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  1. Well it was just the 1st round today. Best one I've seen yet. Tomorrow it's only going to get more fun.
  2. Lots of great players still on the board. Hopefully the Nucks can snag one of them at 41. So exciting! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DRAFTED HODGSON!?!?!? They actually did something right for once. The guy I wanted and I can't believe it. I know it's a Habs draft thread but well... yeah. Congrats on getting Tanger as I can now start liking him again(was my favourite player before he went to Cowtown....blah). What an excellent first day.
  3. I had a feeling once I saw that you'd replied that this would be your answer....
  4. Watching the Draft was obviously more important.
  5. Says the 65 year old pretending to be a student.
  6. Ray Emery has now been hired as an assistant coach to Tony Granato. Totally saw that coming.
  7. *Waits for Avs to announce the signing of Ray Emery*
  8. This has Peddie written all over it.........
  9. What's new? He's always missing out anyways.
  10. Yeah, Philly wouldn't have moved him if they knew he might re-sign with them. I think Prospal might be more inclined to returning to T-Bay with Torts not being the head coach as well.
  11. No need, he sucks. We must poach a young dman from some team this summer. It's a must.
  12. Agreed but who needs em? We got better guys on the way. *knocks on wood*
  13. Not surprising. Too bad they sucked ass that year looking back, but obviously at the time, I could have cared less. Per Ledin > Ruutu So random but he damn well better be. I want to see Phaneuf and co get owned some more.
  14. Yep. I still have the copies for the last couple of years except last years. I can't find it....
  15. It's fun but not worth it.... so don't worry. If you want I'll just post all the prospects listed and the comments and then jot down the crap Dater said for the Avs.
  16. D'oh! Run over any Leafs fans if you see any. Hey, you never know....
  17. No probelm. We haven't started yet. Maca's busy polishing his trade block. He said he had to run out and grab some nail polish.
  18. Alrighty, Mike. Maca, Pierre and I will be starting Gears in about 15 minutes. Join in whenever you want.
  19. Happy with the win but even happier that Huntelaar scored.
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