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  1. Faerie always stinks..... Faerie, look in the mirror...the faerie is YOU!
  2. Mitchell is still a week away and it looks like Salo will be out a week. Edler, Coulombe and Rullier are the candidates to be called up. Better not be Rullier. Not looking good for tomorrow night.
  3. We've been decent actually. We're going to get better as the season goes on. Like huzer mentioned, the majority of the games played so far are road games. Also, this is a team that has gone through some big changes. Have to build chemistry.
  4. It was one game................ Got caught up in the questionable calls then just fell. It happens. Losing Salo last night in the 2nd hurt though.... Fitzpatrick on the powerplay...all you need to know......
  5. No way Nonis is done. It's WAY to early to say Nonis is done. The team is doing alright right now. Hands down way better than last year. Our drafting looks MUCH better under him and he's made the right decisions so far. The only thing that sucks is Mitchell and Salo are out and Tremblay is out in the minors as well.
  6. Yea, you're missing something... I meant that they AQUIRED him, not signed him. I wasn't saying the Thrashers weren't the team that got him. So I just said Atlanta aquired him. That's all.
  7. Stephen just left the league because of the draft situation. Calgary is open it looks.....
  8. All I have to say about that is don't mess with Kesler. Karma eh Bobby?
  9. 4-3 OT win vs the Preds!!!!! Morrison, Bulis and Krajicek with their first of the season and Bulis and Krajicek's first as Canucks!!!! Pyatt with 4 goals already! That's the way to win!!!!
  10. Yea. Usually the case. Looked a lot more exciting than the first two periods... :lol:Hopefully it's just as exciting tomorrow.
  11. Yep, Sanford was a wall. Anyways, at least Pyatt is scoring. Hopefully Mo, Bulis, Cooker and Kes can pot some now. They're going to have to find the net sooner or later.....
  12. That's awesome! If they can just stop the penalty parade, this team is going to scare. We always seem to score the late ones. Next up is Nashville.
  13. What a game you got to go to. I only watched the first 2 periods so I missed all the action..... (had stuff to do). But hey, what a way to win.
  14. Bang em up good. We play them back to back Monday and Tuesday. Payback time. :king:
  15. Agreed. Anyways, I'm going to watch the Colorado game tonight. I want to see them smoke those Oilers. Man I'm sorry that I even asked....
  16. Yea, that was nuts. Reminded me when Jarkko made him drop the gloves and and then sends Dion flying while he goes onto the bench all at the same time...
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