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  1. The only way for this to happen would be to involve a third team to eat some salary. Example : Washington or someone with a bunch of cap room and needs players To Mtl : Gomez To NJ : Perezhogin , Mtl 2nd, Wash. 2nd To Wash : Riberio, Ferland ( or something like that ) I know this isn't the greatest trade ... just wanted to show and example.
  2. At least the real Anti-Chist can skate backwords !
  3. Yes they do ... if Traverse plays in mtl it counts against the cap ... and he would also have to clear waviers to be sent down to Hamilton
  4. I smell a stanley cup parade coming now that Reverse is on the team again I hope this is only a temp thing until Souray is ready to go, or its an AHL depth thing.
  5. Alot of the Russian players pull this crap ... Kovalchuk did it last year ... say they're going to play in Russia if they're demands are not met .. then sign at the last minute when the team calls they're bluff ... or the team caves ... so him signing so late doesn't suprise me.
  6. The reason he cleared is because no one wanted him as a regular on they're roster ... if someone did claim him he'd have to play for that club .. if he was sent down to there minors he have to clear waivers again ... it would be a waste of time and money.
  7. No suprise there ... although I wonder how long it will take for him to get hurt because he missed training camp.
  8. Ok now that the Habs are 2-0 when I post in these game threads ... I shall try to keep the streak alive :ghg:
  9. Yes but he has to be under contract before he's allowed to play those 10 games ... I don't think BG has signed him to his entry level contract yet. Also I wouldn't want the team to keep either Latendresse or Kotsy if they're going to be on the 4th line or in the press box ... they need to continue to develop with ice time ... either in the NHL , AHL or the Q ... where ever they can go.
  10. I am offically adding my post to this game ... it worked against the sens :ghg:
  11. IT WORKED ! IT WORKED ! ! .... GO HABS!!!! Btw I was at the kings v ducks game tonight and it was ABSOLUTLY AMAZING ! kings down 3-0 come back with 4 unaswered goals ... ducks tie it late and it goes 5-6 shooters each in the shoot out with GARON making the last stop !
  12. Higgins, Koivu, Ryder Samsanov , Bonk , Kovalev .... YES Bonk Plecknec, Riberio, Johnson Murray, Begin, Prezhogin I think Bonk would do well with Kovy and Sammy ( didn't he used to center Alfredsson and Hossa ? ) ... he's the one that "could" cause havoc in front of the net and be the resposible Defensive first forward on that line ... ribs can't do that. Plecks and Johnson would be a good defensive fit but still offensive enough for Riberio's style.
  13. I have yet to post on any of these preseason game posts ( 0-4 ) ... hopefully this will bring them win number one :ghg:
  14. How can you foget him ... he's such a great actor and funny guy oh .. wait .. what ?
  15. Unfortuntaly he's exactly what the Habs need ( a power forward ) but I still don't think he's ready and the team is not ready to have him ... I think it would be pointless to have him play on the 3rd line or 4th line .. he needs to play a bunch of minutes ... still needs to develp his defensive game ... and lose that ego everyones talking about ( all though I don't know anything about that ) let him play in the Q, dominate that ... get on the WJC team , see how he does there ... then bring him to the AHL after his season in the Q is over ( if possible ) ... with Ribs, Ryder and Johnson's contracts up at the end of the year they should be room for Lats to take a top two lines position he'll be 20 and one more year developed and polished. I also think Kotsy should play in the AHL one more year ... he needs ice time too and with him chips, aubin, agostini there ... the bulldogs should compete for a playoff spot this season and it would be good for Kotsy to be apart of that ... call him up if there are injuries or what not.
  16. Snow ? what's that ? .... gotta love that California weather Although it does snow in the mountains around here ... but at pretty high elivations.
  17. Was just trying to make a point that some players might not ever be able to adjust to wearing one ... the original posters mentioned that if he was GM that visors would be manditory for his team ... I was just trying to say even at the expense of making a player play poorly because he just can't get used to it ? ... example Mats Sundin :puke: ... he's had two eye injuries and still doesn't wear a visor because he just can't get comfortable with it.
  18. Yes but if Ryder wears one ( say the GM forced him to ) and only scores 10 goals the whole season then that might not be a good idea.
  19. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=177368&hubname=nhl As much as I hate the $$ amount of the deal Clarke offered Kessler ... I love and totally agree with what he says in this article ... he's playing by the rules and doing what ever it takes to improve his team to try to win a cup ... i'm sure that would make the fans happy =)
  20. how do you mean ? are the american commintators ripping on canadians while this is going on ?
  21. Ummm what was wrong with the hit ... I don't remember any elbow ... all I remember was Perez catching Primeau with his head down. Some one who ( like Lindross ) should always keep his head up. It sucks because it's always a treat to watch Primeau skate
  22. IN N Out ( its a california thing ) But I don't eat fast food anymore Coke I don't watch the news often ... if I do its Local News Pirates ... I live like 10 miles from Disneyland but I haven't been in over a year ! go figure Beatles
  23. I think Clarke might have screwed every team for next season ... especially the HABS !!! I was reading on TSN that now that Kesler will get $1.9 mil for this year ... he'll have to qualified next season at $1.9 mil and that will be comparible in arbitration and RFA negotiations ... if he tanks and say he scores 10-15 goals again ... what do you think other RFA that are his age that score that little are going to want ... what will Prezhogin , Plekanec , Komi , Higgins all going to want ? they're going to want what he's getting or close to it ! Even Fanpuck said now that Kessler is getting 1.9 what Zherdev won't want anything under 3 mill ! if this gets blown out or perportion its going to suck for alot of teams. hopefully the players/GM's will come to there senses before this gets out of hand. Stupid Clarke also on TSN they think that this was some sort of payback because Nonis wouldn't trade Kessler to Philly.
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