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  1. I've never had a problem with the leafs as I've never considered them a rival.Just irrelevant to be honest.I guess you have to be from Canada to think that.
  2. I wouldn't wan that contract for even a pick.10 yrs? Talk about a cap strangler
  3. Agree it would be a great idea to start moving the UFAs now. lower our position and prevent any of them from getting hurt.I still really believe that the management is thinking playoffs though
  4. Too many teams ahead of us. Too many 3 point games,as last night showed. White isn't a game changer,though a great 4th line piece moving forward,if he stays healthy,and I doubt you'll see Markov until March,if at all. We can't continue losing UFA's for nothing.We don't have anything to offer for a top 6 winger w/o it being a lateral move,unless you want to part with our 1st rder,which I don't think even PG is stupid enough to do.
  5. I'm not sure who's availabel,but i'd like to find a guy like that in the rotation and another as maybe a # 7 to play vs. the bigger/tougher teams and as an injury replacement. I didn't think Paul Mara was that bad,and was surprised he didn't get picked up.
  6. That post hits the nail right on the head.
  7. If i was an emotional person,I may have had teared up for gomez
  8. Not one player in history wouldn't shoot the puck in the EN,unless they passed to a teammate to do it. "Classy" left this organization (and most others) a looong time ago
  9. Great night. First,Gomez getting his goal.Pacs getting the hat trick,and a win.A win that didn't really hurt our draft position as all the teams around us in play got at least a point. the only negative was price not getting the SO. And once again Darche has the most t.o.i. of all the forwards,lol
  10. And here we sit in 14th in the east,after being in the ECF 2 years ago. Great progress!!
  11. What is it worth ? Some old journalist hack has a say in how to run the team. It's pathetic that any fan or hab emplyee would give a rats ass what he thinks
  12. Who clears the crease,who wins the puck battles in the corner. Who protects Price from getting run? Who prevents the Hortons and Lucics of the league from wacking at rebounds and having clean tips and tapins. That's why we lost in the playoffs last year,not bc of injuries.
  13. Not a fan of his,but i don't understand why he was sent down in the 1st place.
  14. I think Diaz is scared to get hit,playing hot potato at the approach of an oncoming forward. A player of his style was the last thing this historically soft defense needed. Kaberle is NOT better than Spacek. He was brought in to revive the PP,and at a coast of $8.5m of cap strangulation over two years.He doesn't even shoot the friggin puck ! How did that work. I don't care about his assists/gm. He's a DEFENSEMAN and is soft and awful at that aspect of it. Campoli: you got to be joking,right?Unsigned a week before the season.Another example of PG/BG AND JM thinking they were smarter than every other team. There were plenty of UFAs we could have grabbed on the cheap this summer that were needed(Vandermeer/O'Brien)Instead of those creampuffs.
  15. It's a funny,weird feeling that I've never had in my 40 year of watching them. I can't root for them to lose,but I don't want them to win and ruin their draft position or even worse,give Molson an excuse to bring back PG/BG.
  16. They may actually be having their worst season in many of our lifetimes. Pleks has had a revolving cast of wingers,many that couldn't score into an open net
  17. I couldn't agrre more, This year has been his ceiling. look at the stats,and also the eye test of his time here.I also thought he performed really well in the playoffs.And I think he's an excellent 4th liner. People really underestimate the impact of a good 4th line that can play 10 quality,energetic minutes a game.They rest the scorers,help keep the other teams goons in line(especially with all our non-fighting youth) and at the same time wear down their defense with solid hitting.It's been one of my biggest criticisms of this regime. It's a cheap,easy thing to do and PG/BG have failed at that most simple task.
  18. I liken it to a 10-20 game tryout in the NHL,so to get a look at any potential they could have.
  19. A player described by A Russian Coach as best player in the world. I couldn't have disagreed more(Lafleur,Robinson,Dryden for starters),but that doesn't matter. I admired BG the player. I can't stand BG the GM and what he did for this ONCE proud franchise. And not for just some of his transactions. He screwed Carbo,Koivu,Robinson and Lemaire for starters. And put himself and his ego in front of the team with the Price fiasco starting in 08 at that trading deadline.I also never understood why he didn't acquire any players that played like him.I don't like any of PGs moves,other than the Cole signing. And considering how bad the defense and the rest of the team is ,that was a signing for a contender. Diaz,Campoli,Kaberle? Really ?
  20. IMO he's our best two way player. he leads our centers in scoring,despite having his wingers constantly switched, including garbage players like Darche,Gomez and Blunden.He's also been our leading scorer(I believe) the last two years,and is only 3 points away this year.And is also one of the few players that play with a mean streak despite his smallish stature.
  21. I think many will be disappointed at the deadline for the opposite reasons than usual. I don't see us moving more than 1 dman,as we still have to fill a lineup. The two things that could change that is :the severity of Webers injury,and more importantly to me possibly signing our NCAA dmen. I;E: Pateryn,Bennet and/or other swe may have
  22. I for one was very pleased with the 07-08 season,and the off-season acquisitions that followed. And was pleasantly shocked and ecstatic about our ECF appearance.I thin k the last two season have been a downward spiral and not much to be pleased about. And on your flip side,I have never seen a management in any sport get defended by it's base like this one. And I am a big 3 sport fan (not NBA though).
  23. That would be a good line,but Pleks deserves better than Darche on his line.Speaking of which,why does Darche have more T:O:I than any of our wingers,especially in OT,and 2nd most behind Pleks for forwards ?
  24. It's called stealing a win,which "elite" goalies are supposed to do. You can't win with 0 goals,but you sure can win with 1.
  25. What kind of post is this? As a mod.,do you read your own? Tell me please what is there to be pleased about what PG has done here? Unless you think a 1st rd k.o followed by as missed playoff season is anything to be happy about. Sounds like the Shit disturbers are the ones defending this management. Real fans want to see this team CONTEND. The fanboys are the ones who settle for mediocrity and just like to watch Carey,Lars and P.K
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