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  1. Well how do you expect to get anywhere feeling sorry for yourself? Stand tall with confidence. Did Marty St.Louis give up when people said he was too small to make the NHL? Did Wayne Gretzky quit when they said he wouldn't be able to translate his game to the NHL? Did Faerie quit when he was told he was too weird to even be considered to have a gender? well, he doesn't but anyways.... If you believe, you will have a chance.
  2. Of course it's what I think. Your head is full of "smack that"...... there's no room to have any common sense. Let alone know how to manage a team...
  3. Except you'll never ever beat the best, so how exactly do you become the best? B)
  4. Exactly! And we Habs fans stick together!
  5. Then come on over to the West. Come be surprised and start a whole new chapter in being banged up..... B)
  6. Come on man, stand up and make a difference! Live with meaning and passion! Don't live like a certain faerie we know... one that loves to get banged up and be left motionless on the floor... Now that's miserable....
  7. It's just too bad that you certainly aren't one of them.
  8. I bet you like to pretend that Gabriel is the dominant one? You just love to be dominated don't you? Listening to "Smack that" I bet sure turns you on.....
  9. He killed himself because you wouldn't go away. Didn't you know he wasn't gay?
  10. Him? Menacing?!? You're making me laugh. Come on Faerie.......... Is that the best you got? I will never sink myself to your level.
  11. I'm glad I'm not a stinking faerie that hides behind a computer screen.
  12. That's exactly what I'm getting at. :puke: And where the **** did I say the refs have it out for us? Anyways, I'm not worried one bit. The season is young, and we are a complete new team. I've been really impressed with the work ethic of this team. The pucks will start going in and this team will continue to get better. Adding Salo and Mitchell will also help cut the quality chances against as well.
  13. Oh calm down. I was disappointed he did it but you just never know. I say this because so far this season there HAVE been quite a few obvious plays similar to this against us where you actually can tell the player fell on purpose. This one not so much but like I said you never know. The impact thing means nothing as well. A player has to make it look bad, however like I said I'm not saying Skrasts actually did. I should also state that what IF Nazzy is arguing for the fact what I have just stated? Then he has a point. You really can't know for sure....... Back on topic, this has always been the Canucks luck. Most of the time the breaks are usually against us and while it sucks, it's something I've gotten used to.
  14. Lost 3-2. I don't care though. Edler was fantastic and our defense was fine. Some mistakes here and there. We generated a lot of pressure on them and I thought we played well. Salo's blast from the point would have been nice to have tonight. He's easily our top priority this year and make sure he's here long term. The Naslund hit I will call iffy. For the refs, you had to call it but Nazzy didn't look like he really pushed on Skrastins or whoever much and the player felt it and fell. Oh well...way the cookie crumbles.
  15. Edler was just amazing today. I say we get rid of Fitzpatrick and keep him up.
  16. "I get to tend the rabbits." "We can have red, green, blue and yellow ones."
  17. Well for those fans, they just want to see us win a cup. We still haven't won it. Never experienced it. What do you think?
  18. :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: We need logos of other teams.
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