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  1. Colin Wilson for a 2019 4th rounder could have worked. Short term bonino type player.
  2. I guess going somewhere that has a good chance to win was important to him. I hope MTL could use this to their advantage more.
  3. The Kulikov and Bonino contracts look so reasonable. I guess they were not interested in MTL?
  4. What could Beaulieu be worth? To me it's been looking like he has slowly been improving and will likely grow into a top 4.
  5. The GM's in the NHL have plan with the long term in mind. It was really close and didn't go our way. The decision to either keep or fire MB has to be based on much more than the result of one series. Would you want him fired regardless of the result against the Rangers? Should Chicago fire Bowman and Quinnville?
  6. No goal from patch and Chuck is the big story. Chucky could not win any battles, he looked scared out there. That said I still think this is the best Hab team we've had in 25 years. It's too bad it coulden't come together. A bounce here or there and it could have been different. The Canadiens looked SO good at time in this series but game 3 was the only one where they played a complete 60. Not enough desperation.
  7. My thoughts exactly! Galchenyuk looks like a child playing a man's game.
  8. Galchenyuck refuses to battle for pucks!
  9. I'd prefer Davidson to Emelin out there.
  10. Agreed! I doubt this game finishes 2-1.
  11. I'm hoping that Galchenyuk stand out in a positive way tonight. He needs to win his 1v1 battles.
  12. It better just be jitters. I think the winner tonight will probably win the series.
  13. One reason that patch may draw ire from some fans is that he doesn't play a very robust game for someone his size. That said I am okay with whatever short comings he may have and I would still take him on my team.
  14. Third pairing was terrible in games 1 and 2 but I think that was mostly on Nesterov. I am liking Beaulieu better than Davidson and I think the coaches see him that way as well which is why they are giving him the tougher assignment of playing on his off side.
  15. Why? IMHO Beaulieu has been playing some strong and steady hockey in the playoffs so far.
  16. Beaulieu was fine last night, Nesterov was by far the worst Hab which did not help him IMHO.
  17. I believe that Nate will become a solid top 4 with offensive upside in the NHL. I just hope the Habs are patient enough and provide him enough opportunity. Defense is much more easily learned than offence.
  18. I know you need to get results but the habs looked really good in the second period and were a little unlucky at the end when the backhand was deflected.
  19. Alexie Emelin would easily go unclaimed on waivers.
  20. Im not an expert on Hudon or any propects really, but I do know there are a lot of guys that light it up in the AHL but are not point producers at the NHL level.
  21. Edmonton has a third line of Mtl castoffs.
  22. I think the Habs are finding their Grove under Julien and are going to get the win tonight!
  23. The Sabers have some good pieces to build with.
  24. 4 of 5 goals scored by hab draft picks
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