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  1. The Bulldogs' website is also reporting this now.
  2. TSN is also reporting this, oddly enough RDS isn't.
  3. Nice. They only showed one quick replay of this hit on RDS last night and I missed it Good thing you posted this Hannes
  4. Well I'm pretty sure it's related to Theodore donating money to kids. He made some sort of deal with a bunch of other companies that whenever the Habs won a game, they would all have to donate 100$ to this place and a 1000$ whenever Theodore got a shoutout. I don't know the name of the organization obviously but I know it's related to ill kids.
  5. That sucks, I really wanted to see a Miller vs. Danis match up.
  6. That's dumb, Ovechkin should have gotten it. The Caps do have more wins than the Pens and we can easily say Ovechkin was responsible for that.
  7. Holy crap I did not see that coming.
  8. Holy crap! Nice to see the league is doing good in attendance. I wonder if we will see expansion teams if attendance keeps going up and doing well.
  9. I barely watched CBC when they broadcasted Habs games (remember those days?). I might watch other second part of the doubleheader occasionally but that's if I have nothing to do.
  10. He most likely won't leave Montreal and if he goes, expect "future considerations" or late round draft pick in exchange.
  11. Just like Maca, don't know how but it just happened.
  12. They're better off with Michael Burnett (sp?) if you ask me. He might be their 3rd string goalie but I'd rather see the young guy get some NHL experience then let Steve Shields in nets.
  13. Not really, Hasek was in nets when they lost against the Canes. Might be that.
  14. I read in the paper today that Price was in the line up for the WHL.
  15. Hope he recovers fast, the Devils are in a bigger hole without him.
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