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  1. Price isn't the problem,but he's part of it. He's let in too many soft goals this year,reminiscent of 2-3 years ago.he's been nowhere close to last year. He can do no wrong according to many .My teenage daughter thinks he's the greatest,but other than her demographic,I can't see why he's thought of as top 5 or even 10 right now.
  2. Nothing gets solved if Gainey is still here.I can't stand Gauthier,but he's a scapegoat for Gainey IMO,who I believe is heavily involved in every decision,if not in charge
  3. I'm done with the 7 dmen lineup,and I don't know why or how Darsche is even in the lineup on a nightly basis. he's been AHL-calibre,at best this year.brings nothing,and has even turned into a bit of a yapper.There was some cheap, great 4th line options available last summer that should have been brought in(Rupp,Konopka,Winchester,Eager,Torres)
  4. Aren't they both UFA's ? If so,why would the rules be different
  5. IMO all the bashing of Gomez is wrong. I see him putting in as much effort nightly as anyone else on the team. The fact is that he's just not that good and has been declining for the past 3-4 years. 100% of the venom spewed at him should go to Gainey/Gauthier
  6. I don't have stats in front of me,but last I saw he was in the 20's in the important categories. That makes him below average THIS YEAR if true.I am not saying he's bad,just one of the most overrated and defended habs I've seen in my 40 + years of following the team.
  7. Another post that thinks teams are going to give us good players for our crap.
  8. Unfortunately AK is in the middle of one of his yearly disappearing act,2 goals in his last 17 games. That and being a UFA means you won't get much for this widely known inconsistent player.
  9. That just showed managements lack of class,once again,and the disrespect it had with Koivu. Gaineys fault
  10. I would rather have a pick,even a 5th or 6th,as any prospect you get is going to be fringe at best. I don't believe for a minute that any other teams were interested.He signed for $1.7m here,when taking into account the taxes is like $1.5 anywhere else.He signed a week before camp. if there was interst he would have been signed before. Like I said before ,I was very disappointed they got him,when a smallish,soft dman was the last thing we needed.
  11. We get a big lift with the Bourque fight and Price let's in 2 goals in the first 4 shots and game over.I know it's heresy on these sites,but what has Price done in his 5 year career to deserve being called "great","a franchise player","future hall of famer.or any of the other similar accolades. Granted he had a very good REGULAR season last year,but he has one playoff series win (7 games #1 vs #8) in his time. The team stinks this year,but has he even stolen a couple of games? And we have to bring in sub-par backups just so there's no pressure in him having to battle for #1 .I really hope we don't give him that enormous contract that's been rumoured. That will set this franchise back as bad as Gomez and Markov's contracts
  12. Toronto won't be anything more than a playoff contender for the forseeable future. But that's what it has been here for MOST of the last 20 years. I had high hopes after the 07-08 season.We don't need a rebuild or tank,just a competent management to make the right moves to adapt to the NHL.Overhaul the defense,go after Gleason hard in UFA this summer,and another tough stay at home dman.And accumulate as many picks as possible for our UFA's
  13. I would trade Price for him,but Anaheim wouldn't as they have Hiller.
  14. Um,Emelin is my favorite player,Halak was before that,Kovalev and Koivu have been also. And I'm Euro. Sorry to have facts skewer your PC opinions of people that you don't even know.If I didn't like PK,(I do) you'd be calling me a racist.Last time I reply to this subject .BTW I hate PG,and what he and Gainey(two Canadians) have done to this team.And I'm all for trading Gill,Gomez and Gionta.I'm not anti US though
  15. Maybe he will be back in time to play for Russia in the WCs,lol
  16. I'm into a winning hockey team. You can be politically correct.Good for you,I hope it makes you feel good.You can point out particular cases. Point is Bost,Chic and Pitt,last 3 cup winners have very few Euros and we consistently dress double that. RedWings are an anomaly to that,but their Euros are bigger and tougher and better than anyone elses.Plus their cup winning days seem to be in the rearview mirror. BTW I am a Euro myself,born and lived there for 15 years.Other than specific cases,they can't match North Americans grit,toughness and heart. Fact. I think the whole Montreal media French or English are as soft as our team ever was. A bunch of buttkissers. It took a young female reporter to call out JM about using Darsche instead of Cole on the PP.
  17. I couldn't believe it when they announced his signing.A small, soft journeymen d-man was the last thing this team needed. And to prove PG incompetence(once again) he gave him a raise from last years salary even though he was unsigned and feared he wasn't going to get signed (His own words)
  18. Price has had one excellent seaso out of 5,and won one playoff series. Good goalie,but unbelievably overated here. We are in a battle for the last 3 spots. Size doesn't matter if it isn't accompanied by toughness. Eller,AK and Nokia i wouldn't call tough,and Pacs has his moments
  19. Size doesn't matter if you don't use it. We are getting some size on the wings,but we're sorely lacking it on defense.Gill is tall but doesn't play big. Last off season that issue should have been addressed instead of the Diaz,Campoli and now Kaberle acquisitions.
  20. I'd love that news if it meant he gets out of the contract and we get the cap relief
  21. I'm not sure what the CBA rules are,but I would trade PK in a heartbeat for Getzlaf or Parise,as long as we could sign them before/during the trade. We have some good young D prospect in the piupeline,but haven't had an elite center(or forward) for 20 years.
  22. Agree,now we have to do it on the back end. The only D I want to see here for next year is P.K,Gorges, and Emelin. Possibly Weber as a #7. Gill,Campoli,Kaberle and Diaz out.
  23. Way,way too much money for a goalie. And until he can steal a playoff series or two,there is no reason to give him such a long contract. He's good,not great.He's an RFA so he's not going anywhwere. I'd give him around $5m for 2-3 yrs. Another cap strangling contract is the last thing this team needs.
  24. I still think the Halak trade was awful,considering that the Caps got two 1st rders for Varlamov,and Halak was and is much better. Not impressed with Eller,4 goal game or not.A guy I think could bring something decent back in a trde package.
  25. I think Gill can get you a 2nd or 3rd,based on his playoff performances the last couple years. Big no to Penner,as we have Bourque and AK,two decent size guys with very questionable work ethic
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