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  1. I think it's great ... well it sucks he didn't sign a 1yr deal with the habs ... but I love the fact he turned down a ton of money for his best chance to win a cup. I doubt he'd be back with the wings the season after as Zetterburg will need a new deal ... unless Lidstrom retires. Detroit's 1st line / pp is going to be leathal ... Zetterburg, Datysuk , Hossa ... two selke nominiees on your line ?... I think Hossa could take a good run at the rocket trophy next season.
  2. Maybe he'll sign with Atlanta again ... the only team that could probably pay him that much and not care if the team is any good
  3. I don't even know why the Hawks signed Huet in the frist place ... especially if they're not getting rid of the bulin wall. they could use that cap money to improve the team
  4. That would be kinda dumb ... I mean isn't that why you traded Richards ? to get a young goalie ? Kolzig is 37
  5. I think Kolzig is going to be brought in as a back up ... Mike Smith should be the starter with Kari Ramo going back to the AHL for more work.
  6. guess that means the Bullin wall is on his way out ?
  7. Malone's contract averages a 4.5 mil cap hit ... not that bad .. it's pretty much on line with a guy like Penner ... the only wrinkle I see with it is they're paying him alot of money up front in the contract, I think it's 8 and 7 mil the first two years. But it gives them the opportunity to buy him out cheap in a few years if he doesn't get any better.
  8. The problem before the lockout was the players were making about the same they are now but revenues were alot less .. especially for lower end teams ... remember that the cap can change but only with revenues .. if they go down then the cap goes down ... Think about this .. when the cap was $39 million, that was based on revenue, now it's $57 million based on revenue. The league seems to be going in the right direction. How ever the problem that could come up is how high the floor is. Some team may not be able to handle that dollar figure. But I think that the limited revenue sharing should help. so sadly yes the lockout was worth it. At least teams can't just spend like the Rangers used too.
  9. Seems like the players made out on the newest CBA ... but then again the league is making money too which is good. Teams need to be careful though cause all of a sudden that cap # can drop and teams could get stuck with alot over priced players.
  10. he's still the owner of the team ... he just can't be involved in any direct decision making for the team .. it will be appointed to someone else until the suspention is lifted.
  11. haha ... yeah my co-worked walked by my computer and saw the pic of the two guys and was like is that from Heat ? so I was like is it ?
  12. You two should get together and go bowling or something I kid I kid
  13. #1 is Terminator 2 #10 is Heat ( credit that to my co-worker )
  14. Well as long as he stays away from betting on things I don't see why he still couldn't be a good coach. He deserves at least a 2nd chance. If he does it again then I'm sure he'll be banned from coaching in the NHL again.
  15. Go Barry Go ! I think his decision of Rick Tocchet and Wez Walz as assistants are kind iffy ... Tocchet yes but I would think he'd want someone with a little more expirence than Walz since it's been a while since Barry's coached in the NHL
  16. First off ... again ( i've said this a tone of times ) Gary Bettman does not make all decisions ... the owners ( including the canadian ones ) and the board of govenors do. Second ... I don't know of any good buisnessmen that would dump their assests that make 60% of the buisness's profit. That would be like GM motor company saying ... you know we don't like chevy any more .. and even though it's the most profitable line we have .. we're going to dump it. Also look at complany like Apple ... they didn't get big by just making computers ... they branched out into things like portable mp3 players and cell phones ... like the NHL is doing by taking the game of hockey to new places .. not the same ole places that already like and buy the product. Don't people have any pacience ? the league has grown finacially every year since the lockout ... Yes even in "non-hockey" markets. The LA Kings sold out a bunch of games this year and they finished 2nd to last .. Tampa averaged over 18,000 fans and they did finish dead last ... More and more in the draft your seeing kids that were born in "non-hockey" markets being picked in the draft. Oh and places like Montreal , Toronto have over 75 more years of being in the nhl than places like Tampa , Florida and Pheonix ... give them the same amount of time and it might be different.
  17. Yeah but give Garth Snow a little credit ... he went for it and wanted to make the playoffs for his owner ( which i'm sure is what he wanted ) ... Milbury is the man that destroyed that team. All though I don't know is Snow is rebuilding or retooling ... it looks like the team needs to rebuild again .. I don't see many blue chip type youngsters the team can build on. It's like the Kings and Habs were years ago. It's like either get the party going and get some A-listers in the room or send everyone home and rethink your party throwing stratagy.
  18. I wouldn't say the Islanders are a joke because a report says that Yashin is interested in coming back ... not the Islanders want him back ... yes I'm sure Garth Snow picked up the phone and talked to his agent when he called but that doesn't mean they want him back or that the Islanders are a joke because of it. But I wouldn't excuse there bad trade decisions over the years.
  19. This game looks like it's going to be fun ! ... the Be a Pro feature will add something different to just playing the same game. I just hope they make the Dynasty a little more in depth. ie. Drop players, higher roster count, RFA, etc.
  20. .... bye Marc, take Coultier with you on the way out
  21. So that's about $8 a gallon for us U.S. folks :puke: Right now gas is $4.25 a gallon at the pump down the street and although it sucks ( cause we're used to it being so much cheaper ) ... I know it's not even close to being the most expensive gas in the world. So I try not to complain
  22. I knew I was forgeting someone ... And Gorges played so well too. Now come to think of it I'd rather have Gorges with O'byrne and "soup" as the 7th d-man. Yes Soup is Bouillion I used call him that for the longest time.
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