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  1. Just reading the TSN comments after the Habs-Leafs game is hilarious. Sounds like everyone in Leafs land hates Berg and Belak and wants them dead.
  2. I thought Phil Kessel was the next projected player to be picked first overal in the next draft.
  3. Angelo Esposito is his name. http://www.lhjmq.qc.ca/lang_fr/index.php?p...d_register=2725
  4. I am for retiring numbers. Wouldn't be the same if someone in the Habs or wherever aside from Gretzky wore #99 on the back of their shirt.
  5. Wow, I had no clue about this. Pretty crazy.
  6. It's not the new high scoring NHL, you seem to forget that Washington sucks
  7. Don Wadell should have just offered him the big bucks a while back. He knew this was going to happen.
  8. It's all about speed man. That's the only way the Habs can come on top every night.
  9. Do you think Yann will challenge Theo and Price one day for the starting goalie job?
  10. I'm sure no one expected Sundin to go down. Lindros and Allison are obvious targets but Sundin's injury came out of no where. I BET HE DIDN'T SEE IT COMING (just kidding, wish you a speedy recovering Mats )
  11. At least someone from TSN believes in the Habs
  12. just won't be able to hitchhike to the game We need you this year, Go Souray!!! He'll use his other thumb
  13. Go Habs Go! Just seven more months until the playoffs
  14. Sore thumb. That's all folks. Should be back for season opener.
  15. That doesn't make any sense You must mean Streit is the seventh d-man.
  16. Holy crap Shortcart is on fire
  17. Looks like Theo robbed Schaeffer. 14-5 in shots for Sens :|
  18. PP Habs, they better no mess this one up. *cough*Markov*cough*
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