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  1. haha, yea marking their territory, pretty good... lol :D

    Wow, yea, I remember they tried this a couple years back, getting a bunch of big names like Tony Amonte and such, but it kinda backfired on them, (too bad to, i really wanted them to go far that year).... lets hope they can do it right this time :D.

  2. I agree with you all fully, mostly because I don't think i made myself clear on what i thought :P. It's not really the players fault, but those writing their checks. It will always be too much money given out, and, it is the ones in charge who make the decision to give them all that money.

    Most of the players play the game of hockey because they love it... well i'd like to believe that anyhow :P... but some are there for the money, and, after they get the money, they just don't perform as expected.

  3. Very true points. I just find that the amount of money these guyz get is ridiculous. In my mind, ppl such as doctors, who save lives, should be getting the money. lol.

    I kinda like whats happening now, with all the big money players, sitting around, without a contract. It's quite a reverse to tradition, where, it was more like an auction, and, the highest bidder got the player. (takin into consideration tho, that the player actually has a say in who gets him :P )

    Entertainment, lol, great business to get into if you can :D

  4. I read the article on TSN.ca about a survey on 928 Canadians, about the situation of the CBA, and potential Lock out.

    In a poll conducted by Decima Research Inc. last month, 83 percent of those surveyed said they would stand by the NHL even if a lockout wiped out more than half a season as long as it results in a reduction of player salaries and a better deal for smaller clubs.

    As well, 56 percent of fans believe the players association needs to be the one to compromise when it comes to a new deal while only 14 percent believe both sides need to compromise in the dispute.

    The survey of 928 Canadians also found that most fans believe most NHL teams are in financial trouble.  

    I want to know, what are your thoughts on this? Considering that I doubt most of you were included in this poll.

    In my mind, Players are getting paid extremely too much money. Especially considering that the NHL, compared to other major sports, are rather minimal in their revenues.

    (Apparently Chris Pronger is making somewhere around $10 million now... considering he hasn't wont at least consecutive Norris Trophies, this is a bit insane... (He has only won the trophy once.... in 2000))

    I mean if a player is making 10$ million, I would expect them to be the best, every year. I believe Alexei Yashin is another one who is making close to this amount.

    I know that the best players in the NHL should be able to make more money than the others (obviously)... but... anything more than $5 million is a bit eccentric.

    Being a HUGE NHL and Habs fan, a lockout is really the last thing I want to see, because I love my hockey. But on the other side, I realize things cannot continue to go on like this, players will just continue to want more and more money, eventually leaving certain Franchises unable to compete at the same level, sinking them for good.

    Anywayz, I'm going to perform a spell check now, so that I make some sense... lol, for now, that's all I have to say. (It is all my Opinion, and no one has to agree with it :D) :king:

  5. Even thought it would be nyce to have both Kovy and Murray on the team, i think we will... sadly... only get one of them... lol,

    I am a big fan of Dowd, mostly for his upbeat personality.... I think just about everyone remembers what he said when he came to Montreal. That's the kinda player you want around. He played fantastic, and elevated his game in the playoffs.

    I think at the right price, he would be a perfect fit for the 4th line, or even an extra to have around the team incase the injury plagued Begin goes down again.

  6. I'm Currently listening to Metallica - Enter Sandman...

    Im hyped that they are coming to Montreal October 4th... and for all those who didn't know yet, tickets go on sale this saturday at noon.... im contemplating going friday night and lineing up... just because im that krazy of a fan muahaha...

    anyone care to join me? :wink:

  7. Zednik for 3 years... WOO HOO... lol, yea, well, that's if we don't trade him for some KRAZY reason.

    Anywayz, I'm Hoping that Kostitsyn will be able to make the team, he could potentially play with ribs and ryder... i Think that would be a powerful line.

    as far as the 4th line goes, I think someone will surprise us in training camp, and, take the spot. Either that, or BG will pick up another free agent.... only time can tell.

  8. What I meant by him getting his stuff together, is to be what he can be, one of the top 5 goaltenders in the league... alwayz, whihc, it seems like he is capable of doing, even with family problems in the back of his mind.

    It is no doubt in my mind, that if we win a cup, it is going to be with theodore in nets, but, he has to be that goalie we've seen him be, only consistantly.....

    I think he can do it... :D... and I hope Garon gets a chance to do the same thing one day. Sooner than later probably.

  9. Garon was my favorite goalie.... even over theodore, but, i knew there was no chance that the team was going to let him take over... unless something really weird happened and they decided to trade theodore... but that would b boneheaded, cuz sumwhere inside, i believe theodore will get his erm... stuff together, and be the goalie he can be... (lets hope)

    I do believe Garon has the potential to become a big star #1 starter in this league... and, all he really needs is sum bad performing from Cechmanek... or for him to go down with an injury, and he will get his chance.

    Anywayz, ill continue to follow Garon wherever it is he is in the futur, good luck to him.

    [Edited on 2/8/04 by Macaskill]

  10. He didn't really kick his ass, but, From what i've seen, Tie Domi rarely has such a hard time. It was just a good match up in all, no one went down, Domi was a little weary, but, it was a great dance.

    Wow, i just watched the movie again... it brings back memories of that game... ahhhhhh there better be a season this year. ahhh, why did we have to lose langdon... lol... oh well... everything happens for a reason i suppose.

  11. Perrault was good for us, but, we have players who are ready to fill his role... as in Mike Rebiero, taking his 2nd line Center position.... Perrault was never meant to play 3rd checking line center, which is why we picked up Bonk, who can play the role.

    Management has obviously opted to let Perrault go, and give some youngsters a chance on the 4th line... for much less money. That is why they could pay Bonk a bit extra.

  12. Turning my back on former habs?... half my favorite players are ex habs players.

    But you would be willing to turn your back on a Current habs?... on Koivu?... in taking away is C to give it to something of the past?...

    I could understand if it was more like the Tampa Bay situation, where they took it from the still immature Lecavalier, to give it to Andreychuk. Lecavalier wasn't a good captain... but, I believe he will get the C once Andreychuk retires, because Lecavalier has has learned quite a lot, and has a SC under his belt now. This is a situation where taking the C away was well done.

    But with the Canadiens, Koivu is not going to have his C taken away to be given to anyone. Sure I like Damphousse as a player, and I would like to have him back, but, I very much doubt that will ever happen, as someone mentioned, he would not fit into the current line up.

    Can we just end this now... its getting ridiculous, lol. What was this topic about again?

    Anyone remember Andy Moog?... lol, upsetting pittsburgh, then going down to NJ... ouch.

  13. lol, we should start a discussion now on which rules are better... NFL 4 downs... or CFL 3 downs......... then we all realize that this topic is about baseball... lol...

    there you have it... lol

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