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  1. Yeah, I was told after 6 hours. The epi whatever thing I have gets confused with full torsion sometimes and they weren't sure so I had to have an ultrasound done on my sack (it had been 13 hours at that point so they were preparing me for the worst, lol). It was embarrassing but the ultrasound tech was hot at least.
  2. Usually if bacteria somehow leaks into the reproductive system and gets into the epididymis. It can be a result of STDs, urinary tract infection, something like that. Doctor wasn't sure how I got mine because I didn't have any of that. He said sometimes it can just happen but it's rare so I got unlucky there. Torsion is usually from any kind of trauma to the scrotes but can also just happen on its own. I got lucky it snapped back into place. As painful as it is now, if it didn't then they would've had to cut me open and pull the right one out since it would've been dead. On antibiotics now. Outside of going to the hospital, I haven't left bed since I went to sleep Saturday night. Woke up Sunday in a tremendous amount of pain.
  3. I have epididymitis, was in the hospital for a few hours on Sunday. Condemned to bed rest all week. Which is fine because I can't walk anyway. I would gladly trade this for that, Mike. Edit: And for those who don't know what that is, basically a fancy word for infected testicle. Oh, and partial torsion. As in it started to twist but snapped back into place. Kind of like how when you twist a swing so it spins really fast.
  4. Brian Schottenheimer gone. Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, we're free at last! The bad news is he's in line for the Florida Gators OC job.
  5. Yep, it's why we'll dump Joffrey as well. If they can use that cap space to grab one or two of the good D linemen that will be available in free agency, I'll be happy. But even as a return, they got more than I thought they would. A QB good enough to push Tate in training camp and an OL with experience to address a big need with regards to our depth. The pick is a cherry on top. I still disagree with the QB switch but it is what it is.
  6. The Burris deal is a big win for both sides, not just Hamilton.
  7. Is that the same Wok Cafe that was on Epic Meal Time? They're from Montreal, right?
  8. I was reading old posts here looking for the list of Wii game suggestions I made to other people and came across this gem Guess I'm just a big stinky hypocrite now. I caved and modded it about a year later, haha. I bought a 500 gig HDD the other day to load Wii games and store my digital comic collection (because I accidentally deleted it all back in September and it was traumatic). It's super awesome. Basically it's this: With...I think I've got 40 games on it right now. Started playing Skyward Sword today but had to stop about a half hour in. The game is a blurry mess on my plasma, hard to look at. Bought some component cables off amazon for 5 bucks, hopefully that improves things.
  9. Has he really been gone that long already? Holy crap. You must smell terrible Joe.
  10. Skyward Sword literally has a 3 minute video about how to connect/disconnect MotionPlus before you can play the game.
  11. I had a great Christmas in the video game department Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Modern Warfare 3 Assassin's Creed: Revelations Rayman Origins Mario Kart 7 Super Mario 3D Land Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 I got $600 too so I'll probably use a chunk of that to buy even more video games. On top of that I need to keep up with Skyrim. I'm still only like, level 6 or something.
  12. What do you mean for Extremis? The motion comic? I don't really watch motion comics, the story itself is fantastic though. Big fan of Warren Ellis. All of the animated comic shows on right now are A+ as well. Young Justice and Avengers. The pilot for the new Green Lantern show aired a couple weeks ago as well and while I still hate the animation style (it's this weird lazy 90s CGI style, sort of reminiscent of Reboot), the show itself was great. Really excited for season 2 of Avengers, last I checked they still hadn't announced an official date but it should start soon. February I'm guessing. Also the Thundercats reboot that aired over the summer. Ridiculously good. Great cast. And because I'm pissed they cancelled it solely so Disney could do their own version, I'm going to mention Spectacular Spider-Man. Ended it on a giant cliffhanger, it was done by the creator of Gargoyles (don't know if anyone else will remember that show), it was great. WAY better than the 90s Spider-Man.
  13. Actually I just thought of this Colin, (and yes I know thinking of this at 11 pm is weird) I didn't include any of the animated superhero movies on that list either. I only think of this because we were talking about how DC generally doesn't know what they're doing outside of Batman. If you don't feel like a manchild watching animated movies, check most of DC's out. They're almost all fantastic. And they've recently started doing 10 minute shorts for lesser known characters. So far they've done shorts for Captain Marvel/Black Adam, Jonah Hex, Spectre, Green Arrow and Catwoman. As for the actual movies, the only ones I didn't like was Batman: Gotham Knight and the two Justice League movies. Best one would be Batman: Under the Red Hood. The Superman/Batman ones are really good too, mostly because they retain the voice cast from the DC Animated Universe. So you've got Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Clancy Brown all back. Don't watch Marvel's though, they're all terrible. I made the mistake of buying most of them without watching them beforehand. The only tolerable one is Dr.Strange.
  14. Sent And that could be interesting. Sort of Inglourious Basterds with mutants instead of the Basterds. But that just reminds me they killed Nightcrawler last year. I miss him. =( David Fincher has been giving his ideas on Spider-Man while promoting Dragon Tattoo. I feel like Sony really missed out by not picking him. He would've been like Matthew Vaughn and not followed comic canon much but I think he would've made a great film. Said he would've just jumped straight to Spidey being an adult and would've killed Gwen Stacy. We'll see if Webb has the balls to kill her but somehow I doubt it.
  15. Well lets see how Joss does with the Avengers before giving him more superhero stuff. I was going to say I'd like him to get another shot at trying to do Wonder Woman but Nicholas Refn has also been campaigning to do a Wonder Woman movie with Christina Hendricks. I'd rather see the latter. I think Hendricks would be a great Wonder Woman (the other suggestion I've liked is Gina Carano since apparently she can act) I have a list of comic movies here on my laptop if you ever want me to shoot it your way. Well, superhero movies really, it doesn't have things like Road to Perdition or Scott Pilgrim. I rank comic movies as I see them so thats why I have it.
  16. Supposedly the next time we see Batman after this one will be in a Justice League film. Chris Nolan has also said he'll stick around as producer for the rebooted Batman, same role he currently has with Man of Steel. I was pissed Green Lantern did so poorly, I really want a Flash film. DC has even come out and said straight up that they're terrified of making a movie that isn't Bats or Supes. Even their animated movies, they're basically all Superman and Batman.
  17. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES NEW TRAILER http://trailers.appl...arkknightrises/ HELL YES
  18. No, Skyrim's story is its own. I wouldn't worry about it.
  19. I didn't think it was a bad game but it just largely felt like going through the motions. Once I beat the story, I just kind of moved on. I thought it was weird because usually a big budget game will stick in my head for a bit, even if it sucks. Also there were a lot of better games released, in my mind.
  20. Honestly Maca, I largely forget Gears 3 even exists. It didn't make a big splash for me this year.
  21. In terms of fixing their problems it would be a bad move. Sutter can be just as stifling to an offense as Murray was. However Sutter himself isn't a bad coach. Awful, awful GM. But not a bad coach.
  22. Yeah, I spent the whole day throwing up and it was probably a better use of my time then watching that garbage. That teabagging thing....it can be funny in games amongst your friends but at an awards show? Really? I just rolled my eyes when I heard Charlie Sheen was there. You've gotta be a sad, sad person to think that meme/fad/gimmick/guy/atrocity/whatever is still funny. Numero Uno reason I think Geoff Keighley is an abomination. This whole thing is his brainchild.
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