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  1. A trade might be the only way for Bergevin to go. Remember that he is also actively looking for a top-6 winger to play alongside Plekanec and Gionta, which he also will likely not find on the open market...or if he does, will he be willing to outbid his competition? Time will tell...
  2. Raphaël Diaz, Chris Campoli, Andreas Endqvist, Alexander Avtsin et une choix du troisieme ronde pour Huberdeau? Ummm...non. Ca marche pas ca.
  3. Yep, Raycroft beat him out. Remember Raycroft? He was great for six minutes...
  4. I agree. What I'm curious to see here, is how Karlsson responds. Will he pull a Jose Theodore and suck for the rest of his contract? Will the pressure destroy him or will he rise to the challenge. Whatever happens, he'll surely have a tough time pulling a repeat of last season's numbers!
  5. True, but PG also failed to grasp that Muller was the only person who had the players' ear. He was the ONLY communicator in the entire management team. Foolish decision but, ultimately, one that helped lead to Martin and Gauthier's downfall.
  6. I'm a fan of the Galchenyuk pick too but wouldn't rule out Forsberg (if he's still available). There really are a lot of different players Montreal could draft but Galchenyuk certainly addresses a bunch of needs.
  7. So Markov and Kaberle are both out for tonight, and Emelin slots back in. Markov (and Kaberle) have upper body injuries. UPPER. The team stressed it has nothing to do with his knee. Let's hope so!
  8. That's great, but what's the point? If I'm Markov and/or the Habs training staff, I'm telling him to wait till next year. If he knee is good to go now (ish), I can only imagine it will be that much better with eight more months of rest. But that's just me... I seriously doubt we'll see Gomez in Hamilton. What I think will happen is that they'll put an "amnesty" clause into the new CBA, allowing the Habs to buy Gomez out WITHOUT taking a cap hit. The PA and league have learned from the ugly Wade Redden and Sheldon Souray situations...as such, I think this should be a no-brainer to be implemented this summer.
  9. Hey all! So I've been working with a site called Daily Joust and they have setup a FREE (entry) $100 prize fantasy contest for THIS Friday eve. Go to: http://dailyjoust.com/contests/?refer=habsaddict to signup... Here are the details: It's a salary cap contest where everyone tries to assemble the best team within a $1,000,000 budget. With that money, you need to build a team of two centers, two left wings, two right wings, two blueliners and one goalie. Each NHL player has been given a salary price based on their expected fantasy points potential. For example, Scott Hartnell costs $226K, while Todd Bertuzzi costs $170K. Build Your Team of 9 Positions Within The Maximum Salary Cap of $1 Million: - C - C - LW - LW - RW - RW - D - D - G Daily Joust Fantasy Hockey Scoring Breakdown: Skaters: Goal = 10 pts PP/SH Goal = 3 pts Assist = 7 pts PP/SH Assist = 2 pts Shot on Goal = 1 pt Plus/Minus = +3/-3 pts Penalty Minutes = 1 pts Hit = 1 pt Blocked Shot = 1 pt Goalies: Goals Allowed = (-6 pts) Saves = 1 pt Win = 12 pts Shutout = 8 pts Check it out and try it out....who knows, you might actually win $100!
  10. I like the Geoffrion recall and think it was just a matter of time. But I was hoping they'd keep Leblanc with the team. Leblanc, Eller, Geffrion sounds like a pretty good third line to me! It will be interesting to see how RC constructs his line for tonight...
  11. Well said and too true! This kid does have talent, if a little raw. In addition he has size and loves to play physical. What seems to be a bit of his downfall is his skating stride. That said, under the right tutelage, I think Geoffrion can turn into a solid 3rd liners for Montreal. The interesting thing was his comments where he said PG told him he'd play in the AHL "for now" but that the Habs were preparing other moves that would probably see him in Montreal THIS year. Surprising to hear that kind of candor...but not so surprising that PG is working on other things. So who goes next? AK? Moen (if/when he's healthy)? Campoli?
  12. Yes, I think he did get more than anyone expected. I think if someone were to tell you PG would be able to trade Gill for a 2nd rounder, period, you'd be pretty content with that. So the fact that he got two prospects as well is just gravy. That said, it never ceases to amaze me how much GMs overspend at the deadline. In a lot of ways, it really is better to be a seller!
  13. Great move for the Habs. They get younger, cheaper, and tougher. Plus, they get a 2nd round pick. Even if Geoffrion is a third liner and Slanley is a career AHLer, this is a great return for a pending UFA. Well done PG! Oh, and this clearly signals the beginning of the selling season for the Habs. Campoli, Kostitsyn, Moen...who knows who will move next?!
  14. That's best case scenario...but not outside of the realm of possibilities. TSN's Bob McKenzie says there are more buyers than sellers, which plays into the Habs' favour....but also, defenseman and ALWAYS a hot commodity come trade deadline. There are no shortage of Cup contenders who would want Gill. We can only hope that Gauthier does decide to be a buyer instead!
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