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  1. yes and i would bet he is the lowest drafted skater also (besides Lipon of course, who will iikely go 2nd-3rd round this year)?
  2. Nice to see grinders like Bournival and Nattinen score. Nattinen deserves better than Hagel-Stortini as wingmen. Beaulieu's chances are starting to pay off (funny that Subban said couple days ago that he didnt start to produce till after 20 games in Hamilton) , he still needs to work on his defense, but that will come with time and he just turned 20. I have been crapping on Nash, but i thought he actually played a solid game, even while being a -2. Gotta love Gallagher's shit disturbance in the crease every game (he is a cross between.Ott and Gionta).
  3. Well, Fortier should be pretty motivated and good to see him called up and while bad for Palushaj, will mean more icetime for rookies and maybe good in long run and for Lefebvre's toss em in the deep end style so far? And i dont think Chicago is a strong team, so could be a 3rd win in a row??
  4. Bozon had OK game yesterday, had a sweet goal, top-corner short side, on a hot goalie in Tristan Jarry, who stood on his head most of game (another WHL goalie Timmins should have his eye on in Top Prospects game, along with Comrie). Bozon dosent seem big on physical side of game, but is skilled with puck and can skate.
  5. yes missed almost all last year-shoulder. But, he just seems lost out there, turning puck over, cant pass for shit, not physical at all and just seems to fumble the puck everytime he has it? But he still is a +, so maybe i do expect too much? Or maybe all the attention paid to rookie group has he and St.Denis "out of sorts" and seeing themselves drop big time in the depth chart? And also knowing Deitz/Thrower/Bennett/Nygren are likely gonna challange for d-spots also over next few years and a crack at Hab roster next season is fading?
  6. Petan size may be overlooked and be a sure bet for 1st round, if he keeps being the leading scorer for Portland; +33, 53pts in 30 games. Seth Jones is now 4th in d-scoring, looking like real deal and better all the time.
  7. Bozon had a couple nice assists last night and showing his game vs Edmonton tonight (out west). Super match-up, even with couple guys at Canada camp. Saskatoon seems to be rebounding since Thrower came back from concussion and both he and Dietz helped with offense last night, they are televising their game vs SC on friday, in the west.
  8. Yes, nice to see Quailer win races for puck, use his size and go to net. Commodore is a good pick-up and stands out at AHL level. Holland is good/smart playmaker, but Blunden will never be confused with Stamkos. Gallagher has "accidently fallen" on every goalie in every game so far i think. Not sure why Nash seems to have regressed so badly, but still is only d-man with a + in +/-. Nattenin seems bigger and a bit more confident this year and is team leading with a +4 Tinordi's skating is impressive.
  9. Not many i can complain about, my favourite is either turffing Squid, Spacek or Halak (Halak one just to watch media freak out). So best by far has to be cull of Squid. But i aint got many complaints for PG's moves, 2nd round pick for Moore stands out for me as worst.
  10. And how would they lose him? you think he would choose to stay in Russia?, or that the Habs would relinquish their right to him as a RFA? Zero chance of either, and better for him to be playing competitive hockey and developing; than doing goofy TV crap and sitting on his ass till next fall?
  11. Good for OReilly, more unsigned players (Subban) maybe should go that route.
  12. Thanks Sorry, i missed (forgot) seeing Bowey listed.
  13. Nicolas Petan was overlooked? Or just missed just outside list? His numbers are hard to argue with, or is he another Gallagher and size is issue? Where would you have Eric Roy, Mirco Muller and Madison Bowey, mid-late 2nd round?
  14. the Heat are the #1 team in league, i think, so a split in their barn aint too bad.
  15. Just a question; If Canada was a division II weak team, and your own kid was a top NHL prospect, you would advise him to skip it? I still dont think could do any harm at all and to show some pride would be nicer to see. Now if your team was stacked and didnt really need him, then sure, skip it.
  16. WJC always is good, this year wont be much different.Murray let him go back to play in Sweden last year and they say Zibanejad got dick-all icetime and Murray was not pleased at all, so he likely is partially thumbing his nose more at Swedish hockey. And the same is applicable to Tim Bozon, who is not going to play for France, because it "supposedly' will stunt his development somehow (i dont see it but) and will stay playing in WHL. If, as they say, Bozon-Zibanejad will be better off in long run, by playing north america hockey for holidays, i would 100% concur with Hab-Sen mgmt and wouldn't consider "fan good-will" at all (every canadian rink will be sold out no matter what the owners do). It is a business after all, just trivial entertainment i know, but run by quite greedy owners who arnt gonna waste assets, if it dosent benefit them. Now will be interesting to see if Oilers follow suit with Hopkins (unlikely but?).
  17. Only time will tell if Hudon will be effective as a pro? But for 122nd pick, his solid 2 way game is encouraging for sure and with no concussion set back, he likely would of been top 20 in scoring. Before the draft i thought he might be just another, Archambault-Dumont-Fortier-Masse-Lefebvre -type player (good junior but so-so pro) and sort of obligatory francophone to be selected by Habs, but maybe i underestimated him and Timmins? Hope so.
  18. I didnt care why any of those teams were moved, fact of life for fringe teams, or any team with sketchy ownership, who normally own sports franchises simply as a hobby (Molson would do fine with or without Habs i bet). If Canadian $$ falls back to 0.64 and/or Winnipeg ownership changes hands, Jets could be on the move again in 10 or 15 years? Doesnt matter if we see as good/bad or try and blame owner's spokesman at the time or not, it will happen no matter what new CBA is, nor who is puppet for Board of Governers. Same as NFL/MLB/NBA, teams get shuffled around every so often; but, if a market is there/conditions are right, teams will also return.(a la Oakland Raiders, Seattle Supersonics, Jets or Quebec etc). So really it equals out; sure, may leave 'some' fans in say, Long Island without a local team; but, on other hand, you will make fans quite happy in whatever new location they go to.
  19. I doubt there are many "fans" in Arizona (cept maybe some senior canadian snowbirds) and if team was relocating, would be a protest by maybe 12 people, same as Atlanta has had twice now. Best for NHL Hockey is to play in rinks that have half-decent crowds and not to have to give away a meal-liquor and tickets for almost nothing to try and entice people to come to a game. And i am not picking on only 1 team, there are lots who have crap attendance like Devils, Islanders and a bunch of others that i easily could do without. A nice 20-to-24 team league would be fine with me. But i do agree, the more fans the better for sure and i also agree that there can be a big distinction between simply an NHL team supporter and simply being a hockey fan.
  20. I think all are very happy Jets are back and as a Habs fan, who gives a rats-ass if Yotes play in Arizona or Seattle or where Blues play?Sure, it would be best for quality of play if 5 or 10 iof them simply fold and be gone and we all know Quebec and Ontario will add 1 more team each, just a matter of time, but has very little to do with this CBA negotiation. Teams have been shuffling around pro hockey for over 100 years now and likely always will, no matter what gets agreed upon by next fall.
  21. Well Dietz managed a goal and assist yesterday and still was a -1 and is barely holding down 607th spot in +/-. Some say he is playing against best players and tons of minutes, which may be true, but still he is the worst on team and had to of have been to MAB's summer hockey camp to become that weak defensively? And in the one game i saw lately, if it wasnt for Makarov saving his ass over and over on breakaways and odd man rushs given up by Dietz, he would be -20some by now. I am hoping it is just a matter of being on a weak team and him trying to just do too much but Lefebvre and crew may have hands full teaching him next year??
  22. Just how good is Eric Comrie? Is he the best goalie for 2013? The last lock-out the Habs picked up a pretty good one from Tri-City, from the sounds of his play lately he might not be a bad pick also?
  23. Same ol, and just can never seem to have enough d-men. So with 2 d-men potentialy off your original roster, if Ouellet is out; which 2 likely will draw in Murphy and Pouliot? Or will Nurse-Pulock-Theodore or Morrissey have a decent shot as 7th man now?
  24. Bennett has equaled and MacMillan is just 1 goal shy of last years goal totals. Both seem to be developing nicely. Dietz managed to be -6 in yesterday's blow out. Nice to see Eller playing with good linemates and producing.
  25. Not only, he is/has played on a pretty stacked team, hasnt impressed me in any game i have seen and i just think he will be a Nigel Dawes-type player and if name was Max Jones he also wouldnt be rated as highly (not that i am saying you are influenced by a name, but our media is based in Toronto and Domi was one of golden boys).So i could buy a 2nd round pick for him (much better than, say a Mitch Moroz). Only seen Zadorov play once and he seemed fine, even a bit more physical than expected, but always question big guys feet (thankfully Tinordi seems quite mobile) Euros and Americans seem hard to judge, with different leagues/competition levels. I am just not sold on media darlings MacKinnon/Jones. If Nate was separating himself from his peers on scoresheet i wouldnt be questioning, but your #22 is equal in points and your #14 has more goals, he plays with Drouin, who could be best playmaker, he plays in the Q, against few 1st/2nd round d-men, that, say, Shinkaruk has to contend with. I equate it to Taylor vs Tyler crap, when Skinner/Granlund were likely equals but didnt have the media hype and the media just beats that horse till next year's cant miss duo is named. In the end, you (and most scouts) are likely bang-on, but i dont see it as that clear cut yet and I got to pull for an underdog i suppose.
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