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  1. Third TB goal all the Habs were playing on their heels, super passive.
  2. Just got home from work and was shocked to see that the Habs had a lead.
  3. Not sure why everyone seems so willing to deal Beaulieu. Markov does not have many years left and Beaulieu will essentially be his replacement. He just turned 23 and has already eclipsed last years point total in half as many games.In the not to distant future I see him slotting in as our number 2 d-man for the next decade.
  4. Enough is enough! The odds have to even out. After loosing a bunch of games where they carried the play they are due for a win.
  5. Wow, that was almost the game right there.
  6. This game is a good example of that. Small sample size but the teams last 3 goals over the last 2 games are Carr, Andrighetto and Byron. The depth guys are contributing but we need more from the better players up front. Sure missing Gallagher right now.
  7. Happy Tinner is playing some games in the AHL. Price or not, this team will be just fine. I happy there is plenty of time for everyone to come back strong. It would be much worse if the injury bug hit in March.
  8. Beaulieu will be just 23 in a few weeks. With what I have seen of him thus far and the slower development curve with D-men I am very confident that he will become a strong #2-3 D. I like his game, he can do a bit of everything.
  9. Is it just me or did Semin not look overly motivated tonight? There was one time when I noticed him back check hard but at the same time it was one of those situations that if he didn't it would have been a 2 on 1 and he would have immediately been benched for another ten games. I know its not his style to play with desperation but you would think after all those scratches he would have been out to prove something.
  10. If that is the case then I would guess Byron would sit as DSP has looked good to me. Unless Weiss maybe wasn't quite right the next day.
  11. Gilbert and Emelin were both terrible tonight! Both worse than Semin was at any point this season. Imagine how bad Emelin would look if he wasn't paired with Petry. Subban had a beast of game. Markov, Gallagher and Mitchel were good too.
  12. Pitt with only one shot on goal in the 2nd period, although that post at the end did scare me. Weiss didn't look full strength to me on the one shift after he came back.
  13. That first period was fun hockey to watch. I didn't like what I saw from emelin in that period. Chucky was looking good though, certainly came to play tonight,
  14. Probably not but at lest he is tied for the team lead in blocked shots
  15. I am not a fan of scratching Semin. Sure he has been sub par on the defensive side but that was to be expected. He hasn't produced much either but I've seen good things in the offensive zone from him, the results just haven't been there yet. With a player like that I think they have to keep playing. Sitting him out a game won't likely help him offensively and at this point in his time line I doubt he is going to change and become much better defensively. From what I've see from Semin this season is that the has shown the ability to hold on to and control the puck for extended periods in the offensive zone, a skill that few players on this team are capable of. Even if he's does have some bad turnovers he can still do things that most players can not.
  16. And a questionable back end now has one less answer.
  17. They look decent up front, I'm not sure about the back end though. Should be a really good game tonight with both teams having a lot to play for. Van City has yet to win on home ice and would love to be the team to end this streak for the Habs. Even though they are saying they don't care, who in that locker room wouldn't want to make a little history? Plus, there is going to be some extra motivation for and from Price, Gallagher and Weiss. Not to mention bouncing back from that ugly game Saturday night.
  18. Mitchell is a BEAST. Defense, physicality and some offence.
  19. Just saw the last 4 minutes of the period but saw that Blues out shot habs 17-10. are those numbers representative of play controlled in the period?
  20. Based on this, I don't like the Blues chances. Lots of key players injured for St.Louis too. I guess it's just the schedule, but one thing I noticed is that all 5 Blues wins have come against the western Canadian teams, two of which were against Edmonton.
  21. One of the most underrated players in the league. Great term on the deal. We would not be that same team without him.
  22. I feel like the 6.85 is a bit of a discount to stay with a winning team, yet the 8 years is possibly more than he would have gotten on the open market.
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