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  1. It doesn't seem to load and in the end, I get a browser error and everything collapses... I had the same problem with Firefox. Try IE. I can only get TSN broadband to work about 30% of the time. I don't know if their server limits the amount of downloads or if it just a glitch...but it is very frustrating.
  2. Don't look now...but Ribeiro is gonna be paid 2.8M in Dallas.
  3. Ok, am I only one who doesn't think the Habs should go with all youth? The Habs only have 10 forwards (including the unsigned Ryder) that have played at least 1 entire season in the NHL. Add Lappiere and Kostitsyn and that gives you 12 "healthy" roster players that at least have NHL experience. That still leaves 2 more NHL roster players for even more youth. (Chipchura, Grabovski etc.) In fact only 4 forwards on the Habs (Koivu, Kovalev, Smolinski and Begin have more than 3-4 season of NHL experience. On defense they are a bit better off with regards to experience but there is still a roster spot open for a rookie. I am all for going with youth but it has it's limitations. You can't put all your hope in the rookies expecting them to fill in for top line talent when injuries occur. I see Lapierre and Kostitsyn making the team right out of camp this year (Kostitsyn has too) but that doesn't mean they should be playing 82 games. Teams have injuries and you need to depth to deal with them. The Habs could lose Koivu and Kovalev with injuries and then the veteran leadership and experience will be seriously tested. I also think the Habs still need a better fighter than Kostopoulous. I am not sure if Boultion is the answer but they need to add somebody. Souray was the only guy on the team that could actually win fights. It elevates the team and makes small players play bigger knowing that someone has their back.
  4. heheh, that would be something. we get rid of Sammy and bring back Ribs :wacko: Morrow is married to Carbo's daughter...that would be nice!. More likely its Stefan and or Boucher, but after that they have nothing. Either way what are we trading to Dallas for players we don't really have pressing needs for? Stefan is a UFA. If it isn't one of the big 3 up front. Morrow, Lehtinen or Modano...I am not interested. If anything the most likely trying to unload someone like Dandenault or Murray.
  5. Vishnevski to New Jersey. Souray is running out of places....
  6. Anyone got info on Marvin Degon? Sportsnet says he also signed with the Habs today along with Rivers, Beauregard etc http://www4.sportsnet.ca/nhl_signings_2007/
  7. That sounds more like it That keeps him slightly below Higgins and Komisarek both years. I am also glad all these guys signed 2 year contracts. Not like Ryder who like to play tough in negotiations.
  8. That depends on the return. Trading Higgins and Komisarek would be idiotic. I would gladly package Ryder and Plex for a top line player.
  9. Guerin to Islanders :glare: http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=212856&hubname=
  10. Habs also sign Thomas Beauregard to AHL contract http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/232280.html
  11. Do we actually have a source for the salary? No way should Plex earn more than Higgins and Komi. You have to have more than 1 year of experience to get over 2 million. 1.3 is what I would pay the guy. Only way Gainey would pay that much to Plex is if he has a deal to trade him.
  12. Just a side note. +/- is a very sketchy value of talent...not disagreeing with you but want to make a point. Below are Stuarts stats last season with 2 different clubs: Horrible +/- with Boston, great with Calgary...so which is it? Is Stuart good defensively or not. +/- is a shady stat as it doesn't show how valuable a player is on the powerplay ot killing penalties. 2006-2007 Bruins 48 7 10 17 -22 2006-2007 Flames 27 0 5 5 12 18
  13. Inside source... Habs have signed Jamie Rivers. Likely as an AHL d-man. we will see how good this source is.
  14. 3.5M Poor Souray...all his teams have given up on him. He may regret not signing for 5.5 with Montreal
  15. Garon heads to Edmonton. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=8444 Belanger to Minnesota via RDS
  16. According to TFP and the Devils site. Zubrus signed a 6 year deal with them.
  17. Yashin and Zubrus didn't sign. They were false rumours...at least for now.
  18. That is about what I was just figuring out too. They have 38M committed not including the Salmaleinen and Cullimore buy-outs. I forget what they totalled. Assuming Gorges gets 500K, Ryder gets 3.2M and Plekanec gets 1.3M (all guesses) then they would be at roughly 43M (add another mill for the buyouts and I say they have 6M of spending money). edit: How much did Lahti sign for?...add that to the total.
  19. Good. I am still holding out hope for either one. Would prefer Guerin though
  20. I leave for half an hour (the wife wanted some...30 mins isn't bad) and a crap load of signings happen. Zubrus, Bertuzzi, Nolan, Smolinski, Yashin, Calder....cripes.
  21. Bonk and Devries to Nashville http://predators.nhl.com/ Klee to Atlanta
  22. Dreger reporting Handzus and Nagy have signed with LA
  23. Dreger of TSN is reporting the Habs are after Yashin. As are several other teams. Also said Souray and Stuart both want to go to California.
  24. So far Hamrlik has taken the biggest pay cut of all signed UFA's. He made 3.5M last year. Only a few others have taken decreases in salary. Among those, Recchi and Zednik.
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