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  1. I checked a couple of EB games and a Best Buy here in OC Cali and nada =/ they all said tomorrow. Man I really wanted to play it tonight ! I think i'm going to check the toys r us and target next to my house when I get out of work.
  2. I'm trying to get a team together with a bunch of my buddies ... but if not or I can jump from team to team than I'm in
  3. Wasn't sure if this was posted yet or not but I was looking though HockeysFuture and stumbled across this link Warner Bros Online I'm so getting this ! It comes out 5 days before my birthday so hopefully someone will get it for me
  4. crap you just beat me too it ... I agree with this one ( american booty ) ... the others I still have no idea
  5. I wouldn't say it's MASSIVE over payment ... Kuba isn't that great of a defenseman and Picard hasn't really proven anything yet. but you never know ... if Picard and the 1st turn into studs then I'll say it's Massive ... If Picard and the 1st turn into nuthing then TB wins this deal by far.
  6. My Xbox died on Tuesday Thankfully I found my receipt from best buy which has my 2yr replacement plan on it ... what makes it better is having a teammate on my hockey team who is the store manager at the best buy down the street Hopefully he's going to be able to get me upgraded to an Elite tomorrow
  7. Didn't you lose your "manhood" too ?
  8. True but you have got to love the concept ... wonder if your team can trade you ! haha ... one day you sign in to your xbox and it says your traded to a crappy team from russia and they only speak russian also the only problem I see is how to always get your team to show up to play games ... what if a few guys are missing ?
  9. I don't think the Kings would want Dandy NO
  10. WOW ... now there's a really strange sight
  11. I know they came here .. I was at the Ducks game. I just thought they played in Montreal as well ... I looked it up and they didn't ... which strikes me as odd cause I thought the last schedule concept was to play each team in a division from the other conference twice every three years. But they didn't .. o well I just wish they came out here again this coming year.
  12. I think the Kings and Ducks played in montreal last year but it was very early in the year ... the Leafs are playing in Cali again this season but not the HABS
  13. Crap ! ... the Kings and Ducks play in Montreal but the HABS don't come back this way
  14. I think Max is slated for the AHL but there's nothing wrong with that. I will say one thing, Tender better look in his rear view and see that he has some compitition coming and get his a$$ in gear.
  15. This was bound to happen one day ... basically the tables are turning a little ... I would assume that the Russian team would have to negotiate a buy out on Radulov's Nashville contract if he wants to play in Russia next season ... Just like Malkin and other Russian players the NHL took from the Russian league. Although I think Radulov should have waited and fullfilled his contract for next season then left ( if that's really what he wants to do ) ... but it's his life ... I hope he realizes that if Nashville contests and the IIHF agrees that he needs to fullfill his contract with the Preds that he'll be out of hockey for a year if he doesn't play in Nashville.
  16. I think the Fedorov contract isn't bad ... he's a leader with a ton of experince. He might not put up huge #'s but he brings so much to the table in terms of being a mentor to Ovechkin and Semin. As for Hitchcock ... he didn't do so bad considering the talent he had/has to work with.
  17. $1000 to much ... man I wish there were apartments in my area that were that cheap.
  18. I think Lowe pretty much had a right to go after Burke this time ... all last year Lowe didn't say a thing about all the crap he was getting from Burke. I'm sure Lowe figured he was going to get ripped a little for the offer sheets .... but come on Burke a year later and your still ripping Lowe for something done a year ago ? Get over it
  19. They're saying it's a one year - two way deal ... so either he's back up or starter in Hamilton
  20. I thought I heard they re-signed Valliquette (sp) ... he's the back up. The Rangers have the potiental to be scary this coming season.
  21. I don't think the NHL would care about salaries as long as the league is making money ... more teams = more revenue. the trickle down effect would be more revenue = higher cap = more money for players. I hope they don't expand.
  22. The idea is sound ... I think Seattle could support a team, but it would have to be a team that is moved. I highly doubt the NHL want's to expand anytime soon. But then again with all the money being made recently and the cap going up, maybe that could happen. If a team did move I'd think Florida would be the best choice as Tampa does well there but Miami doesn't. Basically then you'd move Detroit to the east and Move Minny to the central and put Seattle in the Northwest
  23. I thought Columbus wanted to make the playoffs ?
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