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  1. Interesting news regarding Metal Gear Rising. Turns out the game was actually quietly cancelled by Kojima because, aside from the cutting dynamic, they couldn't figure out the rest of the game. Then some members from Platinum came in to visit, heard what happened, looked over what they already had and offered to finish up. Hence the re-title. Also it's apparently taking place after 4 instead of between 2 and 4 like originally planned. I'm not too worried about this though, Platinum has worked on two of the best beat 'em ups this gen (MadWorld and Bayonetta) so this game is still in good hands. Also a guy I know from another message board I go to who works for Wired wrote this doozy about the Spike VGA's. Great read. http://jasonschreier.../11/spike-vgas/
  2. I was crazy sick yesterday so I didn't see any of the VGA stuff but these were the trailers that were shown. (A DLC follow up to Alan Wake, it is not Alan Wake 2 though like most people thought) (I'd completely forgotten there was a first one. It came out 11 years ago, lol) (just the game for the movie) (This game is confirmed to come from Naughty Dog, some people have already found a reference in Uncharted 3) (Sequel to War for Cybertron which was a great game if you're a Transformers fan) (just an update on the original Tony Hawk game. I wasted many hours on that game when it first came out)And no one knows for sure but the next Batman game might have been announced when The Joker won the award for Best Character. Possible Arkham City sequel?
  3. Yeah, I am too. You'll love this newest episode when you get to it. I thought Jim Rash killed it at the end with only two lines. His tone of voice when he said "Oh, Britta is in this?" and then "Why don't we let Britta sing her awkward song!" He killed me with both of those lines.
  4. Well shoot, this might be the first Friday where I watch Chuck right away, haha. You've got me excited. I saw Danny Pudi (Abed) say he was on tonight's episode on his twitter. Looking forward to that too. Also is it bad I keep re-watching Troy and Annie's song from last night (well this morning for me)? For completely different reasons obviously. =P
  5. And now I just watched Community. It wrinkled my brain.
  6. Hahaha, Trans-Siberian Orchestra Office appearance FTW
  7. Uh so this wasn't true. Way to go, Wired.
  8. Sad news today http://wii.ign.com/a..._source=twitter It worries me about what this means for Pikmin 3 =( Oh and the Spike VGA's are on Saturday. The awards are awful but get ready for some big announcements. Last year's VGA's was the first we heard about Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Prototype 2, Insane (the Guillermo del Toro game) and the new SSX. Also the first we got to see of Uncharted 3 and an expanded look at Arkham City. Sony is already teasing a new exclusive called The Last of Us.
  9. Original link in case this goes down: http://www.collegehu...st-of-community
  10. I get really annoyed with this generation because of the subscriptions and paid DLC and all that crap. I admit, I'll buy the odd DLC (I think I got all of Mass Effect 2's when it was on sale in the summer) but I miss the days of buying the game and immediately having everything that game had to offer. You didn't have to pay for extra costumes or extra levels, it was all just there in the game you bought ready to go. Especially now that it's being proven that some of this DLC is stuff already on the disc that developers have just locked away. In a lot of ways this generation has been awesome. But in other ways there are times where I wish I could go back in time to when I was 4 and had my Super Nintendo and my big grey Game Boy, lol As for TOR, I'm sure it'll be great. I saw a some concept stuff at Bioware when I interviewed there a few years ago. It's also got the biggest budget of any game in history. But paid subscriptions kill me, it's why I never played WOW. Thankfully DCUO just went FTP so I play that all the time now.
  11. Zelda used to be, not so much anymore. Mass Effect yes but moreso the first. The second gets more action oriented.
  12. Also does anyone have the new dashboard update on the 360? Major Nelson was saying it's finally live (after being delayed what? 12 hours?) but I've still got the old one. I want the new one. =(
  13. I think it's more worth mentioning it's the same people who made Knights of the Old Republic (Not only the best Star Wars game ever made but one of the best games period) than Mass Effect. Especially since it's an extension of that series (well just the first since Obsidian made 2) But until it's FTP, I'm not going to give a crap about the game at all. Gaming in 2011 is done as of today as far as I'm concerned. Subscription MMOs can screw off.
  14. Yeah, same. With how good this fall has been, I'm pretty happy it was delayed. There's nothing too notable coming out near it's new release date (except the Vita, I guess)so I'll be able to devote a whole bunch of time to it. Did you hear about Bioware's screwup though? Some demo or something was accidentally released on Xbox Live and the game's entire story was revealed. I'm a little vague on the details though since I avoided most of the articles, I didn't want to spoil the game.
  15. Read an interesting tweet just now with Reyes signing in Miami Between 2006 and 2009, four seasons, the Marlins combined opening day payrolls were 104.2 million. And they just gave Jose Reyes 106 million.
  16. I'm glad you like it, the sequel is even better. Well, it's a lot more action oriented which understandably turns some people off but I liked it more than the first. I adore both though.
  17. Euro draw just finished Group A: Poland Greece Russia Czech Republic Group B: Netherlands Denmark Germany Portugal Group C: Spain Italy Ireland Croatia Group D: Ukraine Sweden France England And as always: HUP HOLLAND HUP
  18. And was just informed this morning that this week is the last issue of Herc. Who the hell is left to write about? Iron Man, Cap, the FF, Spidey and the X-Men. That's it. Jesus. Oh and Hulk. But it's just their A-Listers now, how come no smaller character is getting a push? Bring Ms.Marvel back or something. Ms.Marvel was really good. Marvel really needs a big time female hero though. DC has Wonder Woman, Marvel has nobody (and no Black Widow doesn't count even though she's in the movies) Anyway Colin, read something so we can talk about storylines. Or just watch the new X-Men or something. Just watched First Class the other day. If you consider it is in fact part of the other movies, the whole timeline is shot to hell. But it's still a good movie. But setting it in the early 60s and using Cyclops' little brother (while having him in his early 20s) makes no sense. If that's the case, Cyclops looks the exact same for about 40 years. But then you throw in Wolverine where he's a kid and it's set AFTER First Class. Just...weird. Unless Bryan Singer wants to make that Wolverine movie non-canon since it's the only one he had nothing to do with. As an aside, I also get annoyed when Cyclops' powers are shown as a laser or heat vision. There's no heat involved with him at all. He shouldn't be able to melt things. I can't remember if he melts stuff in the Singer movies but I know he heats up glass in Wolverine. Bugs me. But a lot about that Wolverine movie bugs me, thing was awful. Oh right! They rebooted TMNT a few months back too, issue 4 came out today. Crazy good. Not they as in Marvel though, just they as in the general comic populace. There, lots of stuff. Pick up on something Colin since I'm betting it's just you and me in here.
  19. Well the Jays wanted Buchholz in return so....not hard to see why they looked elsewhere.
  20. Bobby Valentine was the one man who I absolutely did not want to manage the Red Sox. So of course, he's the man they've decided to hire. Oy.
  21. Maca, if you can hold out until Boxing Day (and are willing to battle the crowds) you'll probably be able to score huge on a new 360. The big chains always get incredible amounts of stock and knock prices down a ton. There is a 250GB bundle with Kinect too though I don't know much you're interested in Kinect.
  22. The Slim has taken over. Only way you'll find the Elite anymore is used.
  23. I've been really bad at remembering Chuck is on Fridays, I keep watching it on Mondays or Tuesdays so I only just watched the last new one today. Except I think this last one is over a week old. But anyway, that might be my favourite episode of Chuck ever. I've never laughed out loud at the show that much and that was some cold-blooded shit from Casey at the end. Holy crap. Well deserved obviously but I did not see it coming. Friggin awesome.
  24. Good grief, how did TWO coaches manage to get fired before Joe Sacco?
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