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  1. 1 minute ago, Neech said:

    When Gally, Tatar and Drouin come back, who sits?  Frolik obviously, but I say Staal and keep Drouin out as well.  Unfortunately, it'll probably be some of the kids taking a seat instead.  I wonder if KK is a winger from here on out.

    In the regular season it's Frolik, Evans, and Caufield (because they are the emergency recalls.)


    In the playoffs... Lehkonen?


  2. Bricka1.png


    "Welcome to the big show! Now... it's gonna take a lot of work. It's gonna take a lot of sweat. But eventually I am gonna mold you into one of the greatest 12 year olds to ever play this game! Now... ack... ack... kyeh... kyeh.. aeeeeh.... suit up... I'll see you out there..."


    So how about that Cole Caufield goal, huh? Yes please, and may I have another?


    Looks like the same lines as last game but with Allen getting the start.

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  3. 2 hours ago, tomh009 said:

    Seattle gets a 48h UFA negotiation window before the expansion draft, so they can confirm that they can agree to terms before picking a UFA.

    Which is why there is some risk to leaving great UFAs exposed in the expansion draft.


    "Hey Dougie, we're interested in signing you."

    "No thanks guys, I plan to re-up in Carolina."

    "We'll pay you $10 million per year for 8 years, and you get a private tour of every museum in Seattle."

    "...Carolina who? Lol."

  4. 19 minutes ago, Sir_Boagalott said:


    Are you sure its only 6?  I thought Toffoli and Anderson had 1 too? 


    Its also about contracts for more $ than they're worth and for a lot of years and how it took several years to bite Van.

    Toffoli has nothing, but you are correct that Anderson gets a modified NTC starting next season (I only looked at this season's NTCs.)


    Habs have 7 contracts with trade protection next year: Price, Gallagher, Petry, Drouin, Anderson, Edmundson, Chiarot.

  5. 20 minutes ago, Sir_Boagalott said:

    MB seems to give out NTC like they're candy. 

    Just further to this because I decided to deep-dive Capfriendly...


    Number of NTC/NMCs on each team:

    Anaheim - 8 

    Arizona - 5

    Boston - 5

    Buffalo - 2

    Calgary - 6

    Carolina - 2

    Chicago - 5

    Colorado - 6

    Columbus - 3

    Dallas - 7

    Detroit - 4

    Oilers - 3

    Panthers - 8

    Kings - 3

    Wild - 6

    Canadiens - 6

    Predators - 2

    Devils - 0

    Islanders - 12

    Rangers - 5

    Senators - 1

    Flyers - 3

    Penguins - 6 

    Sharks - 7

    Blues - 10

    Lightning - 9

    Leafs - 11

    Canucks - 10

    Knights - 8

    Capitals - 8

    Jets - 7


    And please keep in mind that some of these NTC/NMCs were not necessarily handed out by the GM of these teams, as some would have been traded for or inherited from their predecessor. And also not all NTC/NMCs are equal, as no one here would argue against giving Vladimir Tarasenko a NMC, but pretty much everyone would ask, "Carl Gunnarsson gets a modified NTC, really?"

  6. 2 minutes ago, Sir_Boagalott said:


    The funny thing is the mistake the Nucks GM made that led to the Habs signing Toffoli is the same mistake MB made.  However, MB didnt do it as big.  i.e. both GMs had a lot of cap space in years where there wasn't a lot of UFAs to sign so they signed numerous of their guys to bigger and longer contracts then they really deserved.  The Nucks lost Toffoli because they couldnt afford him due to the over spending finally catching up to them several years into it.  The Habs are tight against the cap now due to Byron, Lehks, Drouin.  MB seems to give out NTC like they're candy. 

    Only 6 players on the team with NMC/NTC that Bergevin handed out: Price, Petry, Chiarot, Edmundson, Gallagher and... Alzner. 1 miss, who was bought out. None of the remaining players really hurt his ability to deal because none of them were going to be dealt.


    Comparatively Benning gave out 9 to Eriksson, Beagle, Ferland, Holtby, Hamonic, Myers, Edler, Roussel, and Sutter. 6 misses, and I'm being generous because a case could be made that all of them hurt Benning's ability to trade them. 

  7. 1 minute ago, TurdBurglar said:

    I turned off the game at 2-0 Ottawa.  Just check the score and now I need to go watch the end, wanna see Caufield’s first.

    We've all had these moments of weakness and we understand and sympathize, but before you watch the rest off the game we require three Hail Beliveau's as penance. 

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