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  1. I think it is McGuire's opinions of Eller which actually give reason for his potential success. Whereas most people had Eller as an elite player Mcguire said straight out he would never be a goal scorer which right now he is dead on. Eller has the potential to be a really good player. He has a hard shot, can stick handle, is big and strong and can play a 2 way game but he's not proven he can be a goal scorer at any level. In other words dead on assessment,.


    2-way...that is the key to Eller's game. He has offensive upside but will never be a 30-goal scorer....maybe not even a 25-goal scorer...

  2. My take is that it depends on the return if in fact there is a trade. Let's just hope gauthier is listening and not acting however. otherwise this reminds me of when Atlanta traded Coburn and a 1st I think for Zhitnik just to be able to make the playoffs. remember that one.

    If Cammalleri was shipped out of town, then I have to believe that Subban is being shopped NOT to make the playoffs, but to better the team, long term.

    Ryan Getzlaf anyone?

  3. No way, just no way. Molson is a fool if he allows this to continue. Anyway, I think he probably is regardless. It's not like he built the brewery himself. He's a rich kid with a toy.

    You're SO right and that is what is the most disturbing to me.

    IF Gauthier is gone at the end of the season (which most, myself included believe) then why is he being allowed to move assets and change the face of this team? Shouldn't that be the incoming GM's job?

    And since that isn't happening, does that mean that Molson actually has confidence in Gauthier? That's a more frightening thought than seeing Subban shopped, imo.

  4. Kamal gotta disagree with Gill. I think if a team offers a 1st round pick for him then that GM should be fired on the spot.

    Gill is tremendously valuable as a PK specialist but there is no way he would fetch a 1st rounder. A late second rounder I can see unless a deal is made that is bigger than just 1 guy.

    And in regards to that offer....at $6.5 no way. Guys who sign the long term deals take a reduction per season and $6.5 is already among the top paid in the league.

    If he wants 10 years then perhaps we go for it but it better be in the $5.0 to $6.0 million range and aboslutely nothing more.

    I don't know man, under the right circumstances, I think some GM would overpay for Gill (a 1st). That being said, I think a 2nd is much more likely.

    As for Price, the numbers on this rumour and just ridiculous, imo. Which doesn't make it less true...I don't know, I like the idea of locking Price up long term, but a $7million contract on the books for that long, when there is an expiring CBA around the corner is slightly disturbing.


    Great. Tony Marinaro has just confirmed that SUbban is being shopped around the league. This scares me.

    I hear that this weekend.

    You know, as frightening a thought as that is, IF Montreal is going to go out and get an elite (and I do stress elite) No. 1 center, for example, Subban is going to be part of that package, without question.

    Honestly, given how poor this team is performing, I think that outside of Price, no one is untouchable.

  5. I would happily sign either of those. The Habs should take his offer and run with it. When the cap is at $100M and he's making a comparable pittance, we'll look like geniuses. And if there's one thing I think we can actually bank on: Price is the real deal.

    I agree that Price is the real deal but, IF these numbers are true, I find $7 mil to be WAY too much money for Price at this age. Then again, if they are talking about a 7-10 year deal, and buying his UFA years, maybe they structure something with a $7 mill cap hit which is cheaper up front, real expensive in the middle, and then real cheap at the end.

    Who knows.

    I don't mind having a long term contract for Price and locking him in as the future of the team, but the $ value on this rumours bothers me.

    10 years for a goalie is a long time but if he really wants the money and to stay in Montreal I would say do it.

    He better know as soon as he signs that deal the pressure would be even more insane.

    The thing I would say is encouraging about this rumours is that they are negotiating term, and not dollars. That's a good thing.

    IF this is true, maybe Montreal agrees to the 10 years but pulls it back to $6.5 mil per?

    We will have to agree to disagree.

    I really think Gill will garnish a very low first rounder.

    As for Weber he is the same age as PK I really would not trade him unless it was overpayment at this stage.

    I think Gill would fetch a 2nd with an outside chance of netting a late 1st rounder. If sold to the right team (cough, cough Chicago), at the right time, he will be a valuable commodity.

  6. OK, I don't tend to mong rumours, but this one came out on-air today on the Sunday Shinny on TSN 990.

    We had JT Utah, from 25Stanley.com, on the show and he claims to have a source indicating the Habs offered Price a 7 year, $49 million deal. Apparently, Price's camp came back with a 10 year, $70 million deal.


    Here's the piece I wrote on it:


    I also included the podcast, at the end, that you can listen to our livley discussion about this topic!

  7. I think the game is going to be closer actually. We seem to always play relatively well on Boston ice so I think the Habs can squaek out a victory but the score will be low in the 3-2 range. I also think Cammallari is going to have a big night tonight....at least he has to.

    Not sure about Cammy having a big night (although he should after shooting his mouth off) but I definitely see a close game....always seems to be when these two teams clash.

  8. It sounds great, but if that is our 2012 first rounder it has a legit chance to be a lottery pick, and Getzlaf can be a UFA in one year and a half.

    How would you feel about handing Anaheim that high a draft pick and watching Getzlaf walk as a UFA after playing less than 1.5 seasons for the Habs?

    Horrible. You don't make that, or any move, for Getzlaf unless you can sign him long term. That has to be part of the deal (getting a compensatory pick in return if he walks.

    The bottom line is that Getzlaf is EXACTLY the type of player the Habs need, but they don't need a rental...they need a legit No.1 center to build around and, giving up Cammy, AK and a pick for a guy that might walk in July is a non-starter...

  9. Love the signing love that it is long term.

    Hope it never burns the habs.

    Unless his knee gives out or he suffers some other catastrophic injury, I can't see this one burning the Habs. Gionta, Gomez, Cammy, Kaberle and Markov could/are burning them, but not Gorges.This guy's solid.

  10. It's a fair amount, in my opinion. Let's not forget that we have to overpay slightly, as we're the highest taxed jurisdiction in North America. Cammalleri and Gionta were also overpaid.

    True, except Gorges agent said the Habs could have signed him for cheaper this summer if they had offered him more term. Still, at a 3.9 per average, it's a minor overpay.

  11. Great signing, if slightly on the high side dollar-wise. Still, the Habs had to lock up Gorges and clearly made the right call here.

    I think the next player who gets signed (and it WILL be before the end of the season) is Price. Price's agent told Gauthier he wants the deal done before the end of the season so, if Gorges is signed now, I think Price will be next.

  12. YAWN, another pathetic effert.

    They are quickly moving to a lottery pick.

    Just my opinion, they should be looking to maove alot of players, no reason they should not have at least 2 first rounders this year and a couple young prospects.

    Price, Emelin and Cole were pretty good. I like Emelin way better on the LD.

    Yep, agreed, Emelin looks a lot better on the left side. He's just more comfortable there...

    So how long before PG starts disassembling this team? They will certainly be sellers come the deadline. All that remains to be seen is who gets shipped out and how high a draft pick they get.

  13. my Question is are the high draft picks that much better than the mid first rounders this year?

    Not necessarily....it's all about who you draft.

    Look at Subban, for example, who was a second round pick, versus David Fischer who was a high first rounder...

  14. I've got to say option No.1 is a no-brainer, imo. The problem with this is for the last 15 years has been that "we must make the playoffs at all costs" mentality. That has kept the organization from truly advancing or falling back.

    I think it is HIGH time this team takes a step back this year in order to two two steps forward tomorrow. Finishing in the bottom and getting a high pick (plus trying to shed some salary/veterans at the deadline) is the best thing for the team right now.

  15. Honestly people, the focus should be on a new GM and not a coach. I think the chances of PG still being around at the end of the year are slim to none. Moreover, I think there's a chance he might not even be around for trade deadline day.

    That said, if/when he is jettisoned, finding the right GM becomes the priority. You can't worry about hiring a coach and then a GM after. That is ass-backward. You need a new GM in place and he has to pick his targets.

  16. The move of Carrier behind the bench is interesting since he has never coached in the NHL. I think he will be Gauthier's eyes and ears...also, he speaks French so that will make a certain segment of the media happy.

    On another note, I did some digging and was told "there is more to come". Not on the management/coaching front, but more on the trade end. Habs have been scouting the Blue Jackets pretty hard lately so who knows.

    Either way, I think there will be some significant player movement on the horizon.

  17. Emelin did play alot on the right side in the KHL and has spent some time on the right side with Montreal. Alot like Gorges really. Maybe he is actually more comfortable on that side of the ice????

    Could be, but I think it's a matter of adjusting and he didn't do such a great job in the ONE game they gave him on the right so far.

    After two straight wins, JM is gonna scratch someone to add him? I honestly would be very surprised to see such a lineup change, doesn't fit JM's history.

    Too true....and sad, even though Emelin is EXACTLY the type of player you want in your lineup against the Flyers.

    I am actually looking forward to seeing what Emelin does against the more physical teams like Philly and Boston. Fingers crossed that we get to see it tonight!

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  18. The big problem here is not even this season but going forward.

    Subban, Price, Gorges....they all need new contracts this summer. Gauthier just added another 700K (approx) to the cap for the next two seasons. And what is Kaberle continues to suck like he has in Carolina and Boston (before)? Then the Canadiens have ANOTHER over-paid dead-weight player (hello Scott Gomez) on their roster.

    The frightening thing is that, for the deal to go through, Geoff Molson would have to approve the deal. That means he has faith in the current management team/has no immediate plans to replace anyone. He really is going to let this play out, at least for now...and THAT, is frightening.

    On another note, I think this deal is a precursor to something else...I'm thinking Weber gets moved in the next day or so...

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