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  1. Well both streaks ended last night, we had more opportunities than our opponent while getting four chances! Hopefully this thread provided a reffing jinx that will see us climb the PPO rankings.
  2. Quebecois


    We are talking about Tigers house...I doubt she had to look very long to find a golf club.
  3. This is about as good as we could have hoped for. If we can hang around .500 for the next month or so we'll be just fine with Markov back in the lineup.
  4. Lack of speed? Which team are we talking about here... That's one of the puzzling things about this for me, we have tons of team speed, at least up front.
  5. The numbers seem to back it up (of course there are other factors.) In 2007-2008 we were 5th in PPO. In 2008-2009 we were 1st. I haven't noticed a TON of missed calls, but there have been some, and there have been plenty of occasions where something COULD be called but wasn't. The idea of a lack of skill meaning a lack of PPO is an interesting one. Just glancing at the teams who lead the NHL in PPOs, there seems to be little or no correlation between good teams and drawing penalties.
  6. If it feels like we never get a chance to go on the PP, it's because we don't. We haven't had more than 3 opportunities since Halloween when we had 4. We also haven't had more PP opportunities than the opponent since October 24th against the Rangers (Cammalleri's hattrick game!). Heading into tonight's action we ranked 29th in the league with just 75 opportunities. Only ahead of the Sens who have played 3 less games. What is the problem here? Are the refs screwing us? Is it simply a fluke that will balance out? Are we lacking puck control and therefore lacking in opportunities to draw penalties? Discuss.
  7. I can't see that being the case. Akost played a shift or two after the slash and took at least one shot that I can recall. Reports are he got hit by a shot from Tyutin in the final minutes.
  8. Great game from MAB and Lapierre! Especially nice to see Laps have a high energy game after struggling and having his buddy shipped out of town.
  9. Even in the 07-08 season, I don't remember Andrei playing as well as he has the past two games. That lucky goal against Carolina seems to have ignited him. Let's hope it continues.
  10. hmmm well in my defense it was 9 in the morning
  11. The Skins have one of the largest and most dedicated fanbases in the league...
  12. Anyone still think that going with Jackson or Rosenfels was the best option for the Vikings?
  13. I'm rapidly cooling on Flash Forward. I'll give it a few more shows but it has been very slow the last few weeks.
  14. Wow what a game from Cammalleri, unbelievable! I was having a tough time getting excited with the new team, but that completely changed tonight, what a great game!
  15. Yeah the Jets have officially dropped out of my top tier of teams. As have the Eagles, there is no excuse for losing to the Raiders. Vikes were certainly lucky to win on Sunday and could be 4-2 at this point, but ill take it. Last time we were 6-0 we missed the playoffs after one of the darkest moments of my life (McCown to Poole for anyone who forgets). I pray this year doesn't end in similar fashion...
  16. I would pay good money to see the Raiders face the Als right now. I seriously think the Als would have a chance. Russell is just that terrible.
  17. Anyone else feel like there are three different leagues playing this year? NFL1 and NFL2. Several teams are practically a disgrace to the sport and would have a tough time in the CFL. A few teams fall in the middle and have shown flashes but are too inconsistent to be a contender and then you have the upper-echelon of teams that seem fairly even, and dominate everyone below them. I will try and rank them in tiers. NFL1 Giants, Eagles, Vikings, Saints, Falcons, Patriots, Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Colts, Broncos NFL2 Cowboys, Packers, Bears, Panthers, 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks, Dolphins, Jaguars, Titans, Texans, Chargers NFL3 Redskins, Lions, Bucs, Rams, Bills, Browns, Raiders, Chiefs Funny thing is I have 12 teams in the NFL1 division, but not all of those teams can make it as someone from the NFC West will need a playoff spot.
  18. :clap: Modern Family continues to be my favourite new show. I suggest you guys give it a try. Haven't seen the latest episode of FlashForward but I'm enjoying that as well.
  19. Ughhh. I think we are much better equipped to deal with this injury this season but man, 4 months would take us up to February. Not sure if we can stay afloat for that long to be honest.
  20. Ah I believe Lost is the most recorded television show on Tivo/PVRs so I'm not so sure it's popularity has waned all THAT much since the first season. It still ranked in at #28 last year so its not like ABC is playing out the string with it because of a contractual agreement or anything. I thought I read somewhere that the writers for FF had a 5 season series in mind but I'm not positive. Either way I think it can work, but it won't be easy. If it is to stick around I am curious as to when April 28th (or whatever the date was in the premiere) happens. Will it happen next year on the real April 28th or will it be like Lost in that the time in the show moves much slower than time in real life.
  21. Many people thought the same thing about Lost though. How can you have a whole series about a bunch of survivors on an island? I'm hopeful it will work out in similar fashion for Flash Forward.
  22. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why you replace Safe Rosenfels/Tavaris Jackson with Brett Favre.
  23. Flash Forward won its time slot so hopefully the success continues. I'm always cautious of getting attached to shows that might be on the road to cancellation. I watched Cougar Town too, mostly for Courtney Cox...that aspect didn't disappoint but I didn't find the show to be particularly funny to be honest. I'll probably give it another chance next week though.
  24. I didn't realize it at the time he was drafted, but man for a small guy he can really power his way through tackles. This is his biggest asset for our offense, as Brett Favre and Brad Childress play the "dink and dunk" game.
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