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  1. So stuff on the Xbox 720 has slowly been coming out over the last week. A report today says it's going to have some kind of technology that won't allow you to play used games. So basically when you buy a game and put it in your console, it identifies it or something and will only work with that console. Goodbye to selling your games, trading your games, lending your games to a friend.

    Not getting Microsoft's next console if this is true.

  2. I was getting worried my team was playing too well and was actually hoping for a loss so I could avoid the dreaded media.

    But I went 3-0.

    And the first thing in my news feed was the media praising me.


    Edit: Right before a 4 game sim too.


  3. In the same vein as Tebowie, I present Bon Joviver

    It's Bon Jovi + Bon Iver. Hate one, adore the other.

    Also the first Sleigh Bells video for their second album was released today


    Looooooooooooooove it. The song that is. The video is sort of random and I don't like Alexis with blonde hair.

    I didn't like her performance either, nor do I like any other songs by her. But I really like Video Games (not live).

    Blue Jeans is ok but yeah, I mostly just listen to Video Games. I'm waiting on her EP before I decide fully whether to keep listening to her or not (which apparently leaked today)

  4. I did laugh at the Wizard Zakirsson thing. The recaps interest me way more than the file itself.

    That was awesome. He never even shot it, he just skated around with it.

    Zakirsson enters the zone!

    Zakirsson hangs onto the puck!

    So and so misses the hit!

    Zakirsson dekes around the defence!

    Zakirsson hangs onto the puck!

    Me: Dammit Zakirsson, shoot it

    Zakirsson hangs onto the puck!

    Zakirsson turns it over!

    Me: You. Idiot.

  5. Damn, I guess I'll go back to the old way tomorrow, lol.

    I was sort of happy no one commented on them because I could use it as an excuse to not write them. I found something more annoying to do than simming, haha.

  6. Kazakov could win over Vandenboer, and Burmistrov doesn't have a strong lead in points over Logan Taylor.

    I like how often you're being forced to type out my last name. It's awesome.

    Thanks for spelling it correctly.

    My parents put me in a bowling league when I was 7 once, we played on Saturday mornings. They thought I watched too many cartoons. The whole year my name on the leaderboard was spelled "Vanderbeer". So annoying. Also bowling early on Saturday really sucks when you're 7.

  7. Desperately looking for positives for Columbus from this sim...

    Jared Knight finally gained some strength.

    Simmonds put up 3 points.

    Saku Rasanen put up a new career high in points.

    annnnnnd that's about it.

    Well, you've probably got the Calder coming your way this year if that helps.

  8. I updated the first post with standings, scoring and the game file for those interested. Heres the recaps

    Sweden vs USA

    The game started off fairly even with both teams trading chances with the Americans seeming to have the slight upperhand. It wasn't until Niklas Kronwall went off for hooking 5 minutes into the game. that we saw the tournament saw its first goal from T.J Oshie on a wonderful feed from Matthew Curtis. This quick goal saw Sweden turn the pressure up as they dominated play for the next 10 minutes. DiPietro held strong but it didn't last as a shot from the point by Ekman-Larsson found its way through DiPietro's 5 hole. The frustation of the goal was evident as the Americans immediately took a penalty on the ensuing face-off but Sweden couldn't capitalize and the teams headed into the first intermission tied 1-1.

    The second period started off with some wizardry by the Islanders Patrick Zakirsson as he held onto the puck for a full two minutes but he couldn't find the back of the net. That's when the Americans decided to turn up the pressure and the game turned into a back and forth of offensive chances until USA's Matthew Curtis scored on a snapshot from the top of the face-off circle beating Henrik Lundqvist glove side. However Sweden would answer less than a minute later with more production from their defence as Adam Larsson notted it up at 2. The two teams would continue to trade chances until the Americans 4th line made an offensive contribution when Jack Skille put the team ahead by 1 again. And again Sweden would answer almost immediately with another goal by Adam Larsson. Again the teams would head into the locker room with a tied score.

    The 3rd period would start off similar to the 1st only the Swedes were sent to the powerplay this time and Nicklas Backstrom would make it count, giving Sweden their first lead of the game. 3 minutes later, after a powerful hit by Victor Hedman to cause a turnover, Detroit's Henrik Zetterberg would increase that lead to 2. Frustration began to mount for the Americans and their undisciplined play continued giving Sweden another powerplay and Johan Lindt made sure not to waste the opportunity, putting Sweden up by 3. Sweden would then focus on defence and shut down the Americans who looked extremely lackluster for the whole period.

    Sweden takes the game 6-3

    Potluckistan vs Czech Republic

    Despite being heavy underdogs in this game, Potluckistan started out playing very even hockey with the Czechs, possibly even getting the early edge. That all came to a grinding halt though as they took the first penalty of the game and Martin Havlat put his team up 1-0 almost immediately. Potluckistan would answer this with another penalty and again their penalty kill wasn't up to the task as Klesla had the Czechs out to a quick 2-0 lead. Potluckistan would throw out their heavy hitter Olaf van Berzerkmann who immediately threw down with Jiri Fischer and scored a massive win, leaving Fischer a shell of himself on the ice. His team couldn't capitalize on the energy though, playing extremely undisciplined hockey and giving the Czechs another powerplay. Another powerplay, another goal as Martin Havlat would score his second of the game. Potluckistan would calm things down and eventually began to control the play again but couldn't find a way to beat Marek Schwarz and went into the locker room down 3-0.

    Potluckistan would continue their stream of momentum into the 2nd and 5 minutes into the period finally got a shot past Schwarz as Andrei Kostitsyn got his first of the tourney. Potluckistan would then get their first shot at a powerplay and the Austrian star Thomas Vanek made sure it would count, cutting the Czechs lead to 1. However the Czechs would answer as Martin Havlat would complete his hat trick halfway through the game, putting his team up 4-2. Havlat's Oiler teammate Michael Frolik would score again 30 seconds later to make it 5-2, highlighting just how porous Potluckistan's defence is. Van Berzerkmann would take another Potluckistan penalty shortly before the period ended and Kurncz would again score almost immediately making it 6-2.

    The Czechs would begin to control the flow of play as the 3rd wore on and it became obvious Potluckistan was clearly outmatched. They continued to throw tons of shots at Schwarz but he proved up to the task. Wojtek Wolski would make it 6-3 but with only 30 seconds left, it was too little too late.

    Czech Republic wins 6-3

    Canada vs Finland

    The period would start off slowly as Finland carried the play early. It would be 5 minutes before Canada got their first shot but both goalies were up to the task. Canada would then dominate for the rest of the period as they saw goals come from Cam Barker and Alexandre Legrand and went into the first intermission with a 2-0 lead.

    The second period started off with more of the same Canadian pressure but Kari Lehtonen was up to the task. This proved crucial as the Canadian defence started to break down. 30 seconds after Bobby Hughes made it 3-0 for Canada, Joni Pitkanen would put Finland on the board. Lauri Korpikoski would add another one and Canada went into the intermission clinging to a 3-2 lead.

    It would only take 3 minutes for Finland to complete the comeback as Sean Bergenheim got Finland's third goal. Rick Nash would reply for Canada a few minutes later but the Canadian breakdowns continued and Jesse Joensuu would tie the game up again. 4 minutes later Finland's Sakari Korhonen gave his team its first lead and it would be a lead they would not relinquish.

    Finland wins 5-4

    And I was so sick of re-simming games and re-writing recaps that I just wrote a small blurb for the Russia/Slovakia game. It was boring anyway.

    Russia vs Slovakia

    Maybe the most mismatched of the opening games, theres not a lot to say about this one. Russia dominated from beginning to end, carrying a 4-0 lead into the first intermission. Jaro Halak did his best to keep his team in it but it wasn't enough as Russia ran away with a 6-2 victory powered by a Malkin hat trick.

  9. A small update on this since I know I'm dragging my feet, I've simmed two games so far. The game crashed once yesterday afternoon which pissed me off because I didn't save any of the lines or training. I then re-did everything last night and simmed the first groups games.

    Then I simmed Canada-Finland this morning, forgot and opened another file and lost that game. Which sucked because Finland actually won. I had the recap and everything. So I have to do that again and am annoyed and thats why it's taking so long.

    Short story: Stuff keeps happening that pisses me off

    For something to read, heres the write up I did of the Finland-Canada game that doesn't count anymore. I watch the games in-game and write things as they happen.

    Finland would strike quickly against Canada in this one as Sean Bergenheim scored only 1:30 into the game to make it 1-0 on a low glove side shot that found it's way past rookie sensation Boris Vandenboer. Canada would resort to their usual tactics as Phanuef beat the crap out of Bergenheim 5 seconds later. Finland would keep up the pressure though and after a hooking call by Legrand, Tuomo Ruutu would give Finland a surprised 2-0 lead. Canada wouldn't even manage a shot until 5 minutes into the game but it was a big one as Bobby Hughes cut Finland's lead in half off a wonderful no-look pass from Denis Gervais. The next few minutes would be fairly even as the Canadian goal gave their team some energy. However another Tuomo Ruutu shot would find its way past Vandenboer to give Finland a 3-1 lead. This only seemed to energize the Canadians more as they owned the play for the rest of the period but Calgary Flames star Kari Lehtonen was more than up to the task robbing them on multiple occasions and Finland would end the first with a 3-1 lead.

    Canada's pressure would continue in the 2nd and only 1:07 into the period, Guillaume Latendresse would cut the Finnish lead to 1. The teams would continue to trade chances in a fairly even 2nd period until Alexander Legrand found the tying goal on a backhander from the slot. The goal would be reviewed as it looked like Lehtonen was interfered with but it would eventually stand. It wouldn't last long though, 3 minutes later Finnish power forward Mikko Koivu would put Finland back ahead by 1. They would continue to trade chances and at the end of the period, Greg Nemisz would be sent off for an infraction and Finland would start the 3rd on the powerplay.

    The Finnish would make it count too, only 4 seconds into the period Miika Hollo would restore Finland's 2 goal lead over the Canadians. The Rangers' Andrew Ladd wouldn't give up though and a minute later cut Finland's lead back to 1. Canada would then spend most of the rest of the period on the powerplay, getting multiple chances but couldn't find an equalizer past Lehtonen. As time ticked down, frustration mounted for Canada and Dion Phanuef would win another scrap against the Finnish. It didn't help though and Finland walked away with the win.

    Finland wins 5-4

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