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  1. Yes very nice surprise that both Bournival and Beaulieu made the cut, i have hardly even seen Bournival play and am very curious. Pribyl and Tinordi may also both play in tourny and i wouldnt be a surprised to see Tinordi be captain of USA team, as he was with U-18 team. Gauthier and Timmons can pat themselves on the back for having an encouraging crop of prospects for near future. Leblanc is showing signs that he is not far off being full time NHL, but should likely finish this year in AHL and get tons of icetime.
  2. Too bad for Yemelin, and i totally disagree with sitting him over Diaz, Diaz and Campoli are similar players are they not, whereas Yemelin is unlike any Hab d-man for years, maybe Komosarik, but he was useless with the puck. Just seems another odd choice for Martin, but who knows maybe they will fill the net tonight?
  3. i concur, but both teams looked like crap today, battle of 2 mediocre/sleepy teams, but take a win over that goalie even if ugly and painful to watch. Got to see both sides of Kaberle, skillful at one end of ice and soft at other, but love the trade, got a 5th or 6th d-man for a 6th or 7th one. Eller and Desharnais continue to improve in faceoff circle, maybe they could give Plekanec some pointers? Great win for Carey, that penalty shot stop should help confidence.
  4. Fire Gathier? You are joking arnt you?
  5. i agree, Habs should end up fine, not high in standings but 'good enough' for play in late April. I would love to predict Gionta and Cammalleri as picking up their production, but i think we will need to rely on the lower paid and younger guys to get team to playoffs. But still looking like team will be near bottom in offense for another year, which would be a killer if didnt have a solid and deep d-core and quite a goalie. If just give Eller a couple offensive wingers and more icetime and he should do very well. I would to a stab and say 7th will where they end up in East. But i had predicted Cammalleri, Kostitsyn and Gionta would all get 30+ goals this year, which seems a bit out to lunch now..
  6. Not keen on firing anyone, even though i was never a fan of Martin, team will be fine and are still OK in standings even playing only so-so, so get PP going and the old russian back and even Martin can steer this team to playoffs. Need 13 and 21 to start filling the net and Subban to keep it simple, with no showbaoting, diving or lazy penalties, last night was a start for both he and 13.
  7. Good game for Habs, quick and entertaining, loved it. Classy move by coachs to use Moan in shootout, he has earned it for sure. I guess Martin has a fondness for Leblanc, 14+ minutes of ice and on with 40 some seconds left in games, great to see, i think the kid looked great with Eller. I must give credit to Cammalleri and Subban for showing up and playing well, really helps when these 2 play well and chip in. Weber is weakest of all the d-men in own zone, not sure what has happened to him but will be in pressbox very soon, but still just a young d-man. PP showed some signs of life, which was also a relief.
  8. Well said and no need to panick quite yet. Yemelin and Eller continue to improve and Gorges and Gill are doing wonders defending, just need that 6 million dollar man and Subban to snap out of it and play like pros.
  9. dont know if good or not, he probably needs a full year in AHL and is not exactly ripping it up down there quite yet (shoulder really set him back this year) but no other choice as to whom to call up was there, sign of desparation more than a good move by mgmt i think. but i am sure Martin will have him play 5 minutes or less and he will be a non factor, same chance that Palushaj has benn given to date. they say he is the total opposite of a Cammalleri and is a very intense and hard working young guy, so i cant wait to see how he fares, even if just get a couple shifts
  10. 3 games is no surprise, he plays for the Habs and not the Bruins But, not that far off of what i figured he would get, deserved just a fine, but this is the entertainment business
  11. 13 showed his true colours on the 2nd goal against, one gritty hard working team player! Loved Price's reaction and profanity post game, poor bastard got the team 1 point anyway. great to see Kostitsyn back and Cole just seems to be getting better all the time I think Pacioretty will get fine only
  12. totally agree i hope the Big Belarussian is back, i missed his play, be it running guys over, firing the puck or falling down for no apparant reason. I would take Gomez over that finn centre any day. I keep waiting for Cammalleri to light it up and had predicted Subban would get 15-18 goals and Cammalleri to get 30+ this year, but i am looking out to lunch on those predictions so far, but if one or both do start chipping in, instead of Gorges and Moan ( or along with), then i think the wins will come and Price wont have to stand on his head every night.
  13. I concur mostly with you and C.C. and i am still one who sees Half-full and love the experiance the injuries are allowing the rookies to get, i would have preferred to not of given up pick for the finn and would still have Engqvist on 4th line, but minor point and not really important, just hate given up picks for journymen 4th line centres every year. I have crapped on Cammalleri enough, but need a couple of top 9 guys to at least hit the net on the PP, but Eller finally got some PP time which is great to see, just need Plekanec to get off the point and my (and many others) only 2 suggestions for PP tweeks will be done. I really dont care what Boston or Leafs do, i still think Leasfs will fold soon and Bruins will keep doing very well, but got little to do with how the Habs are doing. Habs vs Leafs or Bruins will always be a 50:50 game no matter standings and usually fun/entertaining games to watch.
  14. i agree with you and C. Cucumber on Mr. Gomez, as long as he dont eat into Eller or Desharnais's minutes and bumps them on merit alone. There is alsolutely no doubt he is skilled and great handler of puck, but seems to play scared or with no confidence, like when he had that clear break on net and you just knew he wouldnt score. But he still is a good set-up guy for sure.
  15. Yemelin is a rookie and i agree he is improving and getting more up to speed every game, the one who looks totally lost is #76, he was set up over and over and refused to shoot on numerous occasions and ended up turning the puck over, is he recieving zero coaching? Even on the simple dump ins, he seems to think he needs to have a big windup and showboat, if he kept it simple and used an acurate low wrist shot, he would likely have more than 1 goal. Great to see Moan doing well. I also cant fathom why Eller sees no PP or OT time? Is he not the fastest guy on the team who backchecks and is deserving of more icetime? Gorges is back and doing what he does best. I dont think anyone can say Cole is not fitting in perfectly, Pacioretty, Eller and Kostitsyn should take note of how to take the puck to the net hard. Entertaining and fun game to watch.
  16. Yes i am a bit harsh on Cammalleri, but 2 year he is looking like he is headed for less than 20 goals, i think he will break out sooner or later (snipers are all streaky i know), but am more disappointed in him than Mr. Gomez and if he can happen to wake up and score occasionally it would really help.
  17. i dont mind the line with 13, 14 and 21 at all, but for lack of production from "superstar" Cammalleri, it cant hurt to insert Gomer there. What is the diff between a $6m overrated bum or a $7.4m one, very little it seems? But i guess Cammalleri will at least wake up in April, just hope it aint on the golf course. Should be a close game, Ward is anther good goalie and Skinner is hard to stop. Need Subban to stop the dumb turnovers and keep it simple, just lucky Price is one good goalie and keeps bailing him out.
  18. Campoli? Not a chance, a depth player at best isnt he. Even Gill is not missed and i think the PK has improved with both he and Spacek out. Will be crowded come christmas time and i see Diaz, St. Denis and Campoli in the AHL. Very entertaining game and 2 very equal teams, but Thomas is one good goalie and stole that one. . When is the big Belarusian coming back?? I miss his stumbling and fumbling around out there, along with his big hits and shot.
  19. I think St-Denis was voted top d-man on Dogs last year and deserves a crack, defense is not the Habs weak point at all and Spacek has been doing OK, but St-Denis is probably better defensively i bet. Great for young guys to get some NHL experiance early in year, just need Gionta, Plekanec and the other high paid forwards to score a bit more and all will be fine. Pacioretty is doing much better than i thought he might and if they give Eller some PP time instead of Darche, the PP may connect a bit more (not that i dont admire Darch's effort, but Cole and Pacioretty are better in front of net).
  20. If goalies are handling puck outside the crease they should be fair game, but still same as hitting a top player on your team and every Sabre should of come to Miller's defense right away. Wasnt a dirty hit nor from behind, so no suspension most likely needed.
  21. I am not sure why Campoli's injury is even mentioned, he was unwanted by every other team wasnt he and was not a big time player in his career was he? Which d-man would you have sit, Diaz, Weber, Yemelin are all playing fine and even my favourite whipping boy Spacek has been doing fine since his return. Campoli is depth only isnt he? And the back end is not doing badly at all, just need the scorers to pick it up, which is due and Cammalleri is very streaky and there are only so many posts he can hit before he buries a few and same as Cole and Gionta. I think the PP stunk at start of last year didnt it and i think it and the team will end up fine again this year. Old lead foot Hamrlik was valuable and steady, but he aint getting quicker nor younger and that showed in past 2 playoffs, I hope he does well witth Caps, but i agree with Gauthier in not offering a 2 year deal. And i love the quickness the new d-men bring to the table and i would love to know why Yemelin does not see much ice or is in the press box? He is about the only physical hitting d-men they have, Subban and Gill do a bit of hitting but that aint their game. I would say the Habs will have a crowded back end when Markov and Campoli get back wont they, but will create some great competition i suppose.
  22. i did put "regular season" in for a reason, but can you explain why he floats, or cant rack up points and help his team win much in the first 82 games? Like i said, if he gets over 30 goals i will cut him some slack, but when he is scared to hit, go into corners or fight for puck, then he is useless unless scoring, unlike the Belarusian fellow, that was my point, why 46 takes flack when others dont for worse numbers and team play i just cant figure out or see as fair??
  23. I aint too woried about Kostitsyn, who is on pace for 31.5 goals with only 15 minutes /game, whereas superstar Cammalleri is on pace for bout 23 goals at twice the salary, so why not discuss why this bum is now having his 2nd shitty regular season in a row instead, much more concerning to me.
  24. I concur, but signing Hamrlik to a 2 year deal was a non-starter and the whole McDonaugh/Gomer trade will go down with one of worst of Gainey's moves, but you know what hindsight is. Team is playing OK and some good signs of potential, but just coming up a bit short. Sky aint falling quite yet and i am still optomistic about this season.
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