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  1. more goalie news in Brampton-they have claimed goalie Will King off wavers from Wheeling. Have signed goalie Daniel Spence (again) to an SPC. Guess that means they don't expect Dreidger or Fucale back anytime soon
  2. Dreidger sent back to AHL Belleville today plus Fucale and Petgrave sent to Laval today also. I guess D'agostini has gone from 3rd string to # 1 in a short time. Interesting to see who will be signed as backup for the upcoming trip to SC and Fla.
  3. Beast lost 3-1 at home today (Monday afternoon) before a holiday crowd. Had tied it 1-1 and then immediately gave up the go ahead goal. Third Adirondack goal was e/n. Chris Driedger was the losing goalie. Beast had problems with penalities and non calls by referee Stephen Thomson who in a recent Beast vs Toledo game awarded Toledo 8 power plays and the Beast none. I think they really miss Luc Olivier Blain on the faceoffs. The few power plays they had saw them unable to keep the puck in the Adirondack end. And I wonder why the ass't coach has never been replaced---maybe time for David LIng to think about coaching???? ps-Adirondack was announced as the ECHL affiliate of the New Jersey Devils. They previously had been affiliated with Calgary and still wear Calgary type jerseys. Anyone know when the affiliation was changed.? Calgary previously also had Kansas City as an echl affiliate.
  4. Beast win 6-4 tonight in Reading with Fucale in goal (Fournier scored a pair). Next game Monday at home 2pm
  5. Beast won 5-1 in Adirondack tonight. Driedger in goal. Lost his shut out with twenty seconds to go
  6. Brampton won tonight 3-1 over Toledo with Chris Driedger in goal. Back up goalie Carmine Guerriero has been released from his SPC and replaced by Daniel Spence who I know little about other than former OHL Sarnia Sting and played for 3 different ECHL teams in 2014-15
  7. Belleville AHL goalie Chris Driedger reassigned by Ottawa from Belleville to Brampton
  8. comeback almost happened. Beast lost 5-3 in Worcester. Appeared they had tied it but 4th goal was ruled goaltender interference and they were penalized (which doesn't happen much with goaltender interference)/ 5 th Railers goal was e/n.
  9. wonder if David Ling has been cut. Vallorani wearing his number tonight. Worcester ahead 3-0 at the end of one and D'Agostini has been pulled from goal
  10. Vallorani returned per ECHL transactions. Blain to Laval means no hope the season can be rescued
  11. Vallorani was not dressed in Brampton and his name and number were deleted from the Roster sheet. Tyson Wilson finally played a game and Alex Henry was back after a long stint on the IR list. Brampton lost 4-2 to Kalamazoo (Vancouver farm club) and Fournier did score a highlight reel goal. King from the Marlies did play. David Ling did not play. Could not take advantage on the power play. Good game-although my usual 35 minute drive from Burlington turned into two hrs because of the weather
  12. wonder if the loan by the Marlies of Jeff King to the Beast is moot also???
  13. David Vallorani of the Beast has signed a PTO with Laval. Not sure if we'll see a full compliment of players at the Beast game tonight. AHL Marlies have loaned Jeff King (D) to Brampton
  14. Vincent Dunn recalled by Belleville AHL from Brampton. Jackson Leef recalled from Evansville (SPHL) to Brampton.
  15. The Beast only had 15 skaters Saturday (not including the goalies)
  16. Beast transactions-Ciampini recalled to Belleville, Mat Petgrave (D) and Chris Leveille loaned to Laval
  17. Beast continue down the road to ruin-another loss in Reading with the only highlight being Fournier was back. But have they already waved the white flag as far as making the playoffs?. D man Willie Corrin has gone to Belleville and Matt Petgrave (the only Brampton ECHL All Star) is on loan to the Marlies. Those two transactions were not on their facebook page! As an aside, went to a Senior AAA game in Brantford Friday (vs Dundas). Former Beast goalie Bryan Pitton signed with Brantford last week and was the winning goalie in a 9-7 win (at one time it was 7-0 Brantford). His brother is a playing coach for Brantford. addendum-Petgrave has been released by the Marlies but Daniel Ciampini recalled to Belleville AHL
  18. Beast lost in Manchester tonight 5-3 - sounds like they outshot Manchester badly but Dags was a little soft in goal. He was pulled and Carmine played the last 9 minutes and only faced two shots. Dags let in 5 goals in 18 shots. Beast had 41 shots on Manchester. Dunn scored a couple but he is Belleville property and if he keeps up his numbers, will likely be recalled
  19. and (as expected) Carmine Guerreiro was signed again to an SPC due to Fucale being called up to Laval. Poor Carmine-fire him one day and sign him again the next (Heaven and hell in ECHL)
  20. thanks for the link Brian. today's dealings-MacKenzie Braid, Jake Flegel (both D men) and goalie Carmine Guerriero were released from their SPC's. Fucale who looked soft on a couple of goals he should have seen all the way on Sunday was sent back to Laval. With Jagr heading home, will that make David Ling the oldest active pro player in North America???
  21. has anyone ever been able to find an IR list for Brampton????? Besides Henry and Blain being out the other evening. I realized that Stefan Fornier has not played for a while
  22. a bit of Brampton news-Beast lost their third straight o/t game. Fucale in goal. Appeared to have scored as time ran out in the second but of course, league has no overhead cams in sync with the clock. Nice shorty by ex Marlie Captain Alex Foster but PP was pretty bad. Jordan Henry still out and Blain did not play today. Not sure if he was injured in the previous weekend games
  23. D'agostini pulled after Quad City has taken a 3-1 lead. Guerriero in. Surprise move by coach Colin Chaulk
  24. a bit of Brampton news-they have a game at home tonight-broadcast available via the team website. Willie Corrin signed an SPC with Belleville Senators (on loan according to ECHL transactions). Brampton have signed goalie Carmine Guerriero, a Montreal native, University of Alabama grad, who was currently playing in the SPHL. D man Jamie Doornbosch loaned to AHL Belleville.
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