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  1. I hope he signs ... I don't think he has much to learn about hockey in college ... and if he busts he can always go back.
  2. true ... but i'm glad he's out of Toronto ... he was a habs killer last season when he did play.
  3. Want to know the best thing about this problem ? in about two years we're going to have a stacked team. depending on who is kept ... We have to remember that most of these guys ( guy , chips , Kotsy , locke , aubin etc ) are almost all under 21 !!!! with the team we have now we don't need to rush these guys up ... 1 they can get more ice time in the ahl or minors it will prepare them better ... and 2 they won't hit UFA as quickly.
  4. acutally I met him at the Frozen Fury last year ... he was with his wife ( uber hot btw ) outside the main entrance to the MGM grand arena ... NOBODY NOTICED HIM ... except me ... so I basically went up to him and shook his had and said .. guess your not playing tonight huh ... he's like .. yeah and the wife made me late so i'm going to get chewed out ! too bad I didn't have a camera with me ... he also told me he was suppised i recognized him and that I was the only one who did ... I told him i was a HABS fan ( and who can not recognize that bald head of his ! haha ) btw ... to bad the Kings have givin up on him ... i'm pissed about that ... I'd still take him over Cloutier any day Yeah I love it bro ... but yours is still the best !!! take that Tucker ! over and over and over ! haha :ghg:
  5. Wow so many good ones to pick ... I picked Grabovsky ... he had such a great world championships with Kotitsyn ( who I would have picked 2nd ) both were playing against nhl calibler players on a team with non nhl players and still played really well and had everyone talking ... I'm hoping both can make it ... but if not then what a line combo Hamilton will have with those two in between either Locke or Chipchura
  6. Hey all !! I forgot to introduce myself ... I'm Brett .. from Orange California ( about 4 miles from the arrowhead pond ) ... been a habs fan since 92. although until recently its been hard to watch games .. Thank the Hockey Gods for Center Ice !!! now I hardly miss a game ... I look forward to having some good debates and convo's with you guys and gals about the Habs. So I guess i'll leave it at that for now. :king: :hlogo: :king:
  7. Hey HabsRock ... i've seen you on the sportsnet forums too ( although they won't let me post there ) ... you make some awsome sigs ... can you hook me up with one ? something with Koivu in it ... and something like the beach in the backround since i'm from california if it's possible. :king: :hlogo: :king:
  8. I agree with you on this ... Abby has played a full season and most of last season so he knows what it takes to make it though a whole season ... Huet hasn't done that yet .. he may falter or just get tired ... I hope not but its nice to have an option like Abby to go to .... now if say a month or so into the season if Huet looks great ... then move Abby to a team with an injured goalie ... ( like in Vancouver's situation last season ) the habs will be able to comand more in return. also lately i've been thinking of these line combo's ... they would be interesting 3 scoring lines and a checking line ( that can still score ! ) Higgins - Koivu - Ryder Samsanov - Bonk - Kovalev ( get some size in the middle to crash the net ) Perezhogin - Ribierio - Johnson ( Johnson will be smart defensivley and hit the net to open room for the other two ) Begin - Plekanec - Downey/Murray ( Plecks and Begin have a tone of speed and good defensive ablities and can still pop in a few here and there )
  9. Though I'd love to see Chipchura or Kotsysin or Guy playing on the habs next season ... but where do you put them ? unless they come out and domintae like a Crosby or Ovechkin and get on a scoring line ... why put these really young players on the 4th line or the press box when they can be playing every game in all situations and with a lot of ice time in juinors or the ahl .... We need these guys to develop into all around great players to be able to replaced the Koivu's Kovalev's etc when they start to age in a few years ... and they can't do that unless they get ice time.
  10. I don't see this happening ... I think BG will get him signed to an extenstion in the middle of the season ... unless he plays like crap which I doubt
  11. I can see this happening ... only because he's going to be UFA next summer ... and I believe he's already said he'd like to play in California to be closer to his kid ( he may not want to sign a long term deal ) ... BG might be forced to move him early to make sure he can get someone of equal caliber and have him gel though out the season. hopefully not ... I think he's going to have alot better season this year ... his family trouble is not as tough as it was last season ( or so I hope )
  12. I don't think Kovalev did bad .. he did have a bummed knee most of the season .. but I think now with Samsanov he'll get the puck on his stick for more quality shots than last season and Samsanov's speed will create even more room on the ice for Kovi to work his magic ... I'm thinking/hoping for 35-40 goals for Kovi this coming season. Also Johnson will stand in front of the net and actually defect shots ... he's deffinatly not a permitter player but he's not and overly aggressive player either ... and he doesn't take stupid penalties.
  13. and #12 is recently retired so they're both out of luck
  14. Haha ... I was at that game when JR did his dancing .... although it was in Vegas and the fun before and after the game has clouded my memory. oh and btw .. great job with the pics and report from the camp :hlogo:
  15. With all the moves today its a nice luxury to have a deep team and be able to run 3 scoring lines and a good 4th ( checking line ) Higgins - Koivu - Ryder Samsanov - Ribiero - Kovalev Perezhogin - Plekanec - Johnson Begin - Bonk - Murray Markov - Komisarek Souray - Rivet Bouillion - Dandenault Downey - Striet ex Huet Abby I still feel a trade brewing for a upgrade at 2nd line center or possible a 1 center and moving Koivu to 2nd line ... with Abby , Ribiero , Perezhogin and picks as bait. and maybe even Plekanec is the offer was right.
  16. Hey Guys and Gals ... My first post here I really like these moves that BG made today ... like many of you I can feel another move brewing but it may not be right away. I think Johnson is going to suprise many of you ... I live in Cali and am also a big Kings fan ( but of course they always take a back seat to the Habs ! ) so i've seen him play quite a bit ... he's definatly a hard worker and a quiet leader and for a guy his size he has good speed so he'll be able to keep up with the rest of the speedy habs ... if they use him on either the 2nd line or 3rd it will deffinatly be an upgrade. As for Samsanov ... great pick up ! I've been reading else where that fans don't understand why the habs picked up another playmaker ... but I think he can help Kovi re-find that scoring tough he had when he had Straka and Lang on his line in Pitt.
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