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  1. You should cry! I don't think Forsbeg will sign with the Avs. I think you are in for a rough year. Still a good team? Yes but nothing like it was! No cup for you :hlogo: It was made quite clear a while ago that it would be Foote or Forsberg coming back. We tried to get Foote at a cheaper salary at 12M for 4 years but with the 1.5M difference, he decided to go to Columbus. Forsberg has also told the Denver Post multiple times that he'd take a big paycut to stay with the Avs. Hejduk is most likely on his way out of Colorado too. And when the hell did I say I expected a cup? Don't put words in my mouth. Man, whats with all the haters. We've still got enough talent to make a run anyway and with no red line, Svatos, Sakic and Tanguay are 'bout to run wild.
  2. Man, this sucks. I'm in shock right now. I though for sure that Pierre was gonna work something out with Adam. Oh well, thanks for the memories and good luck in Columbus, Adam. They need you more then we do. This could possibly be another sign that Peter and Nazzy are gonna sign their package deal in Colorado. Terry Frei was writing that the Avs are either gonna sign Foote or sign Forsberg and Nazzy. That sure as hell better be the reason. Although I'm not sure how Foote would've fit into the new rules. So now it looks like: Blake-Liles Skrastins-??? Vaananen-Boughner There are 2 things I see happening. 1) Boughner will be moved up to play with Skrastins and Sauer will play alongside Vaananen 2) Lacroix goes out and signs a cheap-yet-reliable type defenseman. I have no idea what guys contracts are but off the top of my head I'm thinking Numminen, Brisebois or Ference (Brad, not Andrew). But no matter what happens, I'm going to slowly cry myself to sleep tonight. *sobs*
  3. I'm sure Sens fans are as happy as hell right now since Muckler already stated he was gonna take Price if he was still there. But yeah, this doesn't make sense for the Habs. Maybe you guys will pull a trade with the Sens?
  4. For the most part, I couldn't be happier with this schedule as an Avs fan. We've only got one big road trip in mid-March whereas we've got 2 or 3 big home stands. The only I don't like is the fact we play the Casucks three times in the matter of a week at the end of October (albet two of them are at home. In a row. I don't really get that but meh). I think it's your division we're hosting from the eastern conference. Should be exciting, don't know if the Habs or Laffs have ever made the trip to Denver.
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