nd round as well. But any of Yakupov/Galchenyuk/Grigorenko/Forsberg/Faksa/Collberg would likley all be a fine pick for Habs, the junior (& SEL) playoffs should sort them out a bit more also. Last year Thomas Jurco, Ty Rattie and Brandon Saad were all 2nd rounders who appear to be steals/very good choices and this year, who knows how good a Frk/ di Gieuseppe/ Bozon/ Winter or a dozen other forwards slated for 2nd round will be. Hab also kind of have an advantage because with a bunch of d-men already drafted, they really could skip a year in drafting any d-men or goalie and could (should?) concentrate only on forwards, unless a d-man really slips.
  15. Hoepfully they, London and Saint John will all be coming to Shawinnigan in May, So all the Hab prospects can have a group hug!
  16. I just dont know how Timmons/Gauthier pick em, was it just a coincidence that several 4th rounders were d-men? And they just simply keep crossing off a list as they get taken and take the top one available at the time? Becasue a guy 145th and a guy 144 or 146 are of exact same calibre. If was me i would take 3 forwards and maybe 1 d of top 4, but goalies are a dime a dozen it seems these days, so why waste a pick? If the Habs do finish 29th, their 2nd pick is almost a 1st rounder and 4th pick is almost a 2nd rounder. I know just semantics, but am really looking forward to a nice haul this June, similar to 2007, but with the top pick being even better than McDough. And will be nice to help forget this year ,or at least get some positives from it, and Canucks winning the cup finally will be nice also.
  17. And the announcers of top prospects game predicted he might be the one to drop the gloves, and he did vs a much bigger Tom Wilson. And both he and Dietz can both can and do chuck em if need be.
  18. i agree, i love DD's play and value and would hate to see moved, but i just see him and Plekanec as being 1 too many small centres; and DD and Weber could be a very inexpensive and attractive package for a young team.
  19. In that game last friday, Dietz played around 30minutes due to other injuries and looked good all-round. But the other 30 minutes was played by Dalton Thrower, who is ranked 25-35th this year and had a similar fiesty game and if gonna draft 1 d-man this year, he would fit the bill. If want a scappy forward, Lukas Sutter also with Saskatoon, is a typical Sutter (likely not the offense of his cousin Brandon, but more rugged) and also ranked 25-35th i think and he or his clone Colton Sissons could provide some grit up the middle in a couple years and could be a super 2nd round pick.
  20. Just he is 21 and still just Gallagher's size, and it is like night and day from junior to pro. I even have my doubts Gallagher's offense will translate enough, hope it does but only time will tell. But i also dont expect Holland's offense in AHL to be anywhere near this year's or much at all, but he is average size, super skater and has the defensive smarts to slide into a 3rd or 4th line role to develop and if he ever is a 20+ goal guy way down the road, then would be a bonus. Holland reminds me of a shorter Eller when he is going end to end with puck.
  21. i agree, unless Habs light it up and end up picking 6 or 7th and Dumba is still available and the big centres are gone, he is about the only top d-man i would find hard not to pick. But with, Markov-Yemelin, Subban-Gorges, Diaz and Kaberle already, i wouldn't waste much on a 7th d-man like Campoli, especailly with Tinordi/Pateryn/Ellis/Nash/Beaulieu/St.Denis all going to be fighting for first call-up (and yes i do know they all need some time in AHL, but in a limited role and minor minutes all could fit the bill for an injury duration). Now, a All Star top 6 forward is where the money needs to be spent, through trade/signing on July 1st. A Parise-like player would do wonders. And drafting Galchenyuk/Grigorenko would be perfect fit if have 2nd-5th pick.
  22. Good post, very informative and thoughtful.
  23. We are hoping for a top pick and tis why Campoli is allowed to play, have no fear it is not cause he such a super d-man and kind of like Gomez, he is pretty worthless but is signed, so might as well dress him. And leave as many AHLers down there to try and make playoffs.
  24. Wonder how Nattenin would do? He seems to be doing better lately i think? And is just practice and an Engqvist is doing too well for Bulldogs to bring him up again, when AHL playoffs are still a possibility. Friggin eye injuries are just creepy, hope Palushaj is OK.
  25. Murray is likely similar to Cam Fowler, who was NHL ready and had a super rookie year. But is worst on Ducks this year with a -20; but i would bet both Fowler and Subban will benefit from a bit shakey 2nd year, even though PK is still the #1 d-man and most vital skater on team as a kid and will only get better. I would toss out the names of Ellis/Pateryn and Nash as possible 3rd to 6th d-men for Habs down the road. So drafting another d-man, other than Dumba, or maybe a Trouba/Reilly if have a 2nd first round pick, just wouldnt make sense. But am hoping OIlers/Islanders/etc are eyeing up the top d-man available.
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