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  1. Picked up MW2 at midnight last night .... one word to describe this game so far INSANE ! ... when a game asks you if you get offended easily so it will skip a level if you do, That's insane
  2. Sorry but as a Kings fan ... Frolov is not a RW ( he's played LW his whole carrer ) ... he is big but he doesn't even come close to playing physical and rarely goes to the net ... why do you think he was scratched the other day ? The Kings have been trying for ever to get him to pay more like a power forward ... Frolov is a perimeter player that is one of the best in the league at protecting the puck. Also I don't think Dean Lombardi will trade one enigma for two of them ... it wouldn't fit into the team he's trying to build ... especially if he has to add a high pick, even if it's conditional.
  3. Yeah my last box died about this time last year ... but I think it was before NHL09 came out though.
  4. Got NHL 10 yesterday ... had today off ... played a bunch ... xbox died an hour ago ... E74 red ring of hardware death. Thankfully I have got the Best Buy Warranty
  5. Cause you know guys like Beliveau, Sakic, Yzerman, Lemieux, Lidstrom, Crosby are really A-holes ... that's why their teams won cups.
  6. Maybe he wants to rehab his shoulder first before committing to playing again. Or teams are waiting to see how his shoulder recovers before offering him a contract.
  7. I'm happy that I'll get to see him play alot more now
  8. I'm kinda hoping for this as well
  9. Just like any email ... if you don't know who it's from don't click on any attachments or links. I didn't even have to read this warning to know that it was something I shouldn't click on.
  10. Nah he's right it wasn't a steroid ... it's a drug they give to guys that make there balls work again after steroids
  11. You know I'm sitting here wondering ( and bored ) what the reaction would be like if the shoe was on the other foot. Say if Ottawa had built a new building 2-3 years ago ( with province/govt $$ ) then the owner filed for bankruptcy so a Billionaire from Las Vegas could come in, way over pay for the team and move them to Vegas, even though there are other potential buys lined up to keep the team in Ottawa. Just saying
  12. I don't buy the superstars argument ... I don't go to a game just to watch one player and that one player won't get me to drop that kind of money on a game if the team stinks. TB, ATL, FLA, LA, NYI and until recently STL and BOS had bottom 10 teams for years ... you can even include CHI in that list, how can you expect them to sell out every game ? I know that if the team is terrible I would have a hard time dropping the coin for season seats ... let alone one or multiple games. Pittsburgh was almost about to go in to bankruptcy as well as Buffalo and they turned it around once the team started to turn it around in terms of talent and higher level of play. I'm also pretty sure that if Chicago continues to be good they'll sell out almost every game ... same with St. Louis and Boston, but once/if they become a bottom 5 team for a couple years again they won't.
  13. Sorry man but If I were the Islanders GM I'd laugh in your face if you offered that for the 1st overall pick. An UFA who might not sign with the Islanders, a player playing on the 4th line of the Habs and a mid/late 1st ? And the I think the only centre the Oilers would send back for Pleks is Horcoff and his wonderful contract. I do agree that there do need to be some changes ... Hopefully A. Kostitsyn has an injury because if he doesn't then he'd be the 1st on on my list to be move out along with his brother. AK has been invisible for way to long now
  14. I think Laraque was very very effective playing on the first line ... did anyone not notice that Chara never went after Koivu or Kovalev ? how many times did Koivu nail Chara and he didn't really go back after Koivu ... how many times did Chara have to deal with Laraque in front of the net when Thomas made a save. Boston at home has the match up ability so Chara will always be out there against Kovy and Koivu ... if Laraque is there at least they'll have some room to work with even with Chara out there ... now when the series shifts back to the Bell centre I highly doubt you'll see Laraque as much and we'll see Tanguay out there more.
  15. So where is the press conference ? I don't think your "insider" information was very accurate.
  16. Sorry DK I meant to put #5 but put 3 but I guess you beat me to it
  17. I'm taking a stab at it but is #5 Jackie Brown ?
  18. I'm sure Philly would love to move Briere to the Habs .... Would probably be pretty cheap too
  19. Saku Koivu is a hockey player who happens to be captain, he does a great job representing the team and the community ... but he's not a professional motivational speaker. If the players can't look themselves in the mirror and get motivated to play hockey ( be paid for it ) and do the things they need to do to be successful, then no matter what Koivu says or does is going to change that. If your boss came in to your office or whatever and say " boys and girls we're going to do this and be successful " " come on lets get fired up and get it done " and the first thing that comes to your mind is " I don't agree that this will make us successful " or " that sounds stupid " or " Yeah ok " then guess what ... it's going to fall apart, especially if you're a key component in the chance for it to be successful.
  20. Looks like Rocky vs Drago ! Mad Kudos to Peltonen ! he should have just bowled in there and starting throwing blows to his gut and chopped him down. Artyukhin is a gutless turd who runs around hitting people and when he throws a dirty hit he always runs away from guys his size.
  21. I've played some 09 lately and there has been a good increase in penalties called since the last update ... unplayable ? nah ... It really hasn't bothered me too much cause I don't play that style where I'm trying to crush someone on every hit ... you really have to pick your spots now when hitting someone ... they have to have the puck or you'll pretty much get called for interference and it has to be from the front ... cause I've been called for Checking from behind and boarding pretty regularly, the computer at least loves to turn their backs to the boards. I'm sure playing it online though would be a mess ... the last time I played online with Team Play all everyone did was run people and fight. So I can imagine all the penalties now being called ... hopefully people adjust
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