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  1. If its a three goal game going into the third, I'd love to see what Tokarski can do.
  2. glad we scored there but wtf is DD doing there trying to pass?
  3. I wouldent be surprised if there was no injury and they just want to give him some rest. If he did re-aggravate anything in Sochi then why was he even at practice in the first place?
  4. Hell of a tournament from Canada, well deserved GOLD.
  5. F*&k the rosters we know who is playing. GO CANADA GO!!!
  6. CAREY PRICE!! This guy is amazing! Gets the shutout in the biggest game of the tournament thus far. The team D from Canada was really sensational, and once again the score does not show how close the game was. Canada is such a great hockey nation, even when the forwards are snake bit we still find a way to win. Hopefully the dam breaks and we light the Swedes up!
  7. Even better second period from Canada. Its such a tight game, one shot or bounce and the US are right back even but one more from Canada and this one could be done. Canada so good defensively!
  8. I thought Canada was the better team through 1st period. Quick is going to be tough to beat. Id like to see Canada use the stretch pass a bit. It give them an opportunity to catch the US sleeping and even if they dont score on one it backs of the american D and makes it easier to generate speed through the neutral zone.
  9. They barely beat them on them score board but Canada dominated in both those games. I think goals might come a little easier against the US who will be sending more than one man into the Canadian zone. When Canada went up 2-1 against Latvia and Latvia started attacking to tie it up and their defence went to crap and gave up a lot of chances. That said, Canada has to make the chances count.
  10. I definitely dont thinks the Swedes will be an easy game in the final but they are missing some key pieces, Franson, H. Sedin and Zetterberg.
  11. Rematch of the Gold medal game from four years ago, winner goes on to play for gold. Sorry for the sloppiness, I just put this together last minute. Canada Chris Kunitz—Sidney Crosby—Patrice Bergeron Jamie Benn—Ryan Getzlaf—Corey Perry Patrick Marleau—Jonathan Toews—Jeff Carter Patrick Sharp—Matt Duchene—Rick Nash / Martin St. Louis Duncan Keith—Shea Weber Marc-Edouard Vlasic—Drew Doughty Jay Bouwmeester—Alex Pietrangelo Dan Hamhuis CAREY PRICE USA Dustin Brown – David Backes – Ryan Callahan Zach Parise – Ryan Kesler – Patrick Kane James van Riemsdyk – Joe Pavelski – Phil Kessel Max Pacioretty – Paul Stastny – T.J. Oshie Blake Wheeler Cam Fowler – Kevin Shattenkirk Brooks Orpik – Paul Martin Ryan Suter – Ryan McDonagh John Carlson Jonathan Quick For what its worth, I predict that the winner of this one will go on to win GOLD. GO CANADA GO!!
  12. Playing Hamhuis instead of PK really doesn't make any sense to me. IMHO Subban is even a superior shutdown defender than Hamhuis. The only plausible explanation i can think of for this choice is that for whatever reason, the management and coaching staff just have their favourites and PK is not one of them. Regardless of R vs L handers, I have not seen anything special from Vlasic, and would play PK over him any day as well.
  13. if pacioretty is hurt it will definitely hurt us but on the plus side there are 2 weeks off with the olympics and we get to see how DD fares without him.
  14. What do you think the cause of Tinordi's slow developement is? In what I ve seen of him in the NHL he has looked good for a rookie. Going on stats alone, it looks like Pateryn has progressed nicely since his AHL rookie season last year
  15. I stated in my post why we are waiting, which was that we wont be able to contend till / if Galchenyuk becomes our number 1 C. When and if that happens, say 2 years hypothetically (when he is 21) there is a good chance Markov will no longer be a #2 quality Dman on a team that is good enough to contend. We will be very lucky if he doesent decline further over the next 2 years what with the knee injuries compounding natural aging. In two years time it is not unrealistic imho that Beaulieu and possible also Tinordi have surpassed Markov in terms of value they bring to the team and can slot in as strong # 2 and #3 dmen. The way I see it is that we dont have the horses to win now and if you have to trade quality to get quality then trading our young quality for other young quality is chasing our tail. Why I suggest trading Markov is that we trade quality player now for someone who will be a quality player later while the D in our system grow into his shoes. If you dont trade markov then you re just building though the draft which is a long process and somewhat of a crapshoot. And if you dont want to trade good players you probably wont get anyone that significant in return. Do you recommend resigning markov and letting him slowly decline and retire as a hab?
  16. It really is about expectations. Us habs fans are an impatient bunch. I think after that 9-0-1 stretch expectations were unfairly raised. Almost all NHL teams go through rough patches and there are a lot of other fan bases that have expectations that are not being met, imagine being and Oiler fan?
  17. About chasing the tail, what if the goal is not necessarily to be better next year but in the long run? Would it not make sense to move Markov who at this point is only going decline for a forward who is up and coming? That way one or two of our young defencemen would then grow into being #2 and 3 quality Dmen (Beaulieu and Tinordi) replacing Markove but now we would have a good young forward hitting their peak. This is a long term plan and would almost certainly make us worse next year but better off in the long run, is that not the way to go? If you keep him he will continue to help the team but as time passes and he eventually retires then you still need to replace him and you are also left without the good young talent we could have acquired for him. in 5 years... Markov 40 Subban 29 Patches 30 Plek 36 Price 31 Gallagher 26 Galchenyuk 24 Eller 29 Georges 34 Emelin 32 Beaulieu 26 Tinordi 26 I think the core of this team that will be here for our cup window is Price , Subban, Galchanyuk, Gallagher, Beaulieu, Tinordi, Eller, Emelin On the fringe; Georges, Plek I dont believe we can truly contend until Galchenyuk developes into the player we hope he will. He is only 19 and doing really well so far but what not going to have properly accurate picture of his future for another 3 years. In three years time I dont think Markov will be a #2 or #3 quality Dman so although trading him would leave with a big hole on D and we we still need to replace him I think it helps the team more in the long run (assuming the young player we receive in return pans out).
  18. I think Buff is overrated. personally I want no part of him on our team. As for trading Markov, it really depend what the return is (obviously). For a while we wouldent have a true number 2 D. The way I see it is if Markov is traded you have: Georges PK Beaulieu Emelin Tinordi Murray This would mean that our defence is probably a little worse next year, even though Markov can be a liability with poor foot speed and bad pinches, he is still better than Tinordi atm although they obviously play different games. This all said, even if next years defence is inferior to this years it could potentially result in a better overall team if we get a valuable forward in return. The trade would also make room for Tinordi, who if it all goes to plan will be better than Markov in 2 years time as he gets better and Markov continues to decline and hopefuly the trade has netted us a good young forward who is still going strong. It is also possible that MB signs a UFA to bolster the backend and replace Murray, possibly Andrew McDonald. It also is hugely impacted by the contract Markov is looking for, is there any chance he would sign for something like 10 Mil over the next two years, key part being no more that 2 years?
  19. what was that last rush and drop pass by eller
  20. from the looks of it the though rarely even crosses his mind
  21. This is a game game we should win, playing at home, in need of a win and on paper a better team. Montreal Calgary g/g 2.39 (24th) 2.33 (27th) ga/g 2.43 (8th) 3.09 (28th) pp 18.3% (16th) 14.3% (27th) pk 86.4% (3rd) 80.4% (21st) 5-5f/a 0.84 (26th) 0.73 (28th) Im excited to see Weise play. Also Its about time we get something from Eller even if he is playing with Bourque and Prust. sounds promising!
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