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  1. His cap hit is 2M...not sure what it is prorated from that. He is not producing in Pittsburgh becasue he has been playing on the 4th line all season. I would take the gamble but if possible, wait until he goes on re-entry waivers.
  2. Phoenix waived two players today (Bell and Gratton) so I wouldn't be shocked if they are adding a player or two via trade. Something to keep an eye on.
  3. http://www.ifilm.com/video/2783184 To get you into the holiday spirit.
  4. Love it! http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/R...eafs-habs-gm-09
  5. If he is a new father...then that explains it. We miss you Colin!
  6. anybody having problem with the crowd noise on CBC? I can barely hear the commentary...which isn't a terrible thing.
  7. They don't lose him and his rights can still be traded. Wait for the right deal...no sense in trading him for a pick cause all you do is help another team (and allow other players to try to take advantage of similar situations on the team) . Teach the kid a lesson. Perezhogin made the same mstake and he would probably be playing with Kovalev since nobody else can play on the 2nd line.
  8. In that "case". I wish the Habs would bring Bob Beers out of retirement.
  9. As per Ek, Gainey is at the Rangers/Pens game which is a bit odd. He and Sather are friends and have traded a few times before...maybe a deal is to be made tonight? The Rangers are desperate for wingers and d-men.
  10. Dandenault Benched, injured, or traded. I don't think he played at all in the 3rd period and I didn't see him on the bench.
  11. Souray is out indefinitly with a shoulder injury. His -3 rating and 2 pts in 6 games will be sorely missed. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=220828&hubname=nhl
  12. While I am a bit surprised that Smolinski is on the second line...I am not upset to see Kostitsyn on the 3rd. I have not witnessed any amazing talent from this guy yet. Maybe this will wake him up.
  13. Those first too masks look like they should be worn by mexican wrestlers. While I agree that some masks are a bit overboard, I like Price's.
  14. There is talk the Bulldogs will sign Joel Bouchard to replace Jamie Rivers..who still hasn't reported to the Dogs.
  15. I avoided him like the plague and I am glad I did. When healthy he is one of the craftiest forwards in the world. It doesn't seem to take much for him to get injured. Any bets on Peca too?
  16. Plelanec IMO looked invisible last night. I actually like Grabovsky more than him. Kostitsyn was also more invisible than Grabs. It's just one game, pretty early to make judgements on that.
  17. More on Hossa, He is likely starting the season on the bench. Don't see how he will be a 30 goal scorer when he can't make the lineup. he had a terrible camp. Straka is on the top line. http://www.nypost.com/seven/10012007/sport..._keep_hossa.htm
  18. As much as we can groan about Eklund...we all (well most people) continue to visit his site. Regardless of whether you like Ek or not...his site is one the best ones for unique NHL information on the internet. His main bloggers (not the crappy fan bloggers listed on the left of his site) are a good source of information. This week he added Darren Pang and Bill Clement, 2 very well respected hockey guys. If you can't stand Ek, then don't read the rumour part of the site. The rest of the site is well worth reading IMO.
  19. Yeah, I read that too a couple weeks ago but a lot has changed since then. That statement was made on September 18. The start of preseason is a pretty bold time to make predictions. The Rangers spent a lot of money on Centres and little on left wingers. Today from Spectors: New York Rangers: will likely retain veteran forward Marcel Hossa despite the fact Nigel Dawes out-performed him in training camp. Demoting Hossa would mean placing him on waivers which he's unlikely to clear.
  20. Letang was cut from the Penquins. A lot of people had high hopes for him this year. Other notables. Downey signed by Detroit Johnson likely to stay with the Blues Salmaleinen cut and on waivers Cullimore not offered contract Grigorenko demoted Denis Gauthier on waivers Anson Carter not offered contract Marcel Hossa on thin ice...may not make cut Tanabe not offered contract Bourdon demoted McGillis not offered contract
  21. It would be a pretty amazing accomplishment if Hossa were to suddenly become a 30 goal score. His career best is 10. How long is a team suppose to wait?
  22. I don't think that roster is set in stone. Lapresse is reporting that Dandenault is playing forward. I assume Gorges is playing then.
  23. It is believed that Carbonneau wants to play his starting team for the final 2 preseason games. With the exception of Brisebois and Hamrlik who are missing the game from injuries...could this be the Habs starting line-up next wednesday? I like having 3 lines capable of scoring.
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