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  1. So stuff on the Xbox 720 has slowly been coming out over the last week. A report today says it's going to have some kind of technology that won't allow you to play used games. So basically when you buy a game and put it in your console, it identifies it or something and will only work with that console. Goodbye to selling your games, trading your games, lending your games to a friend. Not getting Microsoft's next console if this is true.
  2. In the same vein as Tebowie, I present Bon Joviver It's Bon Jovi + Bon Iver. Hate one, adore the other. Also the first Sleigh Bells video for their second album was released today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXP4Rhu5pJo Looooooooooooooove it. The song that is. The video is sort of random and I don't like Alexis with blonde hair. Blue Jeans is ok but yeah, I mostly just listen to Video Games. I'm waiting on her EP before I decide fully whether to keep listening to her or not (which apparently leaked today)
  3. Guess I'll just be watching the Super Bowl for comic book movie trailers again this year.
  4. Nah, hold was good enough. I didn't get why they didn't at least review that Lee Evans catch/drop. It was close. Need the Niners to win, otherwise I'll have no interest in the Super Bowl.
  5. That might be one of the worst kick attempts I've ever seen.
  6. I'll start off by saying I kind of like her, it's crazy how she came up out of nowhere so quickly. I don't want to make judgements because she only has a handful of songs right now. But she was all kinds of awful on SNL last week. Flat, emotionless. Just awful to watch.
  7. I didn't know "plays well" meant "He's a stud and will win a Norris" Avs fans are happy with what he brings. We spent years with offensive defencemen under 6 feet tall. O'Byrne was a nice breath of fresh air. He was a top 4, almost top 2 guy last year (but was hands down our best d-man all year) but the front office spent the off-season remodelling the whole corps so yeah, he's back down to the third pairing. Doesn't mean he's bad.
  8. When he plays as well as he usually does, I'm ok with this. Besides, we won anyway.
  9. Oh hey, it kinda does. Haha. The trailer was released an hour ago: Looks like the controls are the same which sort of sucks but Leon's back so I will still probably love it. I've loved every game Leon's been in.
  10. RESIDENT EVIL 6 COMING THIS WINTER http://ps3.ign.com/articles/121/1216842p1.html I'M AMPED
  11. Holy crap, Alcatraz is awesome. Are those real prisoners though? Or are they just made up characters for the show?
  12. I forgot about it too, just getting set to watch it in a few minutes. My expectations are high.
  13. I hope she left another, jamming a pin through it kind of negates its usefulness.
  14. Get the 5100 and don't look back. It's probably their best for beginner's. Both my brother in law and cousin are big into photography and they both swear by Nikon.
  15. Now that I look around, this is one of the biggest stories in Canada today. Haha. Tim Horton's was the #2 TT on Twitter earlier. It's like 9th now.
  16. Oh, duh, I read the article wrong. That's kind of shitty then.
  17. Hooray, extra heat for the same price when it's minus freaking 30.
  18. What a finish in this Niners/Saints game, holy crap.
  19. You mean those pictures weren't Megan Fox? Damn.
  20. Son of a bitch, Chuck never went on a break! I've missed like 5 episodes.
  21. He did a 4 issue mini. This OMAC was weird. This guy gets infected somehow and can turn into this giant blue monster with a mohawk who can barely talk by saying "Omactivate". He has a guide named Brother Eye who is basically just a satellite and can hack into any electronic on Earth. They're constantly on the run from Checkmate. Checkmate just brought in S.H.A.D.E who sent Frankenstein after him and they had a big throw down. It was basically the Incredible Hulk with computers. Kinda interesting but I won't miss it.
  22. And they recently picked 1st OA, taking Adam Larsson. Who was just named to Team Sweden for the first HWL Olympics. Join people it's fun. I swear. =)
  23. DCnU sees it's first cuts. OMAC, Blackhawks, Men of War, Hawk & Dove and Mister Terrific have all been cancelled to be replaced by Earth 2 (the Justice Society returns), World's Finest (a series starring Huntress and Power Girl) and some other crap I won't read. I didn't mind Hawk & Dove but I'm not particularly sad any of these are going, especially since PG is getting another ongoing. And in movie news, Gina Carano would be open to playing Wonder Woman http://collider.com/gina-carano-wonder-woman/137582/ Get it done, WB. Her or Hendricks.
  24. That's awesome! He needs some kind of congrats for getting in Coachella. Never thought I'd see him there.
  25. Ugh, I sat down to watch Community tonight. Then I remembered.
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