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  1. Bourque is a 3rd liner,too inconsistent/lazy to be a 2nd liner. Gallagher? 19 yr old smurf playing vs. teens,and you have him pegged for the 2nd line?. He couldn' t score in preseason though getting alot of time vs. other teams preseason squad. I'm far from sold on him.And AK? We're stuck with him,unfortunately. This is one of the most unlikeable and worst Habs team in my lifetime
  2. That's a problem "Habs at 8th. The guy got roasted for it. Now we'd kill to be there".our goal was always to have a contender and make a cup run. It's been to "make the playoffs and anything can happen", for 10+ years. Unfortunately,with very few exception if you are not a top 3 seed,you don't win anything
  3. How are the Islanders obviously worse when they have more points than us,lol ?I'd rather have Edmontons roster and prospects than what we have. Columbus is worse.The 01 team had 70 pts in 80 games.We have 49 pts? in 53?Not much of a difference. This squad has had many gutless performances,like yesterdays. I don't remember that being the case back then,though i didn't see them enough
  4. I thought it was a terrible trade for both teams. I would think he'll be moved at the deadline.His playoff performances for us will always leave a positive impression with me,as did Halak's and even Gill's and Gorges'.
  5. It should go both ways,I fell for the baiting,but I just found the ignore button.
  6. Not complaining,I think it's a joke. We traded a 20 goal scorer for a minor league stiff. And yyou and your bunch continue to defend one of the worst managements in professional sports. And 90% of them are about this inept management that has turned this great franchise into a bottom feeder and laughingstock. Speaking of which,Jaro Halak gets his 5th shutout,is 12-1-3 in his last 16 with LESS goal support then Price.Who we traded for the proverbial bag of pucks
  7. Palushaj ? Yippee!!. Another great trade by the "brain"trust
  8. 15 goals 5 assists. 20 pts. We haven't had any "breaks" in a long time. The excuse of a loing team,not a winning one Just think of the people that spend $200-$300+ per tix,especially considering some of the stinkers they've played
  9. Bait and troll . Can't find the ignore button ? He had 19 pts going to last night. Now he's got 20. It's a blog not a courtroom. Twist the facts anyway you like them. Keep trolling and baiting. You've been exposed
  10. Boones' a hack. Pleks is our best two way player imo.Being put in a #1 ctr role that he's not quite good enough for. Having an off year like many others.Entering his prime years
  11. Spoken like a Price fan boy,not an objective fan.What have we won with Price since 05 ????? He has a below .500 record,including otl,he's 1-3 in playoff rounds and 8-15 total record. Gallagher is another smurf,playing with teenagers. He may be a keeper,or just another jr flash.We don't know. You're not getting a high lotto pick for Price alone.No way,unless Gainey takes over another team.Why can't you say he's being traded for the #1 pick,as that's the odds Columbus would have. Go with Budaj the rest of the way,and there's a good chance we get 2 of the 1st 3 picks Boston has a pretty good management.I predict Gomez is here next October,ready to atone for his bad seasons
  12. No we could get Giguere,or Berneir or trade eller back for halak,and i'm not kidding
  13. 4 yrs/$3.4m for 19 pts. Even Pouliot @ $1m and 5 yrs younger has 17 pts and plays with as much interest
  14. We did ok w/o Markov last year. We did OK in 09-10 w 45 games of Markov and 7 in playoffs. I'd argue he was our 5th best dman in those playoffs. It's much,much more than Markov,and has been heading for this train wreck for awhile. I didn't like what I saw in September,but I never thought we'd see the worse Habs team in most of our lifetime. I had us pegged for 8th-9th battle
  15. I got a great proposal. Price and Gallager for Columbus'. 1st pick. throw in Ellis or Kristo. 2 picks in the top 4. Tha'st Sam Pollock genius.
  16. That's a great post. It can be done in 2 years.With competent management. We don't need the 4-5 yr tank job of Edm.,Pitt ,Wash etc
  17. We were more injured last year and still made the playoffs comfortably. Markov was never on the team this year,Gio was having an off year,White is a 4th liner who I really like,but not a difference maker.Other injuries have just been the normal few games here and there.
  18. Our 1st is too high to trade.Maybe a couple 2nds and a future 1st. Or a pkg with Gorges? Not to dog the Cammi/Bourque trade,but 4 yrs is too long for him.
  19. Every day I open up the sports I almost pray to see that Gauthier AND Gainey are fired. Quite frankly I have lost all the good will and admiration I had for Gainey the player because of what he's done to this franchise. I have never been as disgusted and disappointed by any sports team in 40 years as I have with the 2011-2012 Canadiens. This team is built almost the exact opposite from the way he played.And with almost 40% of the cap tied up in unmovable garbage(Markov,Gomez,Gionta Kaberle),the near future is bleak. We have some nice d prospects,but they're 2 or 3 years away at best. Other than Pacs,the forwards all project to 3rd liners.
  20. Chris Stewart is supposedly on the block. Do we have what it takes to get him ? I can't make a proposal,as i don't think we have anything they'd wnt to make it worth it for both teams
  21. PK and Emelin don't deter anything. Komi was twice the deterrent they are. And Rupp,Winchester,Torres and a few other were available this summer.JM/PG wouldn't go in that direction
  22. True,but obviously we shouldn't be in that position.Kaberle ices to avoid hit.
  23. I want them to make playoffs,I want them to win cup. I have bet alot in my life,not once against Habs.BTW I haven't bet NHL in years so I haven't lost anything on them,before you think it's why I'm so down on them. It explains all the injuries
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