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  1. Monoprice is the best for that kind of stuff. However I did get an HDMI cable last Christmas off Amazon for 1 cent so it's worth a look there too. Newegg might be worth a look too.
  2. lmao http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/cfl/blog/cfl_experts/post/Video-of-the-Angelo-Mosca-8211-Joe-Kapp-fight?urn=cfl-wp2254 Turns out even at 73, Angelo Mosca is still a complete dick.
  3. It's on my Christmas list, the version that came with the special controller. I'm pretty much just going to play nothing but Skyrim until then. I am freaking amped for it though, fighting the urge to download it.
  4. Was just watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on NBC (y'know, the NHL's network affiliate) cause Packers/Lions was in a commercial and the NHL float came on carrying Larry Murphy and Cam Neely since the Bruins and Red Wings play tomorrow. Matt Lauer proceeded to utter the words "Be sure to watching the Thanksgiving Showdown tomorrow right here on NBC featuring the Detroit Red Wings taking on the Boston Brewers!" Or something like that. But he called them the Brewers. *facepalm*
  5. It's a double entendre so it doesn't bother me.. She could also mean she just wants to beat her up which is probably how I took it when it came up in the game. I mean it's not great but it's not something I'd get jumpy over either. Ok, I am definitely checking both of these out once my winter break gets here.
  6. Oh, I completely missed that. That one isn't too bad though. Arkham City was freaking awesome.
  7. Those cancellations really piss me off and it doesn't seem to stop. So far they've hacked - Alpha Flight (2 months after it gets announced as an ongoing. WTF) - Black Panther - Daken - X-23 - Ghost Rider (this one only got 3 issues before it was cancelled!) - Punisher MAX - Iron Man 2.0 They also announced Deadpool will be coming to an end in February as well. The one that kills me is Alpha Flight. But if you look at the dates of the announcements, you can see DC's reboot had something to do with it. Alpha Flight gets announced as an ongoing in late August, right before the reboot is supposed to start. It gets cancelled in mid October, right after DC's sales numbers for September are announced. I was amazed at how well DC's reboot went over. It was the first time they did better than Marvel in what? 5 years I think? If you want the future of comics (and this has pros and cons) then look towards digital distribution. Both the big companies are headed there in a big way. I hopped on board in September, bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I agree with all the cons people bring up (most just relate to nostalgia though) but I like it and think it will make things much more accessible. To just have an app at home instead of hunting down a store should make a world of difference. Though I guess you can argue tablets are still a niche product right now as well.
  8. Did you read Catwoman too Triz or just Red Hood? Because Catwoman was a thousand times worse, lol. Especially the last panel. I can't even post pictures of what I mean since I'm pretty sure it would get me banned. But they managed to drag Bats into it too, I felt embarrassed reading it. Not doing anything to change the view all comic writers are misogynists guys. Thank god Gail Simone exists. Stopped at the comic shop this morning before I came home, picked up Aquaman and a few others. Aquaman is the best by far of the reboot IMO. We should totally get around to starting a comic's thread but someone else has to do it. >_>
  9. Woooooah, Dan Harmon just revealed this easter egg on twitter Look behind Annie immediately after the third Beetlejuice. They each come from one episode per season. I <3 Community so much.
  10. Oh, well thats good to hear. Booster Gold is a great character, I think he could be pretty popular with more exposure. Kind of similar to how Deadpool has been gaining a ton of popularity since he appeared in that Wolverine movie, he had the same cult following before Marvel decided to give him a push. And Booster was just in the last season of Smallville and was named head of the JLI so I think DC is trying to do the same. What is Eureka about? I've always been interested in checking it out since I know Felicia is involved with it (though not sure to what extent). Oh, and I forgot SyFy did BSG. Had I remembered they did that, I would've been less worried since by all accounts they did a great job on that show. Hopefully this works out well. And I know what you mean with those SyFy movies, some of those are the "so bad it's good" variety. Did you see the one with Felicia Day playing the werewolf hunter? I think she was supposed to be Red Riding Hood (AH! Colin! This comic book talk reminded me of something though this isn't the appropriate thread. What'd you think of DC's decision to completely reboot everything? You may answer in any thread of your choosing, lol)
  11. It's such a trivial thing though that I don't even care about giving actual reasons. Why is this something worth debating over? I gave an offhand comment that I don't like Netflix's selection in Canada where if I knew what the response was going to be then I would've just kept it to myself. I'm just patiently waiting for someone to get back on track now.
  12. I'm going to pretend that no one is seriously trying to defend Netflix's attempts in Canada (because that's laughable and I'm just assuming I'm dreaming) and mention that SyFy announced today they're going to produce a Booster Gold pilot which is seriously awesome news. Only thing is I've never watched a SyFy show before so I don't know what their production value is like. But I think Fanpuck has mentioned he watches Eureka so maybe he can give some insight. Good time for superheroes on the small screen, if you ignore that awful Wonder Woman idea NBC thankfully passed over (or was it ABC? Probably not since Disney owns both ABC and Marvel. But I can't remember). Especially excited for del Toro's Incredible Hulk show. Yes, that del Toro. Most likely though is they all bomb ala The Cape and we only get a few episodes of each, lol
  13. You are, there's been a huge outcry over how bad our Netflix is especially when compared with the US one. That's what most people thought we were getting when it was first announced. I was so disappointed when I fired it up in April for the first time and the big new release they were trumpeting was Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus.
  14. I have a bandwidth cap. I'm not wasting it on streaming movies I haven't heard of and have no idea if I'll like. What a complete waste of money and bandwidth I can use on more important things. I want good, current TV shows I can sit down and watch while I eat dinner. Let me know when our Netflix has the same TV selection the Americans get.
  15. Haha, I don't think I've come across one Canadian that enjoys our Netflix. The selection is awful (can thank the lovely CRTC for that). I had it for a few months in the summer, ironically enough all I really used it for was watching Arrested Development. Oh and comedy routines. Mostly Louis CK. And The IT Crowd, a British comedy. Wait, theres another TV show I can recommend, The IT Crowd. Brilliant show. "Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Uh... okay, well, the button on the side, is it glowing? ...yeah, you need to turn it on... uh, the button turns it on... yeah, you do know how a button works don't you? No, not on clothes. No, no there you go, no there you go. I just heard it come on... no, no, that's the music you heard when it comes on... no, that's the music you hear when... I'm sorry are you from the past?"
  16. Aw man, never in a million years did I think Netflix would win that bidding war. Canadian Netflix is balls, I don't want to go back.
  17. Uh, was that Captain Awesome in the old Greendale commercial on Community last night?
  18. I did watch it. I've seen every episode up to the premiere of this season. The second and third seasons do act as a behind the scenes look and it's quite interesting, especially in season 2 with the Aquaman storyline. But after a certain point the show switches from a behind the scenes take to focusing on each character massaging their ego. It's akin to Sex And The City. The character development is so mind-numbingly horrible, I could hardly stand it anymore. Last season was painful to watch. I hung in there for Ari but even he became unbearable. And not that it really matters after all that but none of the main 4 can act anyway, especially Turtle. Turtle might be my most hated TV character of all-time. For a protagonist, there is not one redeeming quality to his character.
  19. I gave you a couple at the waiver draft the other day. And I just mentioned Parks & Rec yesterday. You didn't say anything about dramas so I kept them to myself. But start watching Breaking Bad and Mad Men. I also endorse BTH's Game of Thrones suggestion. And I guess I'll throw Arrested Development out there in case you haven't seen. Favourite show of all-time.
  20. Don't watch all of Entourage, just the first couple seasons. By the last few season, everyone has turned into such a egomaniacal, self-absorbed, shallow, unlikeable douchebag that you'll do nothing but wish you could punch each and every single one of them. I watched the premiere of this last season and that was enough to do me in. I've never seen a worse group of characters in one TV show. I'm sure one exists but not in any show I've seen.
  21. What are we talking here? British or US? If it's US then that's an awful idea. The majority of Office fans will tell you the first season is terrible and the show doesn't find its groove until season 2. Seasons 2-4 are all great and then it gets iffy after that. 5 is not bad, 6 is terrible, 7 gets a bit better. 8 has been decent so far. But season one, they spend far too much time trying to imitate the BBC show instead of doing their own thing. Another Greg Daniels show, Parks and Recreation, is the same way. Season 1 they try really hard to imitate the US Office and it wasn't good at all. Season 2 and beyond they do their own thing and it's god tier Theres a normal version out there too.
  22. They oughta work on that title first. Something funny about it.
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