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  1. Arizona is not telling anyone. He showed no signs of injury in the last exhibition he played. Some speculate they found something and want him to heal on it instead of rushing him.
  2. I think this might confirm that the organization thinks they don't have to rebuild and just a refresh was needed. Does not inspire much confidence for me. That said good for Weber. Probably the only guy who can say no to Price so the locker will respect him unlike Pacioretty. Except something inside of me is a little angry because there was an argument back in the day we couldn't name Markov captain if he was injured long term and here we did it with Shea. A whole lot of our captain issues in the past would have been solved if Markov got the C after Koivu and held it all the way up until his retirement/exile by Bergevin. First Canadian captain since Damphousse for those who care about that sort of thing.
  3. Seeing it came from my brain, we likely got Murray, Brassard, Hagelin, and a 1st.
  4. Because Julien seems to like him, and I got a feeling Juulsen starts in the AHL.
  5. I don't remember that. I just remember Tim and Sid screaming about how Montreal just handed Sidney Crosby his next Stanley Cup and how the NHL needs a lockout for allowing it to happen.
  6. He's getting a two way deal. I can smell it. From the Ottawa Citizen: "Julien said Saturday he likes what he has seen from Després and he could be that guy waiting for the call-up from Laval. The Canadiens must decide whether he has enough of an upside to merit a contract."
  7. Just a snippet of why I was happy with the Pacioretty trade.
  8. Oh for sure. Preseason means nothing to Price. I meant more if he gets that stare in December... With Tavares in Toronto, Mcdonagh in Tampa, and Karlsson in San Jose, I wonder what still keeps Price in Montreal.
  9. I had a dream about a month ago we traded him to the Penguins so in my mind he's already gone.
  10. There was a moment in the Leafs exhibition game where he looked like he was gonna kill everyone. If he isn't cool calm collected Price he isn't Price at all.
  11. Dude is damaged goods. It looked like a quality trade at the time but it seems like SJ knew something we didn't.
  12. He had one moment of magic where he cut through the middle of the ice with some nice stickhandling and fired a backhand wide. He looked like the Despres with potential back on Pittsburgh. That one moment will probably earn him a contract.
  13. There's nothing to wish away. I want him under control for more time when the Habs will be good, which isn't anytime soon. You think he's gonna demand a trade if he doesn't make the club? Come on.
  14. If Ottawa can't score with Alzner and Despres out there, fold the organization.
  15. Which happened with Mete. No way do I play him more than the tryout amount. If he's ppg he still goes back. Let him return next season as a Calder contender. I want him at 19-26 or 20-27, not 18-25.
  16. Jonathan Drouin Under Brendan Gallagher Under Max Domi Under Charles Hudon Under Jeff Petry Under Tomas Tatar Over
  17. Practice lines: Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Byron - Domi - Lehkonen Drouin - Kotkaniemi - Armia Chaput - Plekanec - Scherbak DLR - Peca - Hudon Agostino Mete - Petry Alzner - Benn Reilly - Juulsen Ouellet - Despres Price Niemi Lindgren I guess Chaput and DLR are facing off for the 4LW role and Scherbak and Hudon are facing off for the 4RW role? Probably will keep up Peca if/when Kotkaniemi goes back to Europe? Looks like no chance for Alzner and Benn to be going anywhere. Got the feeling they see the RD as weaker than the LD and that's why Despres is getting an extra look. I would not be shocked if Mete and Juulsen go back to the AHL since they are waiver exempt, maybe not immediately but eventually. Agostino and Chaput I don't see staying up. No way should Hudon be going to the AHL. That leaves Scherbak and DLR, and honestly I'd put Scherbak in Laval and risk waivers. Despres is terrible and Ouellet really earned a spot but I could see them going the other way on that one. Lindgren of course will be heading to Laval. Seeing Hudon on that fifth line bugs me though. What the heck is this roster when Shaw returns? Way too many left wingers.
  18. He was bad. Remember how bad Mike Komisarek was after he left Montreal and didn't have Andrei Markov making him look good? That was Alzner and Carlson. Carlson has been so much better without him. Alzner hasn't been good since they removed him. He was an iron man who played with injuries so they eventually caught up to him, which is common for players like him. His point goals with us were in line with his totals in Washington for his last season, the one without Carlson. His plus minus is drastically different because Washington was a better team that scored more. He was a 7th defenceman in the playoffs. The head pro scout is Eric Crawford who was a laughing stock in Vancouver. Of course they scouted him, ignored how much Carlson carried him, assumed it was the other way around (people thought Markov would be exposed without Komisarek back in 2009), and that all he needed was a healthy summer. He was a bad signing, but someone was gonna make a mistake with him. It just ended up us.
  19. He almost always sucks in exhibition. He is usually trying out new gear.
  20. My bad on Bork. Even so, I'm not betting on Brook. If the best offer has a RD I'll take it.
  21. The right move with Latendresse was staying in junior then going to the AHL but even so, in his final season he was handled improperly. He was on fire in Minnesota handled better then his career got derailed by injury. Kotkaniemi, he could play this season but no point aside from wasting a year of ELC.
  22. Nah you missed my point. The city was going crazy when Latendresse was 18 that he was a French Canadian Todd Bertuzzi. There was a ton of pressure to keep him up by media and fans. Triple what we see with Kotkaniemi. They still sent him down, but kept him up at 19 when they probably should have had him continue in junior. Kotkaniemi has buzz and he could play in the NHL, but it's not like Latendresse, and we made the right decision then.
  23. We got Juulsen, Lernout, Fleury and Brook for the right and for the left we got Mete, Bourque, Romanov, and Harris. I don't consider either that good so I'll take a quality D on either side.
  24. Latendresse excitement was way louder and they still waited until he was 19.
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